Thursday, August 6, 2015

Astrology Forecast for September 2015--Initiation into Soul Mastery

photo by Patricia Herlevi
I'll talk more about it in future posts, ideally, the Solar and Lunar eclipses posts for September's moons, but September launches a crunchy season that lasts through December 2015. It might last longer but I haven't viewed the transits for 2016 yet. In September, Saturn moves into Sagittarius, Mercury goes retrograde, and we experience Solar and Lunar eclipses both with double-t-crosses.

When we begin September, change is already in the air with the Sun/Jupiter in Virgo and Neptune/Chiron in Pisces. Then on September 18, Saturn moves back into Mutable Sagittarius, then on the 12th we experience a Solar Eclipse in Virgo at 20 degrees and then Mars moves into Virgo on the 24/25. So that tells the Mutable Signs side of the story. (I'll cover the Solar Eclipse in Virgo in another post).

We're not through with the Cardinal Signs yet, since Uranus, still Retrograde backtracks closer into a square with Pluto (which goes direct on the 25th at 12 degrees). So by the end of the month, we have a Cardinal T-Cross highlighted by the Lunar Eclipse in Aries and of course, Mercury RX joins up in two Cardinal T-Crosses and eclipses which is going to tests our communication skills to the max. Meanwhile, when all of this planetary fireworks takes place in the sky, children and young adults are heading back to school, while other people are coming out of the vacation mode, at least in the Northern Hemisphere. But now we're sucked up in a twister and spit out in the Land of Weird.

Virgo Solar Eclipse
But here is the message of the September planetary transits, we're not going back to business-as-usual. Many of those plans we placed on the shelves to dust off after the summer/winter months are to put it nicely, dead in the water.  That is if those plans had no spiritual basis and did not account for the huge shift happening on the planet that began happening as early as 1987 with the Harmonic Conversion. Those of you who follow the planets know what I'm talking about, while others scratch their heads in confusion and ask me, "What's going on with the planets?" Even though they don't actually care about astrology and think astrologers are a bunch of fools. Well, not any longer.

What were also seeing with these transits is that Saturn now in Sagittarius is now moving into a square with Neptune which will grow tighter until the exact square in November. Also in November the North Node moves out of Libra into Virgo, as I have mentioned in earlier posts. Now from Jupiter through Pluto, all the outer planets are either in Mutable or Cardinal Signs and both of these qualities are about tossing out the status quo and usher in enormous changes on all levels. With Jupiter out of Leo (sigh of relief from this astrologer) and into Virgo, we're going to move into a damage-control mode to assess what a year of lazy and pleasure-seeking behavior has done to the planet.

But all the tension aside, if you're someone with a lot of Mutable planets, now is your time to shine. Now is your time to lead the way, teach, inspire, travel, and report what's happening in the world and walk your path of service. Now, when I'm talking service, I mean using your unique talents to spread healing and love in the world. If you have many planets or prominent points of your chart in Cardinal Signs then you're still acting as the fire-starter knocking down the Patriarchal system and building new structure that is based on equality and then restoring balance, especially with planets in Libra. It's time to speak your truth, practice integrity, and implement solutions to problems without waiting for the green light first which would take eons to happen. It's time to step out of the old-style corporate arena (which doesn't value human life or the planet), and forge a career as entrepreneurs with products and services that heal the planet.

Let's feed our souls by feeding the hungry and let's clean up our daily routine by cleaning pollution from the earth. That's the themes of the double t-crosses and eclipses.

Super complex Aries Lunar Eclipse
Don't get me wrong, I still believe in the Law of Attraction and positive thoughts. I still believe in affirmations, but I also promote clearing away the old to make room for the new. And the new energies wanting to come in are nothing short of beautiful and peaceful. We are now asked to clean out the closet to let something of a higher quality into our lives. The image I have is of a young woman wearing rags and shoes with holes in the soles because she's attached to them, when someone is presenting her with an entirely new wardrobe. But she doesn't feel that she deserves this gift so the story goes. Why do so many of use feel undeserving?

The new energy is that we all deserve good just because we're on this planet and are children of a vast Universe. Unconditional love is around us at all times if only we acknowledge it and that is what Neptune in Pisces does for us. So I'm a bit nervous about these upcoming transits as any sane person would be, but I'm also excited about the changes coming down the pike. I'm Cancerian so I understand where the woman in my image is coming from because I don't enjoy tossing stuff out. But how many of us can wear two pairs of shoes at the same time? Are we going to keep walking in the old pair of shoes or are we going to embark in a new direction wearing the Ruby slippers?

Major Transits:

Venus goes Direct, 6th
Venus conjunct Mars in Leo, 1 - 12
Solar Eclipse in Virgo, 12th
Mercury RX, 17th
Saturn into Sagittarius, 17/18th
Jupiter trine Pluto, 17-30
Sun moves into Libra, 22/23rd 
Pluto goes Direct, 24th
Mars moves into Virgo, 25th 
Aries Lunar Eclipse, 27th

Do you want to know where you fit into this Soul Mastery initiation? I'll be giving 3 to 4 month transit readings this autumn (just because there's too much happening transit-wise to do full reports). And I'll be giving other types of readings too including Solar Returns (I highly recommend SR chart readings for anyone born from September through December).  Sign up on the side of the blog after you read the fees and services tabs above. Also visit Metaphysics 4 Everyday Living

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