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Astro Alert--Scorpio New Moon (October 30, 2016)

New Moon
Scorpio 7 degrees
October 30, 2016

As we prepare to celebrate Halloween, the Scorpio New Moon brings us passion and power, not to mention a bit of spookiness. The Sun, Moon, and Mercury join the asteroid Juno in the sign of the Scorpion/Eagle/Dove. We could be dealing with stubborn wills, especially from women at this time.

And we're still marching through the season of Cardinals with Jupiter pulling into a wide T-Cross with Uranus (and Ceres) and Pluto/Mars. Again, Mars and Pluto (just like with the Aries New Moon), provide the apex for this T-Cross and the Sign of Cancer provides the outlet even though we don't have any planets in Cancer at this time.

This means that political and other battles heat up as people clash wills and ideologies. We want to label everything and everyone while passing on generalizations off as facts, especially with Saturn in Sagittarius. We also see a lot of control and manipulation of information in the form of censorship. This could happen on the smaller individual level or on a larger national or international canvas. Don't believe the hype or hyperbole that surfaces around the Scorpio New Moon. People are acting rash and hasty or alternately, like warriors for truth. We get both mavericks and pioneers as well as, activists hogging the spotlight.

Or we could see a mass awakening of people seeing past delusional thinking fueled by fear. After all, we are out of the Saturn-Neptune Square and even the Cardinal T-Cross is on the wider side or we could say, the planets are spread out across the map.

Since Cancer provides the outlet for the T-Cross, it's time to turn our thoughts to mothering the planet and children. It's time to practice self-care, heal our stomachs, breasts, and emotions. While a bit of comfort food won't harm us, make sure that you're not stuffing yourself with macaroni and cheese as a substitute for facing your grief, anger, or fear. Binging is a possibility when stress levels reach the height associated with the October 2016 moons. Consequently, behavioral therapy works well for food disorders around this New Moon.

Cancer Sun and Moon are most vulnerable during full and new moons, not to mention eclipses, even if the moons aren't aspecting with other planets in the natal chart. This is because Cancer is the most sensitive Zodiac Sign. At least the Scorpio Moon, Sun, and Mercury trine planets in Cancer. So does Chiron and Neptune in Pisces, not to mention, Vesta, the asteroid of the hearth in Cancer. So it's a wonderful time for people with a lot of Water in their Birth Charts to clear, heal, and balance emotions. This healing resonates outward.

Jupiter in Libra and Venus in Sagittarius (October 19 to November 12) exchange mutual energies since Jupiter is in Venus' natural sign and Venus is in Jupiter's natural sign. Not only that, but Venus forms a sextile with Jupiter from the 27 through the 31st. Meanwhile, Jupiter also sextiles Saturn in Sagittarius the final week of the month. This is an auspicious time to launch new art projects, sign contracts, for pursuing real estate, launching a career in the areas that are ruled by Sagittarius and Libra. This is a good time to win lawsuits provided your lawyer has prominent planets in Sagittarius and or Libra. But hopefully, you already have this business underway having launched it around the Libra New Moon (a month earlier).

photo by Patricia Herlevi, All Rights Reserved
This also means we will gaze at and expand upon what we value. And I'm guessing we value peace between nations and harmony between ideologies. We could be feeling Libertarian at this time. We value taking care of the Earth Mother, represented by Venus in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Libra. We value a safe hearth and home. And Ceres in the late degrees of Aries tells us that these are values worth fighting for, especially since Ceres is conjunct Uranus. We'll see grassroots mothers out there fighting with both old and new school feminists. Oh, it's going to be an interesting time coming up closer to the US General Election.

The Scorpio Moon in general, asks us to probe deep within our subconscious minds. It asks us to look at the areas of our lives where we feel paranoid or distrusting. It asks us to uncover secrets within ourselves and in others. And if we take the Scorpio Dove approach we practice forgiveness, otherwise, some people will feel vengeful or in the least, we'll act petty. We'll soon learn what's really hiding behind those Halloween masks and dark projections. And once we sleuth out the culprits, we shine a healing spotlight on the wounds. Big healing can take place around the Scorpio New Moon. Bring it on.

Water Signs (Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces)--Life intensifies for you as you explore your deeper emotions. Pisces does this through performing arts and photography. Cancer does this through self-nurturing and setting boundaries with others. Scorpions look for unworkable psychological patterns and root them out.

Earth Signs (Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo)--You feel your life becoming more solid and grounded. Virgo is happy that Jupiter has moved onto Libra, but still feels nickpicky about being on a spiritual path. Focus on your own growth rather than criticizing others as they stumble upon their paths. Taurus experiences the moon/sun/Mercury opposing you and this might come across as dark energy. Make sure you are not projecting your own wounds on others. You communicate more deeply now and your psychic abilities come into play. Capricorn feels strong with Mars and Pluto in your Sign and the sun/moon/Mercury forming a sextile. You can get  lot of work done, but only if you cut out everything that is uncessary clutter.

Fire Signs (Aries, Sagittarius. Leo)--Aries, Uranus is still in your Sign stirring the embers for change. Go with the changes coming into your life and when the time is right, implement your own changes. That is true leadership. Leo benefits from Saturn and Uranus in brother signs as well as, Jupiter in Libra. However, as you're building new structure with Saturn, you often find another side of you rebelling. Find balance between extremes. And finally, Sagittarius with Saturn in your sign, it's still time to build new structure based on your transformed ideologies. You need to curb hotheaded tendencies when other people oppose your ideologies.

Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)--With Jupiter in Libra it's full-sail ahead for all the Air Signs. Libra finds him or herself winning legal actions or bringing harmony into relationships. Diplomatic measures go well until October 2017. Time to sign those long-term contracts. Gemini finds he or she has greater balance and feels more like a Sagittarius with Jupiter in an Air Sign. Finally, Aquarius acts as the mediator with political and religious debates. To each his own is the Aquarius motto, especially with Jupiter in Libra.

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