Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Mercury Square Neptune--Gazing through the Looking Glass

I was going to take  break from this blog, but then the Mercury-Neptune Square garnered my attention. Now, normally, I would just let this square slip by and some astrologers even consider a square as a minor transit. However, with two Mutable planets transiting in their own signs and squaring each other, the message is too strong to resist.

If you feel like you're starring in a surreal movie, look to Mercury in Gemini squaring Neptune in Pisces in the first 10 degrees of their respective signs. This square takes place the entire the month of May and three-quarters of June. Mercury went into Gemini on May 1 and transits into Cancer on July 9 so it is in Gemini for two months and eight days. What's the message here? Mercury is a messenger now traveling in the home sign of the Twins. Mercury represents our learning, thinking, teaching, and communication styles. Each of us has a personal style represented by our natal Mercury and its aspects to other natal planets and placement in the chart. Gemini and Virgo rule Mercury but they don't have the final say since each of the Zodiac Signs color how we socialize with the rest of the world.

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I've already discussed Neptune and Pisces in depth on this blog so hopefully you're all up to speed with this blue planet that spins just as many delusions as it does valid dreams and spiritual visions. Neptune is where we experience spiritual highs in the form of epiphanies and spiritual lows in the form of addiction, victim consciousness, and escapism. Neptune is the most challenging planet in our solar system for us to master and most of us won't come close to understanding this mystical mass of diffused energy. Neptune represents the intangible and lacks grounding. The most challenging lesson for people with strong Neptune influence, mainly Pisceans, is to develop compassion and forgive what they see as a harsh and brutal world. Pisces feels everything and through mastering spiritual tools, transcends the mundane world finding solace in the music of the spheres.

Now, Mercury Square Neptune makes each of us vulnerable to con artists, thieves, and deceptive lovers who spin the fantasies we desire. Kelley Rosano talked about this in one of her recent videos. When Mercury squares Neptune which is bigger and more powerful, we lose our ability for analytical and logical thinking. If we tune into our intuition we rescue ourselves from deception that surrounds us now. But those folks who never worked with their intuition and haven't developed spiritual gifts are most likely to fall for scams, even spiritual scams, or buy into the religion of martyrs.

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The other downside of Mercury squaring Neptune, especially around June 12 when Mercury goes direct and Neptune turns retrograde (keep this date in mind), is that we could fall prey to spiritual teachers who use manipulative marketing techniques or brainwashing. We are extremely vulnerable on June 12th and the days surrounding this date. First, our intuition seems missing in action, and our logic is still not up to speed. We want to believe the lies whispered to us by lovers in our bed, we want to believe in the get rich scheme, or the spiritual teacher with the quick fix for our money or health problems. Best not to act at this time. Retreat and don't make any major decisions or make any major purchases. Definitely don't sign any contracts in May or until after June 23 - 25.

I'm not sharing this information to frighten anyone, but I also don't want you to fall prey to those deceptive people who spin the stories you desire to hear. When Mercury squares Neptune we're all living in a fantasy land--it's Fantasy Island so be careful what you wish for because you might just get it in spades. During the last week of May the Sun transits into Gemini and joins Mercury, also squaring Neptune, but the Sun brings us strength and courage to resist those temptations that surround us.

Now, the positive side of this Mercury-Neptune Square especially when Mercury transits retrograde from May 19 to June 12, is that we can revisit our spiritual teachings. During this time, we keep what is still relevant to us and toss out the other teachings. Just as a child grows into new pairs of shoes in bigger sizes, we grow our souls and the teachings of the past expired so we can learn something new. We could also heal any riffs we have with religions based on experiences from our childhood.

And during this time, remember to say positive affirmations and focus on what your heart desires instead of what you don't want. You've heard all of this before.  Until June 12 when Neptune turns retrograde, this planet still gives us access to our intuition so meditating does provide us with the right steps and choices to make in our lives, but mainly this period is for retreating so we can discover our authentic wishes. Instead of joining any of those free webinars or spiritual summits, go to a yoga or free meditation class.  Your bank account will thank you. People are going to promise you the world now, but they'll never deliver on those goods. You are your best authority and your Higher Self provides the answers you require for every area of your life which is why learning meditation techniques is the way to go.

One last warning (I'm hearing from my guides), refrain from drinking alcohol during this time or experimenting with drugs. If you're a smoker (includes vapor), get help to quit now. Likewise, if you have problems with addictions of any kind, or are in a co-dependent relationship, seek help and not from a free spiritual summit. Sign up with your local rehab and detox counselors. Wishful thinking will only get you more wishful thinking.

Here is a breakdown of the Mercury-Neptune Transits:

May 1 Mercury enters Gemini
May 5 - 9 Square with Neptune begins
May 9 Square is exact
May 19 Mercury turns RX
May 21 - 30 Sun joins Mercury squares Neptune
May 29/30 Exact Square to Neptune
June 12 Mercury goes Direct and Neptune goes RX
June 23 Exact square with Neptune
July 9 Mercury moves into Cancer  

Other facts: Mercury and Neptune are represented by Mutable Signs which reflect quick changes, movement, travel, and thinking quickly on one's feet.

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