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Becoming Your Astrological Sun, Moon & Ascendant Signs

Just like Simone de Beauvoir once said, "One is not born a woman, but rather, becomes a woman," we are not born as our Sun, Moon, or Ascendant signs or any of the other planetary placements in our charts. Overtime and with the efforts in place, we become the cosmic architectures in our charts. Our charts are merely blueprints of our souls' desires for our life paths.

Now, having said that, I'm going to tell you what those desires are one sign at a time. I'm doing this because it's a bank holiday in the US, it's raining outside, and there is no bus service today where I live. No, actually, I'm doing this because the idea woke me up last night and I think it's time we all stop generalizing about each Zodiac Sign and the people embodying those signs.

Lately, I've seen too much backlash aimed at Pisces natives (Sun, Moon, or Ascendant). The criticism focuses on Pisces shadow which is not compassionate or forgiving. Why is that? People adopt the Pisces filter (having planets in Pisces in their birth charts) to learn compassion, forgiveness, and other spiritual practices so that they can lose the baggage and ascend. The emphasis now falls on Pisces types because Neptune is in Pisces and it not only magnifies the shadows of someone courageous enough to embody Pisces energy, but to others who disown their own capacity to forgive and express compassion to others, yes, even people having a bad day and lashing out at them.

I've already written about the lower and higher octaves of Neptune and Pisces on this blog. And I can't emphasize enough that Pisces which represents the endpoint also brings us the greatest challenges. This is the part of the journey or pilgrimage where pilgrims give into temptations (drinking, drugs, escapism, or denial), and fall on the side of the road where others kick them in the back or push them out of the way. Neptune dissolves what it touches and dissolution is a frightening process for most of us because we have egos and suffer under the illusion of separation. After all, who wants to be one with Hitler or any other despised human or creature. You ask, "Do we have to be one with rats and fleas?" Well, yes, because there is no separation with Neptune energy.

So when you run into a Pisces type you find mean-spirited people, bless them and go your way. All Water Signs reflect back to us through other people. If we don't enjoy the behaviors in other people, don't flame them or gossip about them because it makes you feel superior. Own your shadows and projections then empower yourself. Otherwise, you carry that other person's burdens on your back and this does affect your health in the form of disease. Not only that, when we criticize or scorn the behaviors of others, we become paranoid that others will see those behaviors in us and persecute us. Pisces and persecution seem to go hand-in-hand because Pisces also rules the 12th House which was once called the House of Undoing. It is the house of mental hospitals, prisons, and rehab centers, just as much as it is the house of past lives, ascension, and spiritual awakening as well as, the performing arts.

Before I get into each Zodiac Sign, I want to remind you and me that we're all here to support each others' growth and development. I know just as anyone else the challenge of forgiving others and I have many people and situations to forgive, including myself and choices I've made. But as an astrologer, (and there are signs that provoke my dark side more than others), I must stay neutral in working with clients, which is why some of my clients have those signs that provoke my dark side. I realize on a higher level that these clients are teachers for me and they remind me to walk my talk. I'm also blessed with clients with compatible signs and they too are teachers.

Signs for Sun, Moon and Ascendant(Read all 3)

Aries--You are here to develop courage, a pioneering spirit, and healthy willfulness.You must overcome unhealthy selfishness, aggression, competitiveness, divisiveness, and rude behaviors.Your challengers are Libra types and other people of refinement and diplomacy. You are also challenged by nurturing mother types (Cancerian) and authority figures (Capricorn). You'll know when you succeeded when you can lead with diplomacy, show compassion for others in making decisions, and stop using games to get your way. Lay down your swords unless you have a true battle to fight.

Taurus--You are here to develop dignity, peace, and spread beauty in the world. You must overcome rigidness, stubborn attitudes, hedonism (overly sensual to the point of greed), and for some of you, using sex as a weapon. You are challenged by the passionate and secretive nature of Scorpions, forward-thinking of Aquarius, and fierceness of the Lions (Leo) who would love to eat you for dinner. You'll know when you succeeded because you bring pleasure not only to your own life, but to the world by protecting the environment, the arts, and making sure that we tend to every humans' basic requirements. Time to leave the field of clover and join the rest of the world.

Gemini--You are here to educate, communicate, disseminate true information that helps us live better in the world. You are also here to remind us how to play, how to pursue our curiosities, and to adapt to new situations.You are also here to teach, write, and broadcast information that empowers us. You are challenged by the higher mind of academia (Sagittarius), the watery spiritual realm of Pisces, and the critical fixers (Virgo). You'll know when you succeed because you no longer gossip, flame, or criticize others. You share information with others and accept that others might not be in agreement. You are playful, curious, and flexible in adapting to new situations while teaching others to do the same. Your word is impeccable and you understand the power of words and use words wisely. Treat others with respect. Remember that words are swords that deeply wound.

