Monday, May 23, 2016

Tips for Surviving & Thriving Neptune Transits

We've heard a lot about Pluto transits, especially the transit in Capricorn which ends in 2024. And we haven't heard as much about the Neptune transit in its own sign Pisces, yet much of what we're seeing or not seeing, has direct correlations to the Neptune transit. With this transit, we're just not seeing the world for what it really is and we've found ourselves wandering like lost souls while the spiders of illusions trap us in ideologies, fantasies, and delusional thinking.

With Neptune in Pisces we find it challenging to see the line between dreams and waking reality. We choose to believe in false prophets rather than face our own power. While our hearts ask us to express more compassion and love the world through healing and merging with the Greater Good, we fall prey to addictions of many stripes or just plain escapism. Some of us get tangled in the webs of political, religious, and spiritual ideologies that actually don't serve us. We walk around with smug expressions on our faces spouting the tenets of quantum physics and Universal Law without realizing the complexities. This too is illusion.

News from all forms of media talks out both sides of the mouth. On one hand, we're told that the world is overpopulated, but then on the other hand, we don't take this overpopulation into account while building larger homes, driving bigger cars more often, and plundering the earth's water supply and choking the air breathed by 7.whatever billion humans and billions of non-humans with thousands of toxic chemicals. Neptune rules vapors, smoke and contributes to air pollution. Chem trails also fall under Neptune's realm as does water pollution.

So on one hand, we have spiritual teachers telling us to find joy by manifesting more material goods in the way of homes, cars, and money. But on the other hand, spiritual teachers such as myself warn that excessive selfishness leads to global destruction, at least for humankind. And personally, I don't know why spiritual teachers need or want so many homes (some have vacation homes and just keep building more), when millions of people are homeless. Now, how is that compassionate? How can I take these spiritual teachers seriously?

Then on the other hand, Neptune inspires and influences people to act like modern martyred saints where they give up their own well-being to carry the burden of others. Well, this is a bad practice for several reasons. First, learning someone else' lesson does not relieve them of their karmic burden or allow them to glean the wisdom from their earth experience. Second, when we focus on other people's burdens, we fail to recognize our own and then at some point we become a burden because we failed to take responsibility for our role. Third, we use solving other people's problems to boost our egos and act like superheroes or super saints. And believe it or not, this is narcissistic behavior. And finally, our role here is to support others in their growth by giving them tools or practices--not to do the practices for them.

Neptune transit in Pisces also brings up trust issues. We have trouble trusting our intuition or inner guidance. And we have trouble trusting other people or situations. Many of us suffer from PTSD so this makes it difficult to trust the safety of any situation. However, Neptune tells us that the situations that feel most comfortable to someone suffering from trauma actually lead to more trauma. We find safety in the familiar, but for many of us familiar equates abusive family situations which we distort into love and affection or think we have to win love and affection from others. We fail to realize that God loves us unconditionally and we can learn to empower ourselves with unconditional love from the Divine instead of expecting other humans to provide that for us. Most people simply are incapable of loving anyone unconditionally, except in the case of healthy parents of newborns.

As I was typing a paragraph about dissolution, a glitch in the computer deleted the paragraph. And unfortunately, there isn't a key stroke to bring the paragraph back. This is the way Neptune works too. It dissolves illusions but also spins illusions leaving us standing in an empty space that resembles amnesia. We take a trip into madness or enlightenment--both ruled by Neptune. Those of you with strong Neptune in your Natal chart (hopefully you have flowing aspects and Neptune in an angular house, 1, 4, 7 or 10th houses), will have an easier time traipsing through Neptune's surreal landscape. Those of you with a Pisces Sun, Moon, or Ascendant or 12th House planets also have an understanding of Neptune's ethereal energies.

The best ways to navigate a Neptune transit or the deep ocean of forgetfulness and dissolution with dreams that meld into other realities is to engage in performing arts or deep spirituality that doesn't cater to any religion. Sagittarius rules religion and Neptune rules the personal spiritual path of channeling higher beings through meditation, and convening with nature spirits. With Neptune we also must ground ourselves through practices such as yoga or dance or even drumming.

It's not that I don't have an interest in the other outer planets, but I call myself the Neptune Girl because I feel that I'm on the planet to master Neptune energies as an astrologer, author, and musician. Neptune leaves us feeling out of sync with humanity at times, but at other times, we experience the melding into Oneness. Neptune could come off as a pastel-colored weakness like a French Impressionist painting hanging in a dentist office. But don't underestimate the power of light, fog, and mist. Don't underestimate the power of rainbows, crystals, and true spiritual connections.

A mundane gaze at Neptune in Pisces focuses on drug culture, tobacco products, alcohol, movies, pop culture, trends, pop music, dance, and all kinds of spiritual practices both delusional and real. We see wild tempests occur on the planet, as well as, cruise ships sinking, whales and dolphins grabbing our attention, stories about pollution in the ocean, and drugs in the fish we eat. Fantasy novels sell well as do any form of escapism. Gaming also falls under Neptune in Pisces and pretty much anything you see trending at this time and until Neptune moves into Aries in 2025, and at that point our delusions will change.

Very few people on this planet will master Neptune, if any. I wrote a comical magic realism novel featuring Neptune and Pluto, which I hope sees the light of day in the publishing world. This novel which I channeled reveals the secrets of our current astrological transits. But until then, I leave you with this nebulous post hoping that you pay more attention to Neptune's transits in your chart and the transits occurring with Neptune this summer. Please listen to my podcasts on the Saturn-Neptune Square on my YouTube channel, Astrologer Patricia. You're going to need this information ASAP to navigate rough waters ahead in the near future.

I am currently giving hybrid astrological readings. Sign up for a personal reading after reading my services page. If you suspect Neptune is a key player in your Natal Chart, give yourself the gift of a reading. You will value the tools and practices I give you.

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