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Jupiter in Virgo--Mr. & Mrs. Fix-it Take on the Big Jobs

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Only the Fire Signs won't be sighing with relief when Jupiter rolls out of Leo into Virgo on August 12. On one hand, we could end up tightening the belt financially speaking, big-spending has ended, and the train ride of self-love (though a necessary journey) is replaced with self-improvement. Our attention turns to implementing solutions, getting organized, communicating directly, and even losing the weight we gained during the Jupiter in Leo transit.

Virgo is wonderful for getting work done or getting down to work. However, we become too critical of self and of others so we must refrain from nitpicking and focusing on problems. It's easy to fall into negative thinking since Virgo is the co-ruler of Mercury, but the same time Virgo gets to the point--not a sign for beating around a bush. We take pride in our work or at least we justify the time we spend on a project or a job trying to perfect a product or a service. Since Virgo focuses on service and how we serve others, healers are going to enjoy the Jupiter transit in Virgo because that wave of self-improvement will bring clients to their doorstep--in some cases, lining up. This is also a great time for anyone who works in the communications field such as editors, and librarian and teachers benefit too.

The downside of Jupiter in Virgo if it falls in the 1st or 6th house is that some people can develop a distorted body image leading to eating disorders or overexercising. Virgo reminds me of those old time saints who whipped and tormented themselves because they didn't feel worthy or perfect enough in the eyes of God. Some of those nun saints were even known for starving themselves, but I don't think this had anything to do with body image unless they were working on tarnishing their beauty or negating sexual thoughts/feelings. While Virgo is known as the Virgin, I've known very few Virgos who didn't lose their virginity as soon as possible. While Scorpio gets the most attention for sexuality, Virgo can also obsess about sex and even possess a distorted view of sex such as with cleanliness and over protection against disease.

In fact, I find it only slightly ironic that an epidemic of herpes and the emergence of AIDS happened when the Pluto in Virgo Generation came of age. In fact, I'm a member of that generation and I remember my first week on campus hearing about the herpes breakout in the dorms and not much later, I read about AIDS in a tiny article tucked in the back of Rollingstone Magazine (1982). Virgo also rules technology and this generation (along with Pluto in Leos) ushered in the personal computer thus landing us in the tech age.

But you're probably wondering how Jupiter in Virgo is going to affect you over the course of the next year or until August 2016 when Jupiter transits into Libra. So I'll break it down by Zodiac Sign which you can read for your Sun, Moon, and Ascendant. I'll try not to poke fun at any sign, though I have that tendency when I write these lighter articles.

Jupiter in Virgo 


Aries is one of two signs that could form a Yod with Jupiter in Virgo if a sextile between a planet in Aquarius and a planet in Aries with a 3 degree or less orb form inconjuncts with Jupiter in Virgo. So if you have, for example, Mars in Aquarius at 6 degrees sextiling with Venus in Aries at 4 degrees and both forming an inconjunct with Jupiter in Virgo as it transits  between 3 and 7 degrees, you will experience a transiting yod. This isn't a bad thing since Aries normally is an impulsive sign and a Yod allows Aries to pause and reflect before acting. Yods retard action.

If you're an Aries or Mars type Jupiter in Virgo feels too grounding, too fussy, and too much like a parental figure who nags and tells you to grow up. Jupiter in Virgo won't put up with selfish behavior or too much individualism. It also won't put up with a pioneering spirit unless it is in service for a greater good. But for the most part, Aries will miss Jupiter in Leo and now will feel like it's eating humble pie for dessert or forgoing dessert completely.


As a fellow Earth Sign, Taurus welcomes Jupiter in Virgo, especially in the area of health, beauty, and agriculture. For the Taurus type, this marks a time of either giving body work to others or getting body work done on themselves, mainly massage. It's a time of changing the diet and getting digestion in order. Even yoga goes well now, as does, getting into an exercise routine and clearing out heavier foods from the diet. Gardening and farming go well for the next year and you might even study up on new solutions for dealing with pests and other problems. Working with herbal medicine goes well too.


Normally, we would think that the Air Sign Gemini would not act too pleased to have Jupiter in an Earth Sign, but Gemini and Virgo share the planet Mercury in common. Gemini types not only finally write that book they've been talking about for 12 years, but edit it as well. People who work in the communications field with either Gemini or Virgo figuring prominently in their birth charts will learn new technology and take writing or marketing workshops. If you are a Gemini type author, attend a writer conference. Now is a fantastic time to network with like-minded people who are solution-oriented. Journalism under Jupiter in Virgo takes on darker more scathing tones. So let's try our best to focus on what's good in the world such as checking out the Good News Network. Yes, it's real.


Since Cancer deals with the stomach, hearth, home, and mother, Cancer types thrive when Jupiter is in Virgo and forms sextiles with Cancer planets. The gaze is again at diet, nutrition, and self-nurturing through food. Cancer types will however, feel more sensitive than usual (which is a lot) and feel forced to change the diet due to allergies and intolerance that crop up. The other thing that could happen, and it's already happening to me is losing a tastes for certain foods and trying out new foods or returning to foods not eaten in a long while. I've actually found myself wandering around the food coop finding most food unappealing and worrying that I could end up like the character in Margaret Atwood's The Edible Woman! Food suddenly tastes too salty, too sulfur, or like it's going bad when it's not. This is the type of thing a Cancer type can expect when Jupiter transits in Virgo. We could also become to critical of mothers.


