Saturday, November 9, 2013

Big Dreaming: Transiting Mercury Trine Transiting Neptune

Neptune, Wikipedia
Since I mention mostly challenging transits here, I thought I would mention a bright spot, with the Mercury and Neptune transits starting today, November 9 and ending on November 19, with a 5 degree orb.  Transiting Mercury in Scorpio (which goes Direct on November 10) and Transiting Neptune in Pisces (which goes Direct on November 13) form a Trine, which means it's not only time to dream big, but to communicate our dreams.  The trine is exact at 2 degrees until November 14, but the lingering effects of the separation until the 19th or 20th of the month are still in effect.

Since both planets begin this Trine while they are retrograde, we will incubate our dreams a bit longer and feel shy about setting them loose in the world or announcing our intentions.  However, after both planets are direct on November 13, it is time to announce those dreams and put a plan into action.  With Mercury in Scorpio, we had ample time to research the material to put a plan into action now, that is if we have done our leg work.

This is also a good time for healing in the form of visiting an energy healer and communicating your health concerns. You might not need to probe to deeply into any beliefs or patterns that have caused a health condition since Mercury in Scorpio is similar to a medical investigative reporter.  So if you have any nagging doubts about your health, now would be a good time to address any health concerns.  After all, you want to feel your best as you pursue your big dreams full steam ahead.

Neptune (Water) = flowing
Pisces (Water) = flowing 
Scorpio (Water) = flowing
Mercury (Air & Earth) = messages & communication (mind and grounding energy)

Look for the houses in your chart where Neptune and Mercury are transiting and any natal planet aspects with these planets. This will give you an idea of how this Trine will manifest in your life.


  1. I have transiting Mercury Rx (Pisces) trining my natal Neptune in my 7th house, What does this mean?


  2. Be clear in your partnerships, set clear intentions and communicate about the intentions of others in your partnerships, especially romantic partnerships.

    Go back to relationships and partnerships in the past with honesty and see how you could have done things differently if you knew how at the time. Forgive and practice compassion. Let go of the old so you can make room for the new, but don't get caught in illusions or fantasies. Use Virgo practicality and discernment here as well as, spiritual solutions that come through Pisces. Clear communication is key.