Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Pisces Full Moon--Practical as opposed to Magical Dreaming

I would expect Neptune to be well, nebulous and the chart for the Pisces Full Moon on August 29 could be interpreted as having or not having a Mutable T-Cross. 

(And this is another moon wearing an "S" on its chest because it's a Super Moon).

The chart I made on has a T-Cross including Sun and Jupiter in Virgo, Neptune and Moon in Pisces and pulls in Saturn (still in Scorpio). Now, I personally, don't want to read this as a T-Cross since Saturn is not yet in the Mutable Sign Sagittarius and I prefer to keep my Saturn aspects tight (Saturn represents a concentrated energy).

However, we could make the argument that Saturn is two degrees away from transiting back into Sagittarius where it was from December 2014 until it transited backwards into Scorpio mid-June. I ask those of you with Scorpio or Sagittarius Moon, Sun, or Ascendant to feel this out for yourselves. To be or not to be a T-Square.

I'm going to take a different approach with this moon since I have grown weary spouting off planetary transits in conjunction with each new and full moon. And I wonder how this technical information goes down with you as you read the posts on this blog. So as a native with a Pisces Moon which works extremely hard in my birth chart, I'm going to focus upon the Pisces and Virgo polarity. I think this information will come in handy during the Solar Eclipse in Virgo mid-September. You see with the North Node transiting into Virgo this November (as I mentioned in the Jupiter and North Node in Virgo post), the series of upcoming eclipses with the exception of the September Lunar Eclipse in Aries, will shine a spotlight on the Pisces-Virgo polarity and axis.

And for most of us, this speaks of spirituality whether we consider ourselves spiritual or not. We're already seeing this played out with people who feel the Uranus-Pluto revolutionary square but don't know anything about astrology mistake this energy for big changes such as a comet destroying the earth and those of us who follow a certain set of rules go to a place called heaven and those of us who are more aligned with Uranus go the other direction. I'm making  light of a serious topic, but I'm seeing this energy played out in Bible passage painted on the walls of building (a new kind of graffiti), and with hardcore Christians standing with signs sporting flames of hell on street corners (busy intersections) either shouting at or pleading with passerby.

In fact, my nephew tells me that if I don't give up this astrology thing I'm going in a downward spiral. Personally, I'm in the league with Pluto and he scoffs at me, "Wake up." Well, this is coming from a kid who plays violent computer games and since he's Indigo, thinks he knows everything there is to know. And he's not the only person like that. The thing about Virgo is that when this energy is imbalanced we judge, act out of intolerance and look for someone to scapegoat or play the martyr. We might even volunteer to play the martyr, depending on other transits in the chart.

Virgo is not about sacrificing to prove a point, it's about service from the heart which we hopefully developed during Leo transits. Virgo is about living and communicating one's values but in a way that doesn't make other people feel less than or put upon. The North Node transits out of fair-minded and diplomatic Libra into Virgo so we know how to play nice in the sandbox and now our fate revolves around fixing problems, not complaining about them. We're not going to experience cooperation from others if we're so caught up in our egos that we have to be right and wouldn't it be nice if the government took all our ideas and solutions and fixed all the world's problems so we can go off and sleep in a hammock with our hands clutching a beer?

Now, Pisces, the other side of the polarity tells us that we know how to behave compassionately, we know how to forgive and practice unity consciousness. It's the opposite of ego, but this doesn't mean we dismiss our egos or try to destroy them since what we resist persist. First off, we require to know what it is we value and know what dreams are hiding in our hearts then own those values and dreams.Then we take full responsibility for living our lives and allowing others to live theirs. Right there we solve the problem of having to go to war because of differing ideologies. Other people's perception, illusions, stories, theories, opinions, judgements, problems, lifestyles, and beliefs are none of our business. Our business is to focus upon the reality we desire to manifest in the world and know that there isn't just one reality, but 7+ billion realities, but all spokes of the same cosmic wheel, if you can imagine that.

As we move out of the Age of Pisces, we haven't passed all the spiritual tests yet which is why we are tangled up in Mutable transits this and next year. Cardinal transits start the fire, but then the Mutable transits take over and stoke the flames of revolution, which is really a spiritual revolution. Many changes, big and small are on the way and there is no turning back. And any event that happens in conjunction with an eclipse or Uranus-Pluto square or even Saturn-Neptune square points to endings and there is no going back. Think of it as you're walking down a hall and you pass through a door and the door shuts behind you. You turn back to the door, but it's locked so you have no choice but to walk forward to the next door and you repeat this process until you reach the end of the hall and the last door. Pisces represents the endpoint and so does a full moon. Dissolve what no longer works and make room for the new. This requires faith and this full moon has plenty of faith attached to it.

So if you get divorced during this time, move on. You won't be returning to that relationship and that karma is complete. If you relocate to a new city or town, you're not returning to the old one. Think of it as death because these changes are permanent and we are going to realize that during the Pisces Full Moon. If you must perform a ceremony or a ritual to symbolize ending a phase in your life. Then muster your courage to face the unknown, but know that it's much better then the previous chapter of your personal book.

Photo by Patricia Herlevi
But this energy is not about breaking apart especially if partnerships are solid. We have three duets in this chart (Jupiter-Sun, Mars-Venus, and Moon-Neptune). I see duets as representing partnerships. The first duet falls in Virgo, the second in Leo and the third in Pisces. We are once again looking at what we value and aligning with people who share those values.

But we are fooling ourselves if we don't know our values and then we align with someone else. And one of those values has to be self-love because if we don't honor ourselves no one else will. We also must balance our emotions and not get tangled up in assumptions (Moon-Neptune in Pisces). Pisces loves confusing us but Virgo asks us to use discernment and create appropriate boundaries because even though we want to love everyone we encounter this is still not a good idea. Neptune and Pisces also represents the con man or slippery woman.

The positive side of the Pisces Full Moon is that if we align ourselves with healthy energy, we manifest our dreams. We also hone our intuitive skills and allow ourselves to dream, even daydream. Pisces is going to test our compassion and understanding but rewards us too with epiphanies and heightened intuition, not to mention powerful dreams. And like the Leo New Moon we could also experience the sublime while engaging in the arts. Those of you with your moon in a Water Sign will most likely sail through this full moon.

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