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Forecast for June 2015--Wiser or Crankier?

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When I was a child, I looked forward to June. School let out for the summer and I anticipated my birthday at the end of the month. But now, turning 51 doesn't appeal to me because it brings me 9 years closer to the dreaded 60. The transits do offer me a consolation prize in the form of this year's Solar Return, with Venus joining Jupiter in Leo (8th House), and progressed Mars and Venus continuing their journey in my 7th House of partnerships...

(Thanks to the Mercury-Neptune square I made corrections on this post).

However, enough about me, you want the June forecast with Ceres included, right?We begin June with Mercury RX conjunct Sun in Gemini and a square to Neptune. On June 2, we experience the Full Moon at 11 degrees Sagittarius (with a T-Cross involving Sun/Mercury, Moon, and Neptune), and if you're thinking June is a month for Mutable Sign folks to wake up and pay attention, you're on the right track. Venus moves out of Cancer and into Leo on June 6 so now Leos especially come off as charming while attracting abundance and possible new relationships. When Venus hooks up with Jupiter at the end of the month, Leo really lights up the fire of potentialities. However, for all of us, look at the house where you have Leo on the cusps and that's where the mister sunshine will light up your life.

During the first week, Mars in Gemini sextiles Uranus (Aries) and Jupiter (Leo) so people who work as writers or in the communication field or even broadcasting now stand in the spotlight. Provocative words and turn of phrases do the trick now to garner public attention. Talk show hosts such as Oprah (Aquarius), or any of the Aries personalities that hosts late night shows are going to grab headlines. We join in their enthusiasm and even if we don't, we're all feeling motivated like we can take on the world, or at least our domain.

Mary Magdalene, Cancer, wikipedia
Other nice aspects especially for Pisces include Neptune forming a sextile with Pluto (RX) and Venus forming a trine with Chiron in Pisces. However, Mars squares Chiron meaning that we will return to childhood wounds that we can heal now and release tension from our bodies. If we shove these issues back into our subconscious we'll experience accidents that leave us with physical injuries, especially to the feet and ankles, or we might find that we have trouble with our feet in general as we refuse to move forward with our lives preferring to stay stuck in childhood stories. It's your choice.

Meanwhile, Ceres transits at 9 degrees Aquarius while forming a trine with Mercury. And since faster moving planets are moving into the nurturing sign of Cancer, I think we'll do a lot of gazing at the future of food in the form of food security, organic agriculture, and how we choose to nourish ourselves and families. (I'll discuss Ceres further in future posts).

The big transits the second week of June include Mercury going direct on the 12th. Geminis and Virgos with their Sun, Moon, or Mercury at 4 degrees will experience this as a bump in the road. This week in general will feel stressful to all Mutable Signs including Pisces and Sagittarius. The sun squares the moon on the 8th which will mainly affect Pisces, Gemini, Sagittarius, and Virgo. The real bumps to watch out for are Mercury turning direct and Neptune turning retrograde on the 12th. These planets had already locked themselves into a square so we're going to feel intense confusion on this day, or that we dropped into a rabbit hole. or landed in the Emerald City in search of the Wizard of Odd. It's going to resemble a Fellini movie, like it or not.
Refer to my article on Mercury squaring Neptune.

Meditation won't go well on the 12th or even the second week of June so don't be hard on yourself if you stumble out of Nirvana and want to toss your yoga mat out the window. Stop, take a few deep breaths and then go for a walk.Listen to music, dance, watch a movie, or do something on the higher octave of Neptune. Don't indulge in drink or drugs or your usual escape routine. Three days later, Saturn transits back into Scorpio (June 14/15) so Sagittarius takes a sigh of relief, at least for the summer months. Ceres goes retrograde at 9 degrees Aquarius so we come up with practical as opposed to far out solutions for food issues. Aquarius also come across as practical and focused on how they nourish themselves and others. What's up with that?

This takes us into the third week of June and the New Moon at 27 (26 degrees and 56 minutes), Gemini on June 17. This moon causes us to launch communication or marketing projects. We feel like writing, talking, or talking about writing, but we might still procrastinate because we're still coming out of the Neptune fog from earlier this week. But it's a great time for digging behind the scenes as far as research, especially for writers, teachers, and journalists. We don't have all the facts and we're still dealing with all that miscommunication we experienced from May 18 to June 12 when Mercury was retrograde and squaring Neptune. Yes, follow the theme here. We do have the caveat of the Cancer Moon trining Neptune on the 17th and then later Chiron. These trines will remind us of 2013-14 when we experienced Grand Water Trines with Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune. Remember that trines deliver gifts but we must be open to receiving them.

The last week of June offers some lovely transits.The Leo Moon conjuncts Jupiter on the 20th and the Sun moves into Cancer on the 22nd (or 21st depending on where you reside on the planet), along with Jupiter trining Uranus. These transits tell me that the more we can love and nurture ourselves the easier it is to manifest our dreams, even sudden manifestations with Jupiter trining Uranus exact at 20 degrees. This energy last through June 27. Meanwhile Venus joins Jupiter in Leo at 20 degrees exact on June 29 (my birthday). Will you join me in a happy dance? Cancers and Leos could receive awards and rewards now. I receive birthday gifts and guilt-free-gluten-free chocolate cake.

Mars moves into Cancer on the 25th (forms a conjunction with the Sun), bringing a boost to Cancerians and other Cardinal Signs too. Although Cancerians won't want to deal with Aries energy at this time since they just want to curl up somewhere with a book, Mars energy could appear as Cancers wanting to spend more time with children since Aries also represents children, especially energetic children. On June 26, Chiron goes retrograde at 21 degrees Pisces and transits back to 16 degrees when it turns direct on December 3. Anyone born with Chiron at 16 to 21 degrees experiences their Chiron Return now (age 50). This passage proves challenging and painful as we revisit wounds from our childhood, release, heal them and or find wisdom from the wounds that we teach to younger generations. Chiron represents childhood wounds and the grace to accept what we cannot change.

I believe this is the longest transit post I've written thus far and I didn't include minor transits.  Signs most affected by these transits are the Mutable and Cardinal Signs with Mutable Signs taking the brunt of energy. Cancerians experience a delightful month for once. Take a vacation and head to the ocean. That's what this Cancerian is going to do (if possible).

Please note that I wrote this post prior to the Mercury-Neptune Square post so you might find a contradiction. Basically, those of you who are discerning and follow your intuition, the Mercury-Neptune square will seem bothersome, but you won't run into any major problems with it. Do slow down and pay attention to details. With 6 planets in Mutable Signs, I should follow my own advice because I'm missing details and having to go back and fix my posts and scripts.

Those folks not following their intuition and going about their business as usual could fall prey to deceptive situations and individuals. As always with a Mercury RX and with long-running transits with personal planets experiencing challenging aspects with Neptune, don't sign any contracts, refrain from making major purchases, or beginning any major projects unless you are returning to a project or job from the past. Best advice is to wait until after June 23rd if possible. I have trouble with this too since my Mutable planets cause me to rush through life.

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