Friday, March 11, 2016

Venus & Mars in Gemini--Intellectual Elitist or Cultural Snob

Intellectual Elitist King Louis 14th
Recently when I re-watched Diary of Bridget Jones, I enjoyed the message about loving someone with flaws--even intellectual flaws. This led me to shine the light on one of my flaws--intellectual smugness and having to prove how smart I am. I won't even get into the amount of stress these intellectual pursuits have added to my physical body.

So last night I experienced a dream where a intellectual snobby professor (I met last summer) visited me. He poked fun at people less educated than him and he criticized everyone less intellectually endowed as himself. In the dream, I pulled a Bridget Jones and I told this man off by calling him an intellectual elite and I kicked him out of my home. Boy, that felt satisfying until I realized that this dream character represented my Venus and Mars in Gemini. Darn!

Not to get down on anyone with either their Natal Mars or Venus in Gemini (or sun for that matter), but the shadow side of Venus in Gemini is the cultural snob and the shadow of Mars in Gemini is a man or a woman who has to compete with others to show how smart they are--every conversation feels like a game of Trivial Pursuit or a guest spot on Jeopardy.

So the first step in healing these tendencies is to acknowledge them and apply a sense of humor (why I enjoy romantic comedies). Ah, I'm acting like Jane Austen's character Emma again. Because I guarantee you that if you don't get this Venus and Mars under control or at least make peace with them and give them what they really need, you're going to end up a lonely camper. No one likes having their words or ideas corrected by us. No one likes joining a conversation where they feel ridiculed by those in-the-know. And there's nothing more uncomfortable than ending up at a party of intellectual elites who genuflect their egos--look how smart I am.

We've entered the age of the heart and you can't think with your heart. In fact, if we get caught up in the machinations of our sharp brains, we don't even have access to our hearts. The hearts are about feeling our way through life, and not overthinking our way which only creates more quagmires to figure out. The heart doesn't require any figuring out--it just loves everyone no matter their intellectual IQ. And besides, don't we live in a time where people are discussing emotional intelligence? An emotional brain isn't intelligent, it's just ill. The heart expresses emotions in a healthy way thus creating balance on the emotional scale.

So how can we use Venus and Mars in Gemini in healthy ways? For instance, sharing information in a loving way helps educate others. But also listening to others no matter their education level helps us learn new things too. Teach what you know in a way that doesn't demean others and this can be done through lectures or books. Writing self-help books with easy-to-do exercises helps too as does producing educational videos or even hosting a radio show. In fact, Venus in Gemini folks have lovely radio or broadcast voices. These signs are good at engaging others in conversations as long as we we remember that conversations involve two or more voices. We do have a tendency to enjoy the sound of our own voice (Venus in Gemini) or win debates (Mars in Gemini).

And we still can use our witty comebacks when necessary. Think of Bridget Jone's witty comebacks, especially the one to her former boss (and lover played by Hugh Grant). I also like the speech she gives to Mark Darcy (played by Colin Firth), about how she still likes him despite his choice in holiday sweaters and him saying the wrong things at the wrong time.

So if you have your Venus or Mars in Gemini, use your mind to engage with others, no matter their education level or cultural awareness, in creating a more peaceful world. Remember that Venus and Mars also reside in 11 other Zodiac Signs and each adds another color to the rainbow of humanity.

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