Thursday, November 21, 2013

Get Spiritualized--When Transiting Neptune Courts Your Natal Sun

I wondered what I would write about this week for this blog and then Neptune popped into my mind.  When it comes to the outer planets, Uranus, Pluto, and Saturn (which is actually a transpersonal planet) grab the most attention, while Neptune just hovers in the distance dissolving what he touches.  Perhaps, the planet suffers from the same visibility issues as it's Zodiac sign, Pisces.  And something fishy is going on.

Neptune dissolves the structures it touches which then disappears into the midst of time and people with heavy Neptune influence in their natal charts have the most challenging time staying in the here and now; staying grounded with both of their feet firmly in reality or what we call reality in this time-space dimension.  When Neptune conjuncts a Natal Sun it spiritualizes that Sun in a strange sort of marriage.  People born with their Sun in Pisces are going to feel this dissolution occurring some time in the next 11 years if they haven't already experienced Neptune transits between 0 to 5 degrees.

The good news about a Pisces Sun is that it already understands Neptune's energy and so the dissolution would feel natural and even comfortable. This would be an excellent time to follow a spiritual path, to do creative or healing work for a Pisces Sun.  Take up photography or film making or music as a habit, take a dance or yoga class. This would not be a good time to work at a 9 to 5 job where paying attention to detail and multitasking are required.  But it would be a good time to venture into alternative healing, metaphysical arts, spend time in the natural world or near a large body of water, if possible.  This is a time of pulling away from the madness of the crowd rather than slip into madness oneself.  This is a time where the person might feel like going on a spiritual retreat, hiking in the mountains which would feel solid and grounding.  And watching surreal movies might be interesting during this time as would reading stream of consciousness novels by Anais Nin who had a Pisces Sun.

Maurice Ravel, Pisces Sun
For practical Virgos, Neptune in Pisces forms an opposition and it's not a good time to pay attention to details, not that you could anyway. The questions Virgo Suns will respond to is how can I serve humanity or the planet? What are my spiritual convictions?And why do I prefer to spend time alone in a quiet space where no one disturbs me?  Virgos, with their practical and analytic minds will have a hard time expressing compassion and forgiving events that happened to them in the past, unless they can step out of confined and limiting thinking and expand the upper chakras (heart through crown).  Body work such as getting massage, taking yoga classes or just doing yoga and guided meditation work wonders at this juncture.  Any Virgos who cling to old, especially patriarchal structures will have a hard time with this transit which last roughly three years as Neptune goes back and forth across the degree where the Sun is located and creating an opposition.

For Virgos, someone or some idea will come into their lives at the time of the oppositions and challenge them in some way.  This could be a spiritual teacher who seems radical to the Virgo mind or a spiritual crisis that brings the Virgo Sun down to his or her knees. When you're already down on your knees, you might as well pray, right?  Too much thinking will keep the Virgo Sun up at night which alternates with the heart chakra opening up to a deep well of feelings and emotions that the Virgo Sun can no longer rationalize away.  And really this is the time to let go and let God.  It's either that or suffer a breakdown of nerves or experience a circulatory problem.  Illness is possible as a wake up call for the Virgo who doesn't get out of his or her mind and into the heart.  Better yet, since Pisces/Neptune rules the feet, take a dance class or just dance freestyle in your home.  And take good care of the feet in the process.  This Virgo Sun could be a wonderful passage into higher consciousness if you can just move past your analysis because there is no explanation for what you're experiencing anyway.

Luis Bunuel, Pisces Sun
Geminis and Sagittarius Sun people receive the Neptune in Pisces transit as a square.  This does not bring ideas or people to oppose them, but brings tension into situations. The Sagittarius Sun will be able to expand his or her mind, but better yet get into the heart space or again, dance because the feet will have something to say with this transit.  And to both of these signs, get out of your head space and stop looking in the outer world for the answers you seek which you'll only find in your hearts.  Neptune is a water sign planet so it's about flow, expansion of consciousness (at least Sagittarius loves expansion), but don't let the booze flow or you'll just miss the boat of getting spiritualized.  For Geminis who want to articulate what's happening with the Neptune-Sun transit, write articles, host a blog, or just write in a journal.  You might try hosting a radio show on spiritual topics or speak in public about your spiritual experiences--and yes, you're going to have spiritual experiences during this transit.

Other water signs (Cancer and Scorpio) will experience trines with Neptune and they will feel more creative and more likely to delve into spiritual topics and practices.  Capricorn and Taurus might move more slowly in accepting the spiritual changes that Neptune in Pisces brings them with a sextile, but at least they can ground the experiences whereas water sign Suns are unable to ground the experiences.

