Sunday, July 16, 2017

Leo Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017--By Zodiac Sign

Please refer to the Solar Eclipse post for overall details. I'm including the messages for each of the Zodiac Signs here.

Aries: You might want to sit this one out. It's not that the eclipse in a fellow Fire Sign is detrimental since you benefit from a beautiful Fire Grand Trine that gets you motivated to show up as a leader. It's that any impulsive move on your part now could have you stepping on other people's toes which lead to heated situations. Perhaps, the solution is to temper your attitude and behaviors. Tread with caution, Aries and you'll get ahead.

Taurus: Your ego is going to ask you to get involved with hedonistic behaviors. But I would rather see you getting in touch with your heart and reaching out to others. Perhaps, you get involved with a community garden or start one. If you break bread remember to share it with others, even a neighbor going through a rough patch. Rewards come in the way of good feelings all around.

Gemini: Slow down, Gemini. You're speaking too fast and we're having a hard time following your tangents. If you suffer from hyperactivity, find a yoga or meditation teacher to give you some brain calming tools and practices. You could also try sound healing tools such as tuning forks and singing bowls to calm your frayed nerves. Then when you slow your mind down a bit, your true messages come through to share with the world through writing or speech.

Cancer: All that Leo energy feels crushing to you. But this is because you lack the confidence to keep up with roaring lions. So, instead of putting the proud lion types down and begging off any involvement with them, work on raising your self-esteem. No one should ever have to lower their standards to make you feel better. And who knows? A Leo could come on as your teacher and share their spotlight with you. Heal through the stomach. Cook food to share with others.

Leo: The second Leo New Moon for 2017 brings you a powerful new beginning. You could be launching a new business or starting a new job. Some of you are getting married and leaving the single life behind. Others are giving birth to a first child. While others are giving birth to creative projects. Whatever new energy comes into your life now, embrace it and remember to show gratitude for this new start. And you can also expect huge spiritual breakthroughs. Shine your light.

Virgo: You are basking in Leo's shadow until your new moon coming up in September. It's time to clean up old business such as clearing up misunderstandings, especially since Mercury is RX. Return to old communication projects, brush them off and start over again. Return to old friendships, old communities, and problems from the past. Now, is a time of resolutions.

Libra: You still feel lucky even if your current life circumstances look unrewarding. You can see the bigger picture looming on the horizon. And you are aligning with your next best steps. Since Saturn is still in Sagittarius and in a trine with Uranus in Aries and Mars/Moon/Sun in Leo, you feel motivated and inspire others to get their acts together. Use diplomacy and you'll go much further. Throw a dinner party to thank all those folks who held your hand during rough seas.

Scorpio: Allow the Leo and other fiery energy to light your way. Stop dwelling in the darkness that lurks in your subconscious. Yes, it will still be there the morning and even the week after the eclipse. And you can deal with the psychological garbage later. For now, go do something glamorous or get up on stage and express your creative talent. It's okay to allow sunlight to seep in through the cracks. Let go of your gloom and really live.

Sagittarius: Travel does not go well around the time of this eclipse, but that's not going to stop you from embarking on an adventure. Some travelers reflect later on their worst travel adventures as the best days of their lives. And this is what I see for you. The best-laid plans fail but bring you closer to your true self and bring new people into your life. If you can let go, and let God, then you will make progress around the eclipse.

Capricorn: Don't use this eclipse as a time to get caught up in dark conspiracies. Even if the world is traveling to Hades in Persephone's handbasket, see the light in others. At first, you catch a glimmer of light and then that light grows like a radiant sun. Show up as a Pollyanna and watch the world light up leading you onto a golden path. Well, Leo does provide that gold glitter.

Aquarius: You're going to see this eclipse energy as selfish. How dare people only think of their best interests at this time. And who cares about their 15-minutes of fame. Well, you don't actually think that, do you? Wouldn't you like your turn on the soapbox to get your points across? Face it, Aquarius, there is a lot of Leo in you and there's nothing wrong with grabbing the spotlight for a good cause. Organize a benefit with celebrities for your cause du jour.

Pisces: Now is not the time to play shy and fey. Speak up, Pisces if you want others to hear your spiritual messages. Or if you want others to notice your talents then it is up to you to climb up on the stage and perform. Dance, sing or write songs that reflect your deepest soul desires. And who knows, your soulmate might be in the audience watching you. He or she has been there all along except you were invisible up until now.

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