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Meditation on Saturn and Mars (Parent and Child)

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For those of you who are parents, think of the Saturn role you play with your children and the Mars role they play for you. After all, our synastry charts come off as a cosmic stage play. The planets provide the backdrop, the signs provide the action, and the house placement provides the stage in which we act out our life dramas.


So let's look at Mars as representing our inner child or actual children under our care. Saturn acts as our inner authority, which sometimes includes the voices of our parents telling us what to do and what not to do, or us playing the role of a parent.

The reason why I'm bringing up Saturn and Mars is that we will experience Mars conjunct Saturn late this summer and we're experiencing both Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius at this time. Any planet transiting in Sagittarius experiences expansion or that we expand upon its themes. So think of an idealistic Mars or Saturn. What is the parental ideal and what is the ideal child? Do we even come close to meeting the mark?

We run into quagmires when Mars opposes Saturn in a transit or transiting Mars opposes our Natal Saturn, sometimes this happens at the same time and all heck breaks loose. Our parents and our children are mirrors to our inner psyche. So if we criticize them, we criticize ourselves and that's why we suffer. We sell ourselves short when we don't acknowledge every part of us. In addition, Mars represents our ego and the way we express our ego. Saturn represents our karmic self, our wise sage self, and our inner parent or even God, or our version of God. And if we equate God with a parent and our parents abused or neglected us, we won't likely trust God, not even in our darkest hour. This leads to isolation and depression, associated with Saturn. We know that releasing repressed anger leads us out of depression as we reclaim our power (Mars).

I'm going to use my own chart as an example because I have my Natal Mars in Gemini in a T-Square with my Natal Saturn in Pisces. T-Squares are a real bitch for those of us who have them in our charts, but at least T-Crosses have an outlet, the fourth corner, whereas, Grand Squares have no outlet and provide stress and on-going tension which can drive people over the edge. So my Saturn, which represents my inner parents is in Pisces conjunct moon with a one degree orb and retrograde intercepted in the second house.  Saturn/Moon oppose Uranus/Pluto in Virgo in my eighth House and if that doesn't provide enough drama, Mars in Gemini (fifth house) squares all the above--thus we have a Mutable T-Cross.

So my inner parent is wishy-washy but creative and deeply spiritual, but often delusional. This parent doesn't take responsibility and wants to blame others, especially those in authority (Pluto). My parents came across as fussy and overcritical. It seemed that I couldn't do anything right, so I internalized this voice and became a workaholic and perfectionist which just led to more powerlessness and sickness. Oddly, my sickness had Martial and Saturnian qualities (aches, pains, burning, dryness, aching joints, headaches, tension in the jaw).

Also in my childhood I encountered flaky adults who were radical as in hippies. Then in my young adult years, I met more hippie or radical types who poured nonsense into my head which I believed because I lacked discernment. But then Mars in Gemini kicked in and I learned to work with words and in fact, words became my sword of truth and of revenge. I used words to get out of tight squeezes and sometimes I told tall tales which led to me forging a career as a storyteller (a positive use of Mars in Gemini in the fifth house). Words became my friend even though they often got me in trouble due to my impulsive T-Cross energy. I wanted to stick it to authority, including my own inner authority. I showed up at rallies carrying signs, often for causes I knew nothing about. I published my poems (long before self-publishing) and worked out my angst on stage as a folk rock singer.

Mars in Gemini representing the inner child learns words quickly and how to shape reality with words. In my case, my words often had scathing and critical qualities due to my upbringing represented by Saturn/Moon (father/mother) opposing Uranus/Pluto (or personal power verses power of others) since the second and eight houses play a key role even if those houses are intercepted, unless I read an equal house chart.

I despised Mars for most of my adult life because I felt this planet got me in trouble. I knew a lot of Aries types but didn't stay in relationships with any of them for the long term. I knew an Aries acupuncturist who I worked for briefly. She told me that the relationship between Cancer Sun and Aries Sun was short lived and the main role of the Aries was to give a boot up to the Cancer Sun person. This has become a truth or reality for me. The Aries people I have known did play that role for me so I figured that Mars in my chart also had a crucial role to play besides an antagonist (it has only challenging aspects with my other planets).

For those of you with a Fifth House Mars, you must get in touch with your inner child through a creative outlet. Don't use this Mars to hang out in bars and drink yourself silly or to constantly one-up others as if the world is only about competition. This Mars also wants to gamble but that could lead to losing the house, spouse, and children in worst case scenarios. Use this energy to work with children or play with children since children are attracted to those of us with Fifth House Mars, especially when it's in Gemini or Aries. Fifth House Mars is a natural born storyteller and ripe for a career on the stage or at least in broadcasting.

A Second House Saturn suggests that developing talents, gifts, and personal resources takes longer. Having Saturn either in the the First or Second House suggest a late-bloomer and a person who develops a great deal of patience and tenaciousness. I'm fifty-one now and only reaching the heights of my writing career. I started writing novels in my forties and since I don't have formal training it took more time and effort, not to mention rejection from "authority" figures. I received criticism along the way too since Saturn opposes Uranus/Pluto, but I also received support from powerful people which kept me going. I had to suppress my Mars which just felt like going to war with those folks who criticized me. What I learned is that we can tame our Natal Mars as we grow older.

So for Saturn and Mars transits and Natal positions, look to how these planets shape your inner authority and your inner child. Then look at how your parents' beliefs and your upbringing have contributed to how you treat yourself now. Neither planet is easy to work with and both planets can bring us to our knees or to the point of surrender. Saturn is a stern teacher and Mars shows us where our egos require healing and refinement. This is probably why traditional astrologer still refer to Mars and Saturn as maelific (I'm not among these astrologers). Just as adults and children teach us, so Mars and Saturn come on board as our lifelong teachers. Never kick a gift horse in the mouth by taking the lessons of the planets for granted. They lead us to soul mastership on this great ship of humanity.

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