Thursday, September 1, 2016

Pisces Lunar Eclipse--Now You See It, Now You Don't (Disappearing Act)

I'm sitting here feeling the effects of the Virgo Solar Eclipse while I write the post for the Pisces Lunar Eclipse for September 16, 2016. I just returned to Bellingham from a holiday in Seattle and I just moved into a house (after searching for a permanent home for 12 months). 

The Saturn-Neptune Square and Mercury retrograde expressed itself through disorientation and confusion while I tried to make myself across a city I once knew for 21 years. Oh, how times have changed!

And that's what we can expect from this upcoming Lunar Eclipse in Pisces--a dissolution of matter, experiences, and a feeling of times changing forever. Now you see it, now you don't has been the biggest message of the Saturn Neptune Square which we have experienced during this year. I keep mentioning the Season of Mutables too and I can't emphasize the importance of the transformation these transits bring us.

Now, I felt incredibly sad as I traveled around Seattle and wondered where my old haunts went? I wasn't too happy to see glitzy buildings rising out of blocks that once boasted turn-of-the-last-century architecture. And it's hard to get used to entire blocks disappearing to make room for the new subway system tunnels. Mai c'est la vie. We're all experiencing drastic changes that leave us standing on shaky ground. It feels like a hurricane coming through for some of us, and for others, it feels like an earthquake and for others, it's more of that "Same as it never was," to quote the Talking Heads again.

I'm posting the Lunar Eclipse chart here again so you can view the confusing transits which remind me of a Spiral Graph. I'm thankful we're not dealing with a Grand Mutable Square. However, Venus in Libra pulls Pluto and Uranus into another Cardinal T-Cross and we experience a ball of confusion with the Mutable T-Cross since many planets lock into it.

Mars and Saturn provide the Apex and they fall in Sagittarius, a sign that acts us to expand and in this case, to expand our spiritual consciousness and our willingness to serve our communities or the planet. Jupiter has moved into Libra, but is still close enough to the Sun, Mercury and the North Node to provide us with an out-of-sign Stellium. Is it possible that Jupiter brings us a breath of air and enough distance that we can solve problems? Certainly, Jupiter in Libra wants to resolve social justice issues and usher in a time of balance.

Jupiter in Libra when it locks into Pluto and Uranus later this fall, again asks us to restore balance. I think we'll bring in the big legal system. Contract law plays a big role and we question laws in place. We also get involved with scandals or notice them on the periphery playing out. Oh, it's an interesting time.

Feel free to leave comments of your experiences below. And sign up for a personal reading. I'll be offering Skype sessions after the Fall/Spring Equinox on September 21/22.


  1. My Mom died last week. Transiting Saturn is in my 4th and T. Neptune on 8th house cusp.She stopped eating the day Saturn went direct and I flew down to be with her (Saturn in Sagittarius in 4th-long distance/home/responsibility/reality).

  2. Sorry to hear about the passing of your mother, Brian. The astrological aspect is fascinating however. Perhaps as your mother travels through the cosmos you'll keep in touch with her telepathically.

  3. Yes, already have. She stayed in her body for a while after she died (Saturn was transiting her 12th) and I was feeling sad that I couldn't see her in the light. The next night right before going to sleep I closed my eyes and imagined being her and saw a cumulus cloud in the middle of an ink black sky. There was an intense white light emanating from within it and suddenly white light in the shape of a precoscious little girl appeared on the periphery and said something like 'you can't make me' and then flew off into the cosmos. A psychic friend later said she felt my Mom leave for the light and at the same time I had my vision.
    A week later when my Mom was cremated I started having a panic attack and felt intense sadness. I suppose it was an attachment to her bones leaving. Kind of like elephants that come back to the bones of their dead ancestors and reconnect by touching them.

  4. Where do you have your moon again? This story is intense.

    When my maternal grandmother died, at the moment of her death I encountered a crow studying its reflection in a rain puddle and I knew that my grandmother departed at that moment. Then later my family confirmed it. I was at the public library and I broke down in tears. Kind of embarrassing really.

  5. My Moon is in Pisces @ 26 in 8th house.

    I've had a few embarrassing public breakdowns. A couple times as a kid being picked on and once that I can remember as an adult when I had to have a sick stray cat put down.

  6. I have a Pisces Moon too. I can relate. Cruelty to children and animals brings me to tears of rage.

    The upcoming Pisces Lunar Eclipse will bring some interesting situations. Perhaps it brings emotional breakthroughs.