Tuesday, May 31, 2016

8 Ways to Support Whole Astrology & Neptune-Centered Metaphysics

I love posting astrology posts on this blog and sharing my knowledge with you for free. However, like any serious blogger and astrological researcher or teacher, I require support from blog readers. Fortunately, not all the support comes from financial tithing. Below I list 8 ways you can support Whole Astrology and the Neptune Girl Wearing Space Boots.

  1. Become a blog follower of Whole Astrology and  Metaphysics 4 Everyday Living Not only is it lovely having you on board, but an increase in followers leads to a platform which leads to publishing astrology books. I perform better with an audience. After all, I'm a former folk-rock musician.
  2. Subscribe to my group channel session on Fiverr.com For $5 a month you join a channeled session with my Spirit Council and you can even submit questions ahead of the sessions.
  3. Support me on Patreon You can pledge at 3 monthly levels and receive a gift at all levels--$5, $30 & $100. The pledge period is 6 months and you can renew if you like.
  4. Follow my YouTube channel Astrologer Patricia 
  5. Visit Whole Astrology and Metaphysics 4 Everyday Living on a regular basis and leave comments (and likes on Metaphysics 4 Everyday Living)
  6. Sign up for a personal astrology reading or coaching session (see services tab above)
  7. Click on the Hay House affiliate ads and make an immediate purchase on the HH website
  8. You can send a donation via a money order to Patricia Herlevi, PO Box 2561, Bellingham, WA  98227 (I enjoy finding surprises at my mailbox).


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