Thursday, May 21, 2015

June New Moon in Gemini--Round n' Round on the Surreal Merry-Go-Round

With 6 natal planets in Mutable signs, I had better have a sense of humor. Even so, after the June Full Moon in Sagittarius locked into a Mutable T-Cross, the Gemini New Moon seems like a cakewalk in comparison. 

Sextiles and trines dominate sending us charging into a new direction like medieval knights. But confusion still reigns with the Mercury squaring retrograde Neptune. The signs most affected by the restless energies are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces.

So let's look at the Gemini New Moon and what type of new beginnings it sparks. Gemini rules communications technology, social media, journalism, broadcasting, dissemination of information, thinking and learning styles, the brain, puzzles, wit, writing, authors (though publishing is ruled by Sagittarius) and board games. Gemini has a competitive spirit, but not like Aries who has to come first and win. But if the game isn't fun then Gemini walks away following his or her curiosity to the next item of interest.

Gemini rules the lungs, arms, and hands. The sign of the Twins one of the downsides of Gemini is the double-sided personality which when out of balance comes across like a tornado. Even a sharp word from Gemini can cause harm. As can gossip and or flaming someone on social media.

The New Moon at 25 degrees Gemini will involve the communication field in some way, whether that's social media ending up in the news or false information working its rounds on social media.  But this New Moon has some positive attributes with Mercury direct forming a sextile with Venus in Leo, but also a square with Neptune. This tells me that women could take the brunt of nasty gossip not based in reality or that we take a more in depth look at the roles glamorous women play and why we fantasize about them. Are we just projecting some parts of ourselves and disowning our glamor?

Sun, and Mars conjunct this New Moon and sextile Jupiter in Leo. Interesting. Now we have the equation of the mother with her golden son child and a bit of exaggeration going on. Could we discover another child genius? Or will we discover our own inner genius when we follow our curiosities and see where they lead? Let's add a trine with Jupiter and Uranus exact at 19 degrees and a sextile between Neptune and Pluto (both retrograde at this time). And one day prior to the New Moon, Saturn rolls out of Sagittarius back into Scorpio (29 degrees). Wow!

Well, if there's a party going on, Saturn brings clouds of suspicion which might be a good thing to have Saturn playing sober party crasher with no one wanting to face "reality". When Neptune sextiles Pluto we're looking at the big picture especially around trends. What's trending now and why aren't people using common sense before jumping on the latest trends? That Jupiter-Uranus trine brings instant manifestation even obtuse manifestation for people who aren't careful about their wishes. But for more spiritually aware folks, this trine helps them break free of old patterns and beliefs or trends that block their way. For me, this plays out as watching people involved in trends edging towards a steep cliff. I want to shout at them to watch their steps, but they're not listening.

Chiron is at 21 degrees Pisces preparing to turn retrograde while Ceres is at 9 degrees Aquarius already retrograde. We're wanting to put on a pretty face and there's nothing wrong with that because seeing the glass as half full gives us faith. And from a Law of Attraction standpoint, I do believe we manifest what we focus upon so let's try to ride higher vibrations. We all want change and transformation rumbles beneath our feet, but let's keep our heads on straight. Saturn tells us to stay sober minded and investigate new situations and approach with caution. This doesn't imply that we can't join others and enjoy ourselves, but to stay mindful of our behaviors and thoughts. These energies come up so that we learn to master them and ride the waves. And huge waves are coming this September through December with Jupiter moving into Virgo, Saturn transiting back into Sagittarius, North Node moving into Virgo, and Neptune going direct.

I'm currently restructuring Whole Astrology. I will no longer give long-distance readings for new clients and I'll concentrate on keeping my business local in the Pacific Northwest (US) and British Columbia. For the latest updates and services available, go to Metaphysics for Everyday Living. I'll also start a new video series, Cosmic Capers this summer which features pediatric astrology. It's possible that I'll post a campaign on Patreon to support the new video series. Stay tune.

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