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Sagittarius Moon on May 21, 2016--Answer the Call of the Quest

On May 21 we experience the first Sagittarius Full Moon 0f 2016 at one degree. Then in June, we will experience the second Sagittarius Full Moon at 29 degrees. 

Each year we experience 13 Full Moons and an emphasis is placed on one full moon per year, this year it's Sagittarius--the Sign of the Centaur. Since Saturn is also transiting in Sagittarius, and Mars has spent more time in Sagittarius this year than usual, we gaze at the world through travel, culture, foreign relations, religion, and ideology.

The double Sagittarius Full Moons also play an important role in the Mutable planet transits that bring enormous changes and movement to the planet. We have seen changes in ideologies from religion to politics. We have seen an emergence of outspoken leaders with their Sun in Gemini, Sagittarius and Virgo, mainly, which include Pope Francis who has a Sagittarius Sun. We have seen revolutions led by youth (last time we saw anything at this magnitude was in the 1960s and early 1970s) before the world was lulled back into denial. Women and young men have also shown us their outspoken side as if they were waiting for their time in the spotlight or on top of the soapbox.

Now, some astrologers tell us that these radical changes occurred because of the Pluto transit in Capricorn and the Uranus transit in Aries, and they would be right to a certain extent. Remember that Cardinal Signs merely ignite transformation, then eventually, Mutable Signs bring the actual movement, communication, and transmutation. Neptune which transited into Pisces in 2011 has ushered in changes with drug laws (legalization of pot), we have seen grassroots movements for prison reform (falls under Pisces), changes in health care (US, falls under Pisces/Virgo), the dissolution between male and female and institutions such as marriage, and we have gazed fearlessly at structures that have not supported the general populace, as with Senator Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign.

So what's up with the Sagittarius Full Moon on May 21? This full moon occurs right before the planets for a Grand Mutable Square with Venus in Sun in Gemini filling the final corner of an on-going Mutable T-Cross (Neptune, Jupiter/N Node and Saturn). While we have fast-moving planets in Gemini, Neptune, Jupiter and Saturn are slowing moving planets that carry more weight and bigger lessons for us to glean. Jupiter in Virgo plays the role of the public servant or our way of giving public service. Saturn in Sagittarius tells us to expand our vision to encompass the entire planet and see where we lack integrity. And finally, Neptune asks us to see where we place our faith or look for escape outlets. Neptune and Saturn in a way speak of Unity and bringing integrity on our personal path that eventually makes up the whole picture. If we don't each come from a place of integrity, the whole gig falls apart. Becoming and acting authentic bring success, while pretending to be someone else leads to destruction.

We also have a Grand Earth Trine in this chart with Mercury stationary (getting ready to go direct) in Taurus, Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Virgo. That's right, Jupiter plays double duty appearing in both the Mutable T-Cross and the Grand Earth Trine. Meanwhile, the Sagittarius moon conjuncts Mars and forms a Triple Conjunction with Saturn. We feel the contrast of wanting to live a life of ease or ease into the flow of abundance and prosperity, with grappling with ideologies spinning around us, and sometimes out of control. We either lose or gain faith at this time, but watch where we place our loyalty. We are both cautious and foolish tossing our caution to the winds of change. Changes come through expansion and contraction as we give birth to our true selves.

So let's look at each of the signs and elements in relation to this full moon.

Aries--You desperately want to instigate and ignite change with Uranus in your sign until 2019, but slow-talking Mercury in Taurus (getting ready to move direct) and the Grand Earth Trine has you feeling too grounded. However, the Triple Conjunction in Sagittarius asks you to keep the faith. Sun and Venus in Gemini has you questioning your values and also leads you to flirtation of the mind. Romance comes through word play.

Leo--With Mercury moving in slow-moving Taurus, you might find yourself lazing about or over indulging in drink, food, or other pleasurable activities. While this isn't the worst thing, the world requires your creative spirit to bring faith and hope to others. We could use your creative brainstorming abilities in addressing solutions to problems. We require real leadership, with Uranus in Aries. Are you up for that?

