Monday, September 26, 2016

The Libra Post--(Balance in Everything)

I'm updating this Libra post from October 2015. This year, Jupiter transits in Libra (transit ends in October of 2017). And in October, Mercury transits in Libra from the 8th until the 24th so communication will have a balanced approach with an eye on justice. Watch out for Mars transiting in Capricorn, especially around the 16th of October when it couples with Pluto.

The Libra New Moon on September 30 brings harmony and a warm feeling in most relationships. However, the Aries Full Moon on October 16, tells a different story and is more eruptive and volatile. All and all Libra, you have an active autumn with T-Crosses occurring once again in the Cardinal Signs (Libra, Aries, and Capricorn). Look for dramatic and subtle changes happening in the areas where Libra, Aries, and Capricorn are on the cusps of your Natal houses.

Just like the previous autumn/spring, Libras, it's time to stop playing nice for the sake of other people liking you. It's time to stop putting other people's needs before your own like you're some kind of hostess or flight attendant on steroids. I say this because people have been stomping all over your refined ego and dumping all their emotional garbage on you because you're too sweet to say, "NO!"

And I want you to take a scene out of that movie Network, open your bedroom or kitchen window and shout, "I'm not going to take this anymore!" Borrow some strength from your Zodiac neighbor Scorpio or just trot off into the great unknown like you Sagittarius friends. Or get on a plane and go some place that will pamper you so that you can find yourself. You know exactly what I'm talking about because you have to stop putting your dreams on hold to please other people. Did you know that people see you as weak and even boring when you don't pursue your dreams and interests whether that's a class you want to take, job you want to apply for, person you'd like to date or even marry, or place you would like to visit? Why is it that you keep saying "yes" to the people who keep telling you "no."

Now, the opposite sign of Libra is the warrior spirit, Aries. While Aries requires a lesson in playing nice in the sandbox and is as unrefined as they come (as far as civilities and manners). But Aries doesn't have a problem with trying something new and they don't have a problem with placing themselves first in their lives or even saying no to things they don't want to do. Think of the toddler going through his or her "terrible twos." With Uranus in Aries opposing you year after year, the message is about setting boundaries and speaking your truth. And if someone is taking advantage of you legally get a lawyer and seek justice.

Venus, Wikipedia
If none of the above messages applies to you then some other area of your life is out of balance. It could be your diet for instance. Are you eating too many carbs or sweets to curb the stress that you feel because you don't want to confront someone or a situation? Remember that Libra rules the kidneys and pancreas so that sugar you're eating isn't doing you any favors and saying no to sugar is a good start. (I have a sweet tooth too and I don't even have any planets in Libra so I can't even imagine your struggle with sweets). Perhaps you have done too much social drinking as you skirt about to all the charity events or political campaigns. Alcohol is not doing you any favors.

Libras, I'm telling you all this because this is your life lesson at this time. You deserve to pursue your dreams as well as the next person. And it's true that some people aren't going to like you doing that. And it's frightening for you that these people will confront you with you own anger (which is your shadow you suppress). But once you figure that out, that other people are mirroring your suppressed anger or needs, you free yourself. Since you're an Air Sign you require that freedom to flit or soar through your life. You get to choose your thoughts (and yes, optimistic thoughts bring better results), and the people you associate with. You can even choose your family by creating one from scratch that doesn't ruffle your feathers.

One of the best examples of a Libra in balance is Louise Hay and learning her life story will benefit you now. I understand that marriage and partnership is most important to Libras, but you will feel miserable in a marriage or partnership that doesn't treat you like an equal, and which the partner doesn't care what you think. After all you are a brilliant Air Sign and a true leader, if you choose. So what is it Libra that you would like to change in your life or transform in the world? Allow that to be your focus now. Go boldly where you've never gone before like a Star Trek character.

If you require inspiration, here's a list of famous Libras: Louise Hay, John Lennon, Gandhi, Saint Francis of Assisi, Glenn Gould, Will Smith, Johnny Appleseed, Maria Von Trapp, Julie Andrews, Jimmy Carter, Sean Lennon, Tim Robbins, Lenny Bruce, Arthur Miller and Linda McCartney.

Libras excel at the following careers: Law, diplomacy, activism, architecture, beauty industry, makeup artist, fashion designer, interior designer, animator, music, and culinary arts. You also do well in the travel industry as far as running bed and breakfasts or performing the role of concierge for a posh hotel. You bring balance, justice, peace and harmony to the world, but first you must find those qualities in yourself and polish them. Your verbs are to beautify and to balance. Your symbol is the set of scales.Your planet is Venus.

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