Sunday, May 19, 2013

Wild Horses Drag Us Away (Sagittarius/Gemini Lunar Eclipse for May 25)

(Update on May 28, 2013: Last night I received information to take a closer look at this eclipse, specifically with Saturn at 6 degrees Scorpio trining transiting Neptune, forming an inconjunct with the Gemini Sun and a minor aspect (irritating) with the Sagittarius Moon.  Including these Saturn aspects bring restriction, caution, and some minor irritations.  Where I live, on the day after the eclipse when the Moon was void-of-course, a large sporting event took place that involved outdoor recreation in possibly hazardous weather.  No one was injured or drowned, thankfully, but Saturn and the Moon void of course before entering Capricorn posed problems with equipment for timing the athletes and teams, according to local news reports.  The other event that ties in is the collapse of a bridge on a major arterial in which traveling athletes and other participants struggled with getting to and from the event on time. Again, we see Saturn slowing down movement).

Since I covered the last two eclipses, expecting minds hope that I'll also cover the May 25 Lunar Eclipse at 4 degrees Sagittarius.  The eclipse falls in mutable instead of fixed signs this time and because of this placement, we will experience nervous and restless energy around this eclipse, itchy fingers, or itchy bodies, and tons of impatience. Our minds will feel cluttered with thoughts and it's probably best not to expand (Sag) upon the negative thoughts if you don't want to create those realities.

Pay attention to your communication, learning, and thinking styles and also look at the placement of Mercury and Jupiter in your chart since I believe this eclipse will emphasize those houses as well as, the houses where the Moon in Sagittarius and Sun in Gemini transit.  You might also look at a similar eclipse at these degrees from 19 years ago and see what events were happening to you at that time.  You will repeat some form of those events and if you have evolved, which I know you have since that time, you might see closure on those events. After all a Lunar Eclipse features the Full Moon or completion.  I took a look back 19 years and I turned my nose up at those events, "ooooh!"  However, I think I can handle that.

Also look in your natal charts for any planets in mutable signs (Pisces, Virgo, Gemini, and Sagittarius) at around 3 to 5 degrees because those planets will join the Lunar Eclipse dance--grab your partner dosey doe and away we go.  I know it's a real challenge, but meditate even for five minutes at a time.  Listen to soothing music, go for long walks and work off this extra energy or you'll find yourself feeling restless, critical, and worrisome.  You also might feel exaggerated intelligence at this time, thinking that you are more expansive than everyone around you--oh, those grandiose Sagittarius thoughts!  Don't assume that people are listening or hearing what you're saying at this time.  Speak clearly, don't wax philosophy, and get to the point.  Try not to come off as too dreamy or too critical--aren't mutable signs fun?

So let's look at the eclipse.  The Moon falls in Sagittarius (3 degrees 58 which we round off to 4 degrees) opposing the Sun in Gemini at 4 degrees and squaring transiting Neptune at 5 degrees Pisces (a mutable t-cross).  Meanwhile, Venus, Jupiter and Mercury form a stellium in Gemini with Mercury and Venus conjunct at 18 degrees and Jupiter at 22 degrees.  This is important because both Mercury ruled by Gemini and Virgo and Jupiter ruled by Sagittarius further emphasize the themes of the eclipse! Venus conjunct Mercury in Gemini will lead to a lot of banter between the sexes most likely with witty repartee (read my previous post on Venus in Gemini).

During this time the Pluto (Cap) and Uranus (Aries) square is exact and won't separate until June 11 so this adds even more tension and restlessness to the mix.  Instead of just venting anger at corporations or government, find ways to join positive grassroots community building efforts in your city or town.  Act locally, think globally...Make sure that you are also coming from a place of integrity at this time, which proves challenging with the Sagittarius-Gemini polarity involved.  So don't tell any tall tales, lie to squeeze your way out of a situation or exaggerate your circumstances.  You know better, right?  Pluto demands integrity at this time.

A sextile to Chiron in Pisces, brings some relief from the Pluto-Uranus square by forcing us to focus on healing our childhood issues, especially for people born with Chiron in Pisces or Capricorn.  Pluto is also retrograde so we are re-thinking and revisiting issues from the past few months, even if they are painful. We get another boost from the asteroid Juno in Aquarius who gives us a flowing trine with the Gemini stellium planets.  Juno represents marriage, fertility, equality and justice between the sexes so expect news stories with this gaze now.  Again, if we choose to usher in the Divine Feminin/Divine Masculine then we have some housecleaning of a spiritual, emotional, and physical nature to take care of first.

In conclusion, those of you with your planets and AC in mutable signs, expect some nervous tension and communication issues at this time.  Take care of your physical health, make sure you get enough exercise balanced with rest.  Keep your body in balance and watch where you're going.  Get grounded, meditate, and go for walks or jog to feel your feet on the ground.  Watch your diet carefully since Sagittarius-Jupiter cause us to binge on food and drink and with Pisces-Neptune involved refrain from drinking alcohol or indulging in recreational drugs on the day and week of the Lunar Eclipse.  You could cause some serious brain fog and liver damage if you don't refrain.  And this warning goes double for any of you with Sagittarius or Pisces Sun, Moon, or Rising.  And all mutable signs refrain from smoking for this will also cause more damage than usual.  If you're addicted to any of the above substances, go get help at this time.

Other than that, enjoy the ride.

I received an additional message on this eclipse and that is it offers a path to enlightenment.  The Mutable T-Cross creates a bridge between the material world and that of the spirit realm, with the Sagittarius Moon hanging out in the Galactic Center.  Spend the day of the eclipse and the weekend on a spiritual retreat (meditation, yoga, or other spiritual program), near a body of water or out in nature, such as camping.

However, it is not enough just to camp, there needs to be a spiritual purpose, a ritual or ceremony of some kind, or meditation on the natural world free of cell phones, computers, and other devices.  When I say retreat, I mean total retreat so you can connect with the Galactic Center, the Divine, Ascended Masters, etc...The Lunar Eclipse acts as a portal and could set you on the right path if you accept the gifts of this eclipse and act upon those gifts. This is a time to forsake the maddening crowd and spend time with like-minded people or to go it alone for the sake of spiritual enlightenment.

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