Sagittarius--The full moon shines its light on you as does Mars and Saturn. Where do you place your faith? Do you practice what you preach? If you don't, people are going to notice with the spotlight on you and your words. With your planet Jupiter in Virgo, along with the North Node, ask yourself why you came to the planet at this time? How can you serve and can you serve without attaching ideologies?

Gemini--With the Sun in your sign, your mind turns to romance, but it's a romance of words and possibly chivalry with Uranus in Aries and the moon, Mars, and Saturn in your opposite sign. You feel irritated when you don't practice integrity and you might project your lack of integrity onto others, thus vilifying them. Watch out for a self-righteous attitude now. (Venus is in the late degrees of Taurus and is approaching your Sun Sign).

Libra--You're still contenting with Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries, but you're used to those energies now. The Triple Conjunction in Sagittarius fires you up. You want to travel long-distance, join a religious group, or explore foreign cultures. Your mind turns to the legal system or you might find yourself winning a legal case. Marriage is also on your mind in that you seek more room to grow and enter a time of expansion which may or may not lead to an amicable divorce or breakup. You seek freedom.

Aquarius--You're still leading the grassroots movements and supporting other humanitarians with Uranus in Aries. The Gemini Sun has you involved with social media and other forms of communication as you get the word out. Some of you lead political campaigns while others think of running for office. You recall champions of justice and you idealize them a bit with the moon, Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius, forms a sextile with you. You enjoy the Sagittarius Full Moon and see it as an adventurous time.

Pisces--Perhaps with the tensions from the Mutable T-Cross, especially from your opposite Sign Virgo, you're ready to partake in deep healing and detox yourself of any harmful habits or beliefs. For some of you, you find your self-worth through service to others. Some of you find your path in yoga and meditation or even as a spiritual teacher. Have faith Pisces that you're finally on the right path, but first you must heal yourself. I think you know what I'm referring to.

Cancer--Health-related issues plague you now. It's time to look at health of your liver which could be causing migraines and other tension in your body. Take care of your stomach and breasts and make sure you're not harboring anger in those parts of the body. It's easy to feel frustrated by the Uranus transit in fiery Aries and Pluto in Capricorn. Worrying about finances causes tension in the body. However, all is not lost. As you heal your mind body and spirit, you heal the planet. You are then able to teach others how to heal themselves.

Scorpio--Mercury in Taurus has dogged you for the past weeks. You wonder why everyone is seeking sensual pleasures while so much darkness churns in the world. Make sure you're not projecting your own wounds in your communication with others. Virgo and the North Node in Jupiter ask you to put your needs aside and clean up your community in some way. Or this could refer to cleaning up your own life of bad habits, resentment, and anything else which prevents you from experiencing freedom Remember that the Sagittarius Moon is about freedom. Perhaps confession of one kind or another leads you to this freedom. In any case, you're unable to hide your secrets any longer. Pluto in Capricorn continues to transform your life as you move more into the light. I see an image of a person shutting their eyes against bright light as if waking up from sleep.

Taurus--With Mercury RX in your Sign, you have been lazy with communication, that is if you have chosen to communicate at all. Perhaps, you have shut of your phone and computer or taken a vacation. This isn't a bad idea, but after Mercury goes Direct, those messages will still be waiting for your response. With Pluto in Capricorn, don't resist transformation and with Jupiter in Virgo, remember to serve your community in some way--even through an art project. Gardening and sharing food go well now.

Capricorn--The Full Moon in Sagittarius, even if it is in the shadow, lifts you up. You want to put your work down and travel, even short distance. You're itching for an adventure and have grown weary from career climbing or acting as a leader in your community. You really could use a vacation. Why not head to the mountains and camp for a few days?

Virgo--No one is working as hard as you this year, but make sure that you're not overloading your body with stress. The Mutable T-Cross shines light on unhealthy habits such as alcohol and recreational drug use. And this Mutable T-Cross asks you where you place your faith. Do you mean what you say or better yet, do you live your ideologies or just spout them? With Jupiter in Virgo playing double duty in the Grand Earth Trine and the Mutable T-Cross, it's time to take good care of your physical body. After all, it's the vehicle that allows you to serve humankind in the physical plane.

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