Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Soul Imprints Formed by Triplicity (Ascendant, Sun, and Moon Signs)

Each of us is unique based on our first breath as we entered the world. Knowing our true birth time is crucial for finding our soul imprint. In Babylonia, astrologers sent an observer into the room when aristocracy was born so that the correct birth time was recorded. In this ancient kingdom, the Rising Sign was considered more important than a Sun Sign. It determined the fate of an individual--whether or not he would become king.

While we don't live in kingdoms any longer, many of us believe that we came to the planet with a mission. And I believe that the mission is found in our triplicity which includes the correct Rising Sign. We also require an accurate birth time so that we have the correct degree for our Moon which can change signs during a day and make aspects with other planets in the Natal Chart.

And yet, we don't live in the ancient world where astrologers were respected as scientists and seers. Our hospitals are chaotic at best and unless we have a nurse with a triple Virgo in her chart or a family member in the room watching the clock, we most likely are minutes off or even an hour off for our birth time. Mine is around ten minutes off. Although I think it's around 9:00 to 9:01 p.m. since I know I don't have a Sagittarius Rising Sign and I know that I arrived in the nursery around 9:10 a.m. But not everyone even has that to work with.

Now, let's take an example of a soul blueprint. I have been thinking a lot about Mike Scott of The Waterboys because he has a Sagittarius Sun and a Cancer Moon. He sings about the sea, the Moon, and freedom. He comes across as idealistic about relationships, and he delved into spirituality too. I have never met him and I only know him through musical expression. He was born on December 14, 1958, and I don't have a chart for him.

When I learned astrology, astrologers and authors said that Sagittarius and Cancer don't get on well since Cancer is clingy and Sagittarius likes to roam the Earth. But when we blend the Fire Sign and the Water Sign, we get a poet, a dreamer, a musician, a traveler, and an idealist with a strong connection to his or her mother. And we don't have a choice about our blend of the Ascendant, Moon, and Sun in our charts. We learn through a lifetime to create a harmonious blend even when we have conflicts such as a Water Moon and an Air Sun.

Princess Diana had her Sun in Cancer and she had an Aquarius Moon. Again, we have strange bedfellows between an extremely emotional sign and a detached mental sign. Yet, Diana managed to blend the humanitarian elements of the Aquarius Moon (Cancer people are ruled by the Moon), with the caring and emotive energies of her Cancer Sun. On the dark side, she fought against tradition, her mother country, and the public's expectation of her because of her Aquarius Moon. She also had a stubborn will and she used rebellion to balm her sensitive heart.

We can find examples of soul imprints in the charts of famous people or in the charts of people with accurate birth times. The first thing I look at when I read a chart, even when I'm reading transit charts is the Triplicity. I want to know how the client blends energies. Are they favoring the Sun over the Rising Sign because they have a Fourth, Tenth, or Seventh House Sun? Or are they favoring the Rising Sign over a Twelfth House Sun? And where does the Moon Sign come in? Men most likely favor their Sun Sign over their Moon Sign, as many women do too. Unfortunately, we live in societies that emphasize masculine attributes. We are about doing instead of being.

So, when you work with an astrologer, get an accurate birth time. It's going to make a difference in determining your fate or life mission. Your first breath provides the theme or themes for your life journey. And your life journey begins on your Ascendant and with any planets that crossed your Ascendant at the time of your birth. If you have a Sagittarius Rising Sign, then Jupiter is the Ruler of your chart. But if Neptune is crossing the Ascendant, then you have Neptune and Jupiter as the rulers of your chart--which signifies an expansive person who either roams with the mind or the body. This is significant!

I believe that every client needs to start out with an accurate Natal Chart reading before looking up transits or progressions. We must know ourselves on the deepest level so that we understand our life journey. The transits provide upcoming events, but we have to know our themes, strengths, weaknesses, and our personal stories so we can handle those events. Therefore, your first astrology reading is a deep look at your Natal Chart. And then we go from there. And the most important relationship to dig into is the one between the Ascendant, Moon, and Sun signs.

Sign up for a personal astrology reading. Leos and Virgos get $10.00 off a Solar Return reading in August. And with all charts, let's focus on the triplicity to find your themes. Your treasures lie in those themes.

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