Cancer--You are here to nurture yourself and others. You usher in the Divine Feminine through the art and act of mothering and bringing comfort to others. You are challenged by business-minded Capricorn, the aggressive side of Aries, and the detachment of Libra.You'll know when you have succeeded because you will no longer sulk or pout to get your way. You'll stop whining, worrying, and fearing the worst. You'll let your defenses down a bit, while honoring your boundaries and protecting your sensitivities in a humorous way. You reflect instead of project or chase after. You own your shadows and chase the bogyman away. Time to climb out of the shell and engage with the world. You are safe in your vulnerability.

Leo--You are here to shine and remind us of the golden creative child within. You show us how to be playful without melodrama and that we are the builder of sets, characters, and stories of our lives. You are challenged by humanistic Aquarius who focuses on the group and not the individual, the lazy side of Taurus, and the melodrama of Scorpio. You'll know when you succeeded because you'll no longer be the center of your universe with the rest of the world catering to your needs. You will use your flare to teach children and adults how to play and get in touch with their inner children. You reveal to us our inner royalty and live a life of dignity. The world might be a stage, but make sure the stories you present are worth our time and attention.

Virgo--You are here to purify intentions, help us manage our resources, and cleanup our act. Like Gemini, you are messengers of truth and in your case, practicality. You are challenged by dreamy Pisces, pie-in-the-sky idealistic Sagittarius, and chatty Gemini. You'll know you succeeded when you honor your service to the world, give up the martyr act, and help others get organized and manage resources. You help us to purify our bodies and the planet, while taking care of pets and children, making sure that all our requirements are met. Remember that criticizing others doesn't change them. And no one appreciates a nitpicking session, no matter your good intentions. Refrain from nagging and co-dependence and watch others blossom in your care.

Libra--You are here to restore balance, bring refinement, and help us to detach from unnecessary drama. You are challenged by boorish behaviors of Aries, emotional outbursts of Cancerians, and authoritative Capricorn who also brings doom into your life. You know when you succeeded because you stop looking down on others and see them as equals. You own your shadows and create balance in your own life by becoming impeccable with your actions. You stop slamming lawsuits on others and litigation becomes a word of the past. You make it your mission to spread fairness in the world and rid of the ideal of elites. Accept everyone where they are at on the spectrum remembering that most of us were not born with silver spoons in our mouths and refinement is taught.

Scorpio--You are the shamans of the Zodiac here to transmute darkness into light. Learn the myth about Persephone to help you achieve this mission. You are challenged by pleasure-seeking Taurus, detached Aquarius, and sunny Leo (who you find superficial). You know you succeeded when you use your healing powers to bless the world and forgive yourself. You transform from the scorpion to dove or eagle and detach from drama or the theater of revenge. You rise out of the ashes and help the planet to shift into a new age. Toss out paranoia and empower yourself by sending love to all, even your so-called enemies. It is safe to forgive. Give this gift to the planet.

Sagittarius--You are here to spread true wisdom and inspire us to connect with our higher minds. You are challenged by detail-focused Gemini, spaced out Pisces, and critical Virgo. You know you succeeded when you use your humor in a friendly instead of a cruel way and inspire us to read, study, and share the wisdom of ourselves and others while developing personal philosophies. You engage us in the wide world around us by revealing cultures, ways, and languages of far-off locales. Stop ignoring your own community and escaping to a far-off place because you believe the grass is greener over there. Water the grass in your backyard.

Capricorn--You are here to build new structures in the way of renewable energy practices, green building, and new equitable banking systems as well as, to teach us about our inner authority. You are here to teach us to act responsible with currencies and to share what we have with others without becoming co-dependent. You are challenged by emotional Cancer, petty Libra, and immature Aries. You know when you succeeded when we reciprocate honor and respect for each other and the earth. When others emulate the wisdom you teach and we all have solar panels on our homes and a roof over our heads. Don't fear the ways of the world by creating more restrictive laws and instead see the dignity in everyone.

Aquarius--You are here to show us the humanity and dignity in all beings. You are here to take us into a more equitable time when all races, identities, and cultures experience the respect they deserve. You are challenged by narcissistic Leo, lazy Taurus, and passionate Scorpio. You know you succeeded when marching to a different drummer seems like the norm and not the exception. In order to achieve this mission, give up the idea that you know everything and allow yourself to make mistakes and learn along side the rest of humanity. We all have our roles to play.

Pisces--You are here to develop compassion and forgive your hurts. You are here to forgive then teach this spiritual practice to others from a pure heart. You are challenged by critical Virgo, cruel wordsmith Gemini, and sarcastic Sagittarius. You know you succeeded when you have rid yourself of all addictions and instead of escaping the world, bring comfort to it through music, dance, cinema, photography, yoga, meditation and other spiritual practices. Remember Saint Francis of Assisi prayer, "It's in pardoning that we are pardoned."

I wrote the descriptions from the energies and gazes of each sign. Please don't take the challenges of each sign towards a particular Zodiac sign personally. I wrote the post in this manner so we can understand where our Zodiac brothers and sisters are coming from. We have 12 powerful energies available to us through the Zodiac wheel and it is up to each of us to add these paints to our life palettes. I look forward to viewing the art that you paint with these energies.

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