Ah, poor Leo types. Jupiter in Virgo is going to add a damper to your party because Virgo promotes humility and sublimates the ego. Virgo usually turns a jaundice eye on Leo anyway and now that behavior is exaggerated with Jupiter. Leo wants to go shopping and Virgo says, you already have too many clothes, too big a house, or too fancy a car. Leo wants to play and Virgo reminds Leo that the house is in need of repairs. Leo starts experiencing heart problems and Virgo brings in a team of doctors including a nutritionist, that sort of thing. But a little humility and self-care go a long way, Leo. Take advantage of this time to regroup and transform negative behaviors into gold. Think of Virgo as the alchemist.


For Virgo, Jupiter in Virgo acts as a double-edged sword. On one hand, Jupiter in one's own sign brings gifts, and a positive turn of events. But too much Virgo (remember Jupiter exaggerates the sign's energy), could cause Virgo to not feel deserving or good enough. Virgo feels that she's not thin enough, or smart enough, or efficient and then Virgo starts worrying which leads to anxiety. But on the other hand, we look to Virgo for solutions, for editing our manuscripts, especially when Jupiter the planet of publishers is in Virgo. We might even see the the best editing coming out of publishing houses that we've seen in a long time. Not only that, independent authors might wish to polish their editing so return to traditional publishing to reap the rewards of expert editors (some of the authors anyway).


Libra types have little patience for Virgo so Jupiter transiting in Virgo for a year could create imbalance for Libras. For example, Libras prefer to keep conversations light and positive and then Jupiter in Virgo brings in a long list of problems facing the world. The Libra type tries to change the subject and get Virgo to look on the brighter side, but Virgo just finds Libra shallow and uncaring about all the suffering happening in the world. So then the Libra type responds with positive thinking and affirmations while Jupiter in Virgo scoffs, "Yeah, like that's going to solve anything." Libra represents the wide-eyed dreamer and peace-maker, while Virgo considers him or herself the problem-solver and realist.


Scorpio will obsess more about sex, but focus on healing with sex such as sexual healing or get medical attention for those sexual diseases they have kept secret. Scorpio focuses also on healing of the colon and other parts of the body and they might go on a de-tox colon cleanse hyper drive. Medical journalists will harp about cleansing the body of heavy metals, microbes, and parasites to the point where we all get tired of their scare tactics. Scorpio will also deal more with reproduction (wanted and unwanted) and some family history secrets could surface now such as a child finding out that he or she was adopted. However, there's a nice sextile between planets in Scorpio and Jupiter in Virgo which lead to regeneration and deep healing with roots in the deep subconscious. Psychology and hypnotherapy go well now.


Sagittarius rules Jupiter and is a Mutable Sign along with Virgo so there's some entanglement going on with these two. Sagittarius and Jupiter rule law, publishing, religion, higher education and other areas that have fallen under scrutiny so Virgo brings solutions and perfection in these areas. Although Sagittarius is a Fire Sign and Virgo and Earth Sign, I think these two energies can blend well together though they will have to curb sarcasm and criticism.  Sagittarius types will still want to travel, but now with their ruling planet Jupiter in Virgo, they might worry more about bedbugs, germs, pandemics, problems with airlines and air travel as Virgo does tend to worry and is also known as being hypochondriac, especially if planets in Sagittarius fall in the 6th house or planets in Virgo fall in the 6th house (double in that case).


Capricorn types, especially Capricorn Moon and Sun are going to love Jupiter in Virgo because when Jupiter is in a Earth Sign, it trines and tames Pluto in Capricorn. So those of you Capricorns with your Sun, Moon, or Ascendant in the 13 to 15 degree range will experience less of an impact from the Uranus-Pluto square then other Capricorns who already experienced their Pluto and Uranus transits. Jupiter in Virgo trines Pluto in Capricorn and inconjuncts (retards energy) Uranus in Aries. However, you will also be robbed of a full transformational experience that the raw energy of Uranus squaring Pluto would bring you. It's like you have a safety net beneath you so you can take more risks, but you could also become lazy and ignore the opportunity to transform. Still Jupiter in Virgo brings purity to your diet, daily work, and your life. Don't kick a gift horse in the mouth.


Aquarius is the other sign that experiences inconjuncts with Jupiter in Virgo (see Aries). If Aquarius types work too hard during this Jupiter in Virgo year, they could experience nervous breakdowns or burn out of some kind or another. Jupiter in Virgo is going to overemphasize work, especially for people working in astrology, architecture, inventing, engineering, and high tech. There will be a tendency to not release software or other products on the market because the Aquarius type feels that those products aren't good enough or fall under too much scrutiny. We could also witness out-of-the-blue changes in social media or software that causes humanity to rebel or innovative solutions to longstanding problems in which case the Aquarius type emerges the hero of the day. We could also see innovations in medicine, especially energy medicine through breakthroughs in the mind-body field.  People will exaggerate the Aquarius Age, acting like it's the solution to all our problems. It's not.


Pisces types experience Jupiter in Virgo as an opposition, but this isn't a bad thing. Take this time Pisces to ground your nebulous visions and allow Virgo to gaze critically on those visions to create a step-by-step process to manifest the visions in the real world. Don't swim away or toss in the towel Pisces, if Jupiter in Virgo gives you some fix-it patches or appears too critical because the Virgo ideas are just what you require to manifest your dreams. In fact, Virgo and Pisces could work well together.

Many years ago, I sent my screenplays to a Virgo editor who took a red pen to my precious visions. I was crushed at first, even felt like giving up, and feeling sorry for myself. But the Pluto/Uranus in Virgo part of me which opposes my Moon/Saturn in Pisces told me to get to work and listen to the editor's suggestions. He was right after all. I not only wrote a phenomenal screenplay with his suggestions, but he also taught me to write pitches that captured the attention of producers. No, I never sold the screenplay, but I learned a lot. And that's the opportunity Jupiter in Virgo brings to Pisces this coming Jupiter transit. Stay open, Pisces because wisdom comes in many guises.

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