Saturday, November 30, 2013

Message from the Current Planetary Transits

Since I did a lot of typing this week completing the 1960s outer planet series, I am only writing a short post for today.  What if each of the planetary transits had a universal message for us? Well, here is what is popping into my consciousness.

Sun in Sagittarius--Stop fretting about the past, stop worrying about the future, and use your inner enthusiasm to make a difference on the planet.  Take a look at what you consider ideal for life on the planet then work constructively towards reaching that mission.

Since the Moon changes signs every 2 days, we're skipping the Moon.

Mercury in Scorpio, refrain from taking words at face value and probe beneath the surface.  What does your inner wisdom (I'm picturing an owl) say to you now? Do you trust what others tell you? Use discernment and trust your gut.

Venus in Capricorn--Plain and simple, take care of your body and give it the love and attention it deserves. Adoring and loving your body does not make you a narcissist, but worshiping your body and using others as an extension of your body, does.  Abusing your body is just masochistic so love your body by feeding it healthy food, getting enough sleep and drinking plenty of purified water.  And exercise.  Go for a walk and look at the beauty all around you.  This is where you find abundance now.

Mars in Virgo--Use your energy to fix what needs fixing in your life.  Use your will power to complete all those fix-it jobs around the home, get your hair cut, mend your clothing, clean house, and make improvements in your life now.  Mars gives you the will power and drive and Virgo gives you the analysis needed to get the jobs done.

Jupiter in Cancer--Watch your diet and don't confuse self-nurturing as stuffing your stomach with macaroni and cheese or cheese cake.  In fact, give your stomach a rest and feed it the fiber, healthy fats and complex carbs that your body needs.  And don't forget to nourish those around you.

Saturn in Scorpio--Now is the time to take care of any health concerns you have.  If you have strange symptoms investigate them so you can receive the correct treatment to bring healing.  Probe into deep psychological territory now to heal and remove unwanted mental, emotional and spiritual patterns.

Uranus in Aries--Feeling fed up is one thing, but complaining and ranting does not and never will solve the problems we face as individuals and as societies.  Join with constructive thinkers or get involved with a radical spiritual practice such as Abraham-Hicks teachings.  Pioneer your way into the Aquarius Age.

Neptune in Pisces--Remember your feet which keep you grounded.  Clear your foot chakras by dancing or doing yoga.  Now is the time to connect with the earth below you and the Divine above you, but also remember that all things contain the Divine and then you move closer to achieving Unity Consciousness.

Pluto in Capricorn--Stop holding onto old structure and allow it to crumble.  Support government leaders and corporations who have yours and the earth's interests in mind.  Stop supporting anything or anyone that does not.  Think outside of the box and build a new life on solid ground, from the grassroots upward.

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