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Grace under Pressure: Venus Transits for November 2013

Wikipedia (The calm before the roar)
We've been hearing about the Divine Feminine for decades now and some of us are asking, "Well, when is she going to arrive?" And our attention has mainly been placed on the outer planets which all have male gods and male energy attached to them, such as big government, economic trends, big banks, corporations, etc...And I guess if we want to give any of the outer planets a female facelift, we could go with Neptune which is a higher octave of Venus and ruled by the feminine sign Pisces.

Then when we gaze at the personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mars, Venus and Mercury) only two of those planets or orbs are considered feminine, the Moon and Venus so then we could be thankful for a cluster of female asteroids.  So if you would like to take a break from Uranus, Pluto and Saturn, or at least a little breather then take a journey with me through Venus transits after she enters Capricorn on November 5.  Suffice to say, 2013 has been a powerful year for women since so many planets have floated through the Zodiac in water signs and we had that beautiful, no, gorgeous Grand Water Trine June through August.  And now we have the Venus transits, though some of them are going to frighten people, not that they need to.

After Venus moves into Capricorn, she squares Uranus in Aries on the 10th with a 5 degree orb, since Venus is a faster moving planet, I count this 5 degree orb as a conjunction.  The square is exact when Venus reaches 9 degrees on the 16th.  And since Uranus is tied up with Pluto in Capricorn, we will see Venus conjunct Pluto on the 10th with a 5 degree orb and also be in an exact conjunction on the 16th.  Okay, so let's look at the energies that are at play.

Uranus takes on the role of the grassroots warrior demanding justice while Pluto in Capricorn blasts through old structure to create a new world.  This involves a lot of macho energy that keeps treating the new way like the old one.  So basically it would be like replacing one political party with another still using the same political structure but with different idealism.  This is because we are still dealing with patriarchs, but with different color ties.  So here comes Venus who like Persephone weds herself temporarily to Pluto and maybe we're hoping that she'll have some influence as a first lady.  "Play nice in the sandbox boys, or else."

But this is no Kali figure because this Venus is not out to destroy, but instead she wants to rise out of the depths of her collective despair and regain her power which was lost thousands of years ago.  And as this is happening in the collective consciousness of women, there is a sense of righteous anger.  Just the other day, I saw a white hippie man wearing a woman's Indian skirt (India) and I felt upset.  I joked to the woman sitting next to me that the man had not earned the privilege to wear a skirt.  And the odd thing is I meant that as I felt myself raging inward.  Yes, ladies, we have a lot of healing to do.

The trick here is to release this anger and search deep inside for the power that will bring us inner peace.  We must learn to accept our true worth now as women and contribute our gifts and wisdom to the planet without apologizing.  Why do women always apologize for everything as if we're the ones who put the planet in its current state? I don't see many men apologizing for the state of the planet, a few maybe, but they're coming from their feminine side.  Find ways to connect to the earth and make it a better place, don't be afraid to cry repressed tears and don't refrain from screaming into your pillow.  Let it all out now and start anew.  In November, Venus is taking on the bad boy planets and this is to wake up the feminine consciousness in all of us, women and men.

On the 5th Venus forms a sextile with her higher octave planet Neptune and this is exact on November 8th.  Get in touch with your feminine side through music, meditation, yoga, dance, cinema, photography or just spending time in nature, preferably near a body of water.  We will feel creativity flowing through us and we might feel like we are starring in one of Luis Bunuel's (Spanish movie maker and Surrealist) movies. We might feel like we are floating in a nonsequential universe.  Synchronicity is everywhere.  Now is the time to dream big and manifest a healthier planet.

Oh, and the journey continues as Venus approaches an opposition with Jupiter from the 23 until the 30 and exact on the last two days of November.  If you were born in 1964 for instance, you will have a Jupiter in Taurus (ruler of Venus) opposite Neptune (Scorpio) in your natal chart so you'll be wired for this transit.  This time we have Venus in Capricorn opposing Jupiter in Cancer RX so the energy is different because it is cardinal but still involving an opposition between an earth and a water sign.  So this again speaks of Divine Feminine Energy but in its expansive mode, though Venus in Capricorn wants to restrict and constrict this pie-in-the-sky expansion so it will feel like full steam ahead on a dream, but no, wait a minute.  We need to put some thought behind our dreams with a step-by-step plan (Virgo and Capricorn love those step-by-step plans).  When Venus is in Capricorn this is also a good time for putting a weight loss plan together and implementing it.

(Oops, made some corrections here because I was looking in the wrong page of my planetary guide). From the 17th through the 30th, Venus trines Saturn, exact on November 24, so will we see women authority figures prominently in the news or in our personal lives? Meanwhile, two of the female asteroids Vesta and Ceres will be transiting in Libra (Venus).  This will be an interesting time and I hope it doesn't turn into a battle of the sexes because this energy is not about women verses men, but a deep healing that is needed so that we can move forward in a peaceful way on the planet.

For now, please don't press the panic button and just breathe through your fears.

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