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Aquarius Lunar Eclipse on August 7, 2017--Opening the Portal to New Understanding

Although I pulled up a chart for the Aquarius Lunar Eclipse, I'm going to channel this post. The reason why I'm seeing a portal opening up around the time of this eclipse is that this eclipse begins at 11:11 a.m. in my part of the world. And this master number represents a portal or doorway opening. Since this eclipse falls in the Fixed Air Sign Aquarius, and since we are on the edge of the Aquarius Age, we are opening to new understanding.

Now, the Lunar Eclipse chart contains a yod (although a strange one in that it does not conform to a yod structure), a Cardinal T-Cross which brings in Ceres conjunct Venus (Divine Feminine) in Cancer opposing Pluto (I completed a fantasy novel with this theme) and squaring Jupiter in Libra (the Zodiac Sign associated with Venus). The chart also contains a Mystical Rectangle in Water and Earth Elements. Venus/Ceres, Pluto, Mercury/Vesta and Neptune all figure into this rectangle. So, the soup thickens as the new energy topples the old guard but with charm, diplomacy, and feminine wiles. Oh, yes, those Divine Goddess themes continue, whether we are Pagan or not. Even religions have a divine feminine principle because we cannot have the Yang without the Yin. The day always follows night and night always follows day.

So, let's look at Aquarius and Leo first. Now, I know we have looked at both signs in depth in my videos and blog posts. But what are these signs doing in this chart? What are their message for humanity and the planet around the time of this powerful Lunar Eclipse? Aquarius represents the future and is often referred to as futuristic. Aquarius is where we innovate and experiment to get the right results. We are so ahead of the masses when we work with this Uranus-ruled energy. Aquarius is a mental sign and is often accused of showing no heart or compassion. But we must remember that Aquarius rules the circulatory system and its polar opposite sign Leo rules the heart and the ego.

And if this chart only focused upon the Moon eclipsing the Sun, then this would be revealing enough. An eclipse can often hide what's going on in our subconscious despite the Moon's involvement. It's like a veil hides important information from us or that the information is suspended for us to gaze at for another time. But at the same time, the Universe asks each of us and as a collective to show up authentically and stop hiding secrets. Now, whether or not you liked the former President Obama, as a true Leo, he campaigned on transparency in goverment. And whether or not this idea actually happened, a Leo strives towards authenticity. They don't want to show up as everybody else because they want to stand up and away from the crowd. They want the crowd to applaud them.

So, with this eclipse, we get themes around selfishness and a lot of us versus them. Or me against the world. Refrain from intellectual smugness or having your own way at the expense of others. And if you're joining a political rally research the agendas for the rally. Do you really want to get rounded up and carted to jail for a cause that's actually confusing to you? And there will be rounding up of people during this eclipse. My spirit guides guarantee it. Make sure you believe in the cause and understand it thoroughly because it's easy to get sucked up into other people's charisma and hidden agendas.

The Yod also glamorizes people and situations. It pulls in a conjunction with the Sun, and Mars which squash the Aquarius Moon. And then we pull in the sextile with Neptune in Pisces (feminine) and Pluto in Capricorn. We're dealing with the subconscious mind and symbolism, especially dream symbolism. Along with the Mystical Rectangle which contains both Pluto and Neptune, we're asked to pay attention to our dreams and even our fantasies. Where does your mind roam? It will be hard to stay consciously aware of life around us during this eclipse. But we know that we can expect the unexpected even if it is tempered by the yod and the mystical rectangle.

Venus and Ceres in Cancer allow women to show up as the Divine Feminine. It's not about setting goals or taking action. It's not even about getting motivated (sorry, the bouncy guy on YouTube who says that we need to get motivated). Cancer is a sign for reflection and getting in touch with our Higher Self. Astrologer Mark Husson used to say that Cancer is God's favorite sign. And whether that's true or not, the energy of this sign, along with Pisces, opens up a portal for us to connect to Higher Beings. I'm able to channel because of a Grand Water Trine in my chart with Neptune on my MC. And in fact, I learned that the way out of my Mutable T-Cross is through Sagittarius and the Galactic Center or channeling spiritual information. My life runs more smoothly when I do this every day.

