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Aries Full Moon for October 16, 2016---Taking No Prisoners or Spiritual Ascension?

I'm thankful for the relaxing Libra New Moon that falls on September 30 since the Aries Full Moon which lands (like a thud) on October 16, 2016, reminds me of a raging dragon. It's a fiery beast that could easily get out of control as it will be a challenge to contain the Cardinal Energy that erupts around the Full Moon.

First, let's look at what an Aries Full Moon in itself represents. The Sign Aries represents spring, new beginnings, starting fresh, green sprouts, children, and our child self. Aries want to play in a competitive way and they need to come first. The negative side of Aries is rash behavior, people throwing tantrums, the terrible twos, fevers, tempers, fire starters, police action, youth riots, and selfishness. But on the other hand, some Aries are courageous and have the energy of Archangel Micahel. Some Aries come in the form of emergency response workers, others as pioneers and others as fools for love.

People with a lot of fire element in their chart have an easier time handling this explosive energy, but not always. Sometimes, Fire Signs instigate trouble, but really they are feeling restless and want change to happen or for life forces to flow their way (forget the general populace). And given the state of affairs in the world (which has gone overboard with hedonism and narcissism), the Aries Full Moon in mid-October suggests a time with adults acting like children and children taking care of adults.

Sadly, much child abuse will take place during this time and hopefully, this leads to healing as we awaken from denial. We could also see children exploding in anger or a pandemic involving a fever arriving around this time. But don't panic.

For those folks who have been fervently on a spiritual path, this could mark a time of shifting from 3D and its selfishness to higher dimensions representing Unity Consciousness. I know I've been ready to shift into higher gears for at least a decade. Bring it on.What about you? If you're reading astrology blogs like this one, you're obviously on a spiritual path and heading towards a Grand Shift.

The Ruler of this chart is Mars because of the Aries Full Moon and because the moon forms a triple conjunction with Uranus and Ceres while opposing Jupiter/Mercury/Sun also in the form of a Triple Conjunction. So this means that we have two focalizers opposing each other. Libra brings in the Venusian energy of harmony, peace, and justice while Aries plans war strategies or at least wants to shake things up at the grassroots level.

And then we have Mars again at the apex with Pluto (both planets in Capricorn). So this gets confusing. Pluto could represent authority figures getting situations under control with martial law (hopefully not) with Mars conjunct and in the Sign of Capricorn (authority). But on the other hand, depending on whether you plan on shifting to a higher dimension or not, Pluto represents reclaiming personal and spiritual power from the depths of our souls. Are we going to act childish or are we going to practice nonviolent communication and diplomacy as we work out differences with others? Since Japan is ruled by Aries, I'm wondering what will transpire in this country? I believe that the Ukraine is also ruled by Aries (Sun) so that will be another interesting country to watch around this Full Moon.

With all this male energy you're wondering if there's any Divine Feminine present. Ceres in Aries represents the female warrior and grassroots leader. I'm even thinking about women like Jill Stein who is running for US President. Her Taurus Sun gives her a Venus signature and with all those planets transiting in Libra (Mercury, Jupiter and the Sun), women do have a say in how this energy plays out. In fact, women now have the opportunity to balance out their male and female sides so they can stop playing passive-aggressive games. And men who claim that they are sensitive learn that sensitivity does not revolve around acting like a weak woman. Meaning, not being able to make decisions or act on them is not related to a real woman, but a stereotype invented by the patriarchs.

See, I actually feel insulted by men who say that they're getting in touch with their feminine side and their feminine side hails back to the 1950s model of a woman in an apron slaving away in a kitchen. Sure, it's confusing guys because you have no idea what women are asking from you. We're not looking for a macho male to boss us around and we're not looking for a "sensitive" male who acts passive-aggressive and really believes deep down that women are weak. These are the types of themes that surface around the Aries Full Moon. We all must claim our masculine and feminine sides, but only after we have positive role models for feminine and masculine energy instead of working off stereotypes. Harsh, I know.

Venus in Scorpio trines Chiron which brings healing to our childhood wounds. However, Saturn squares Chiron which means that we must let go of the hurts we experienced from our parents as our role models embodying feminine and masculine energies. We also must bring discipline to healing ourselves so that we can mature into adults. For some people, this is about healing arrested development. And this work is done through the brain and cognitive therapies that unfreeze us from past trauma. I have been doing this work on my own traumas and I'm feeling like I'm released from a proverbial prison.

Finally, we're still in the shadow of the Saturn-Neptune Square so this means we're gaining more clarity and insights as Saturn moves forward. We dig through the rubble and see which parts of our dreams are worth reviving. We feel as if the veil has been lifted and we have a greater understanding of authentic spirituality. We might have abandoned old religious ideas or reached a place of awakening where we don't require religion at all. Or we might feel disillusioned by spiritual teachers or teachings. But ride through this period as it will lead you to a spiritual path that's not based on idealism but on your true calling.

I'm not looking forward to this year's Aries Full Moon. I have experienced more bombastic Cardinal transits and they have usually left me with emotional wounding, as they have for other Cardinal Sign Sun, Moon, and Ascendant people. However, this full moon is going to make us stronger and demand courage from us that can only take us to the next level on this journey.

However, if you have anger management issues or know of others who do, now is the time to seek therapy (before this full moon). Remember to breathe and if you don't need to socialize during this time, retreat. Pluto and Mars in Capricorn also represents spending time alone in contemplation. Why hang around people during a time of volatile energies if you can avoid it? Certainly, don't party or engage in drinking, smoking, and other destructive behaviors. Stay away from situations that can erupt in anger or temper tantrums. We all want to get our way during this moon, but some folks will just find their way to prison because they don't know when to stop.

I think the answer lies with the Sign Cancer. Time to step back from the fray and practice some self-care. You might find yourself nurturing children or other people. Practice tenderness and compassion. And if you feel like you're playing the role of a nursemaid for grown children, this will pass. Eat comfort foods, go for long walks, swim if you can or spend time near water. Watch the tides go in and out and know that this moon energy shall pass. In the meantime, keep yourself safe.

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