Fire (Leo and Aries) will feel like Neptune in Pisces drowns their enthusiasm and optimism and that they just come off as steam rather than a raging fire.  Both of these signs which are centered on self will face the challenge of feeling compassion for others and the act of forgiveness since everything seems to be about them, and Pisces is about Unity and not individual consciousness.  Leos would experience the Neptune transit as an inconjunct, perhaps a mild irritation, but irritation nonetheless and they might feel threatened by any spiritual experience that forces them to think of others first and the highest good for all.

Anais Nin, erotica author, Pisces Sun
Libra and Aquarius will feel that their mental processes are threatened by Neptune in Pisces and they will work hard on detaching from their emotions.  While Aquarius can and does see the bigger picture of humanity it wants to solve problems through radicalism, and not spiritual prayer and meditation.  If you have ever brought up the subject of prayer to a hardwired activist, you'll know what I mean.  They scoff at you, "So you're just going to pray? What good is that?" They would rather you grab a picket sign and join them in a shouting match, but Neptune isn't about getting radical or rebelling against the system.  Neptune dissolves the system and we forget it existed in the first place.  Now where did that go?

Libra (inconjunct) might be able to handle Pisces glamor in the form of movie stars, rock musicians, and beautiful models or perhaps Libra likes the idea of peace of mind that Neptune promises to bring.  But Libra's idea of love and balance doesn't come close to describing the grand spiritual experience Neptune in Pisces promises them.  Libra is not big on compassion or forgiveness and they do tend to stay too much on the surface with the fear of looking too far underneath the skin. Neptune in Pisces leads them in a subtle way underneath the surface, but in the process, Libra still needs to let go of what other people think about him or her if he or she lets go of all that posturing and posing as the good host, the good mother, the good father, and the person who needs everyone to like them.  Neptune in Pisces doesn't look at individual crayon but sees all the crayons melted in a huge puddle.

So for the next ll years, pay attention to Neptune in Pisces as it transits in the same degree as your Sun and write your experiences in a journal which you can refer to later.  By losing yourself, you find your authentic self.  This is what Neptune in Pisces gifts us with, the reminder that we are indeed spiritual beings having a physical experience and we live on borrowed time, if time and space exist at all.  Welcome to the Trident god's realm.

One last note, Virgos make sure you are drinking enough water and keeping your muscles hydrated and your blood circulating properly.  People born with Pluto and Uranus in Virgo will experience an opposition with the Neptune transit to their natal Pluto and Uranus in Virgo and this is subgenerational (see 1960s transit series in the blue tabs on top of the blog).  However, this generation will also experience transiting Neptune trine Natal Neptune (which was in the water sign Scorpio) and that will be interesting, even a fascinating time for those of you who are on your spiritual path.

My orb for an inconjunct is 0 to 3 degrees, but for this particular article, I'm looking at whole signs and using generalizations. Please keep this in mind.


  1. Hi,

    I'm a Virgo. Could you guess what might happen when Neptune opposes my natal Sun/Mars conjunction at the same time? Will I be hospitalized, or get laid off for those 3 years? I had Neptune opposed my 2nd house cusp and Mercury. Besides losing more than one million dollars, I have lost all of my spiritual values. Is my life totally screwed for the next 14 years, with Neptune opposes my 8th house stellium of Mercury/Sun/Mars/Moon/Pluto?


  2. These would be questions for a predictive astrologer. My focus is on transformation and the inner quest that the outer planets bring to our lives. Also you must take into consideration other transits that are taking place at the same time as the Neptune transit.

    Neptune opposing the 8th House could bring some deeper spiritual lessons. You could develop more discernment in regard to the resources of others and not get hooked into soul mate fantasies (Neptune/Soul/Psychology).

    On the other hand, Neptune in Pisces loosens the grip of Virgo which can be too critical at times, often seeing the glass as half empty. Neptune will bring humility to your cluster of Virgo planets and you'll want to serve humanity in some way which will bring with it spiritual growth. You might even wish to visit a monastery at that time or at least go on spiritual retreats.

    As far as hospitals and illness, that's more in the 6th and 12th houses. People born in the 1960s will all experience a Neptune-Pluto opposition so that one is generational and has more to do with spiritual transformation and awakening than anything else, owning our spiritual power so we can make a difference in the world. Also this could be a time of great inventiveness where the inventions come from dreams and meditation of people born during the 1960s.

    Also you chose that stellium of Virgo planets for a reason prior to your birth. Meditate and ask for the gifts. Neptune comes bearing gifts. If you do lose your job, you'll embark on a more fulfilling path. But Neptune isn't so much about loss, like Pluto is, Neptune is about spiritualizing what it touches. You could end up (with therapy) healing addictions and compulsions during the Neptune transits.