Venus and Ceres are going to harp about food security and agriculture. We will be looking for innovative ways to feed us that don't destroy the environment. And we will take radical approaches to diets such as more people becoming vegan or raw food eaters or even a new approach to the Paleo Diet. Venus and Ceres want us to connect to Gaia and stop making excuses for abusing the Earth and then blaming corporations for our actions. Saying, "They made me do it." isn't going to cut it any longer. We need to stand up and take responsibility for any exploitation of the Earth where we directly play a part. We can always make better choices and Venus/Ceres asks us to consider babies and children and all the poisons we subject them to. And don't stop there, think about the animals and plants affected by our bad choices.

Venus/Ceres also asks us if we value women and the true roles women play? I say this because too many women think and act like men. This is because we were told centuries ago that it is a man's world and we must enter the arena through playing by man's rules. And many women have done a bang up job acting like men. But that's not our role and that has never been our role to play as women. And we're going to get into androgyny too since Aquarius rules that sort of thing. What makes a woman a woman and a man a man? It will surprise you that it goes well beyond genitalia or the male or female brains.

There are two more configurations to mention--the Grand Fire Trine (if you include the North Node) and the Cardinal T-Cross with Venus/Ceres, Pluto, and Jupiter. And if you know Greek mythology or is it Roman mythology, you will understand the significance of having Ceres and Pluto in the same configuration. Remember, Pluto/Hades abducted Persephone/Kore from her mother Ceres/Demeter. An innocent young woman is abducted by the Dark Lord of the Underworld and stolen from her mother (who represented agriculture and earth light). And when Persephone/Kore is held down under she is given a test. If she ate even a seed from a pomegranate, she would have to stay Pluto/Hade's wife for eternity. But given the grief of Ceres for the loss of her daughter and the barren state of the earth caused by Ceres, the gods took favor on Persephone and made a deal. She could visit the Earth 6 months of the year.

I'm retelling this myth because it plays a huge theme with the Aquarius Lunar Eclipse on August 7, and on the West Coast of the US (I set the chart for Seattle), the eclipse begins at 11:11 a.m. and this is the number for the High Priestess and the spiritual doorway or portal into ascension. I was thrilled to see that time on the chart even if time-space reality is an illusion constructed by humans.

And the final thing I mention about the Cardinal T-Cross is that Jupiter is in Libra (Venus) and this also reflects on women and thinking about the Divine Feminine or giving it some thought. What if we cooled our jets, reflected more, meditated more, and practiced stillness instead of all this hyperactivity that poses as progress on the planet? I don't know about you, but I can't stand to hear any more fast-talkers who make my head spin. I realize that I'm also a fast-talker and I'm tired of hearing my own voice too. Our minds will race during this eclipse and meditation is the best way to slow our minds down, which is necessary when finding our way in the world.

And it's going to be very hard to stay on our spiritual paths despite all that Divine Feminine energy because we experience all that fire. Mars and the Sun in Leo along with the North Node trine Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries. This brings us enthusiasm and loads of energy. It could even provide loads of faith, even blind faith. But it also brings impatience, selfishness, arrogance, over enthusiasm (thank God for the yod that tempers this high-octane energy), and the masculine principle of doing--do-do, and go-go-go. Now, those of you with dominant Fire in your charts, you're going to love this Grand Fire Trine. Everyone else will just put up with the hyperactivity.

Okay, so in a nutshell, the Aquarius Lunar Eclipse on August 7 provides us with powerful energy to propel ourselves into an unknown but innovative future. The air feels electrically-charged. Some people experience circulatory and heart problems. Take good care of your hearts now because this energy can cause fatal heart attacks and strokes for people who are already at high risk. This is super-charged energy and we won't have all the answers it brings until much later down the road, such as six months to a year from now. Hang on, Sloopy, you've been tossed into the Aquarius Age.

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