Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Aries Sun, Moon & Ascendant: The New Kid on the Zodiac Block

To get a good idea of Aries energy think of the buds sprouting on trees or new growth of plants in a garden. I also see an image of a lotus growing in mud. Aries represents new birth even rebirth--eternal spring in each of us.

Aries 1st Sign of the Zodiac
Ruling Planet Mars 
Rules First Zodiac House 
Represents Inner Child or children
Color Red and other warm colors
Tarot Card The Fool 
Motto "Me first"
Mantra "I am, that I am

While Aries energy squares my Cancer Sun/Mercury and Capricorn Ascendant, several Aries people have played key roles in my life as far as getting me motivated.  Aries Sun, Moon and Ascendant natives stoke fires in our souls and remind us of the courage in our hearts. They also remind us about our inner child who wants to come first in our lives and who wants to play all day, every day.

The upside of Aries revolves around courage to pioneer new experiences and to explore new terrain whether that's actual land or the inner psyche. Aries natives make excellent explorers (just like Sagittarius but in a less expansive way) and they don't just want to be first, they have to be first. Think of the infant who does everything for the first time or the toddler who stands his or her ground with a vehement "NO!" every time the parent asks the child to do something. And there you have the downside of Aries which comes as the troublesome child who throws a tantrum when his or her needs aren't put above everyone else'.

In the Tarot deck, The Fool (0 card) represents Aries. In some decks, you have the curly haired child with a knapsack strapped to his back and his trusty dog heading over a cliff.  In life, we encounter different types of fools from the nonsensical drunk on the street to the child with a bright idea that bankrupts his parents, to the wise fool who has no awareness of his wisdom. He utters nonsense that transforms into profundity. Although Saint Francis of Assisi was a Libra, when he stripped himself bare in the public arena and literally walked naked the surrounding countryside, he played the role of an Aries. BTW, many Aries have problems with alcohol.  I'm not sure about the reason for this.

Aries often has no concept of consequences. This impulsive energy leaps first and deals with the bruises later. Aries loves cars especially fast cars and motorcycles too. If an Aries Sun or Moon is not involved in a sport or some type of physical activity find out the reason.  Aries possesses boundless energy that requires some kind of competitive outlet, at least in the 3-dimensional reality where most people still reside.  But I've noticed over the years that Aries has a generous side too--chivalry comes to mind. Aries men act like troubadours as they court the women of their desires, but they can also quickly leave the woman when she insists that he get with the domestic program. Aries requires something to conquer and sometimes that equates to unobtainable love either because the woman of his dreams isn't interested in him or because he can't find satisfaction with only one woman.

Aries women often have a strong masculine side because of the Mars energy. If they're not the sheep type then they tend to be loud and they gesture widely with their body often knocking over vases or whatnot. They tend to be sporty, but not always and they possess a competitive spirit. They prefer men who either act as a team mate or who joust with them either verbally, mentally or physically. Remember Mars loves competitiveness and one-upping another. This excites the Aries woman leading often to passionate lovemaking.

However, the vision I see of Aries individuals (Sun, Moon or Ascendant) is the new kid on the block or the new baby in the household.  Aries is represented by Cardinal energy and in this case, the Cardinal energy of spring when we thaw out the ice of winter, trudge through the mud and watch new flowers and trees blossoming around us. The temperature rises and so does our enthusiasm for starting something new. However, while Aries loves to start new projects or relationships, follow-through is not Aries' strong point because Cardinal energy is about igniting and Fire can quickly burn itself out.  So my message to Aries natives don't bite off more than you can chew. While it's beneficial to keep the home fires burning, don't burn down the house.

For Aries individuals wishing to work in a healing profession, look to careers as motivational coaches, personal trainers, yoga instructor (hot yoga) and energy work where you only see the client one or two times while giving the client tools to help themselves. I've also known Aries chefs, police, and musicians. Whatever Aries does, they have to be the best or the first at it.  Taming the ego is a lifelong quest for Aries and so is developing patience.  Happy birthday Aries.


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