Thursday, May 30, 2013

Planets Come Bearing Gifts & Blessings

Vancouver, Canada by Patricia Herlevi
With my Venus Return and Jupiter and Mercury also on my Natal Venus, I feel like writing something upbeat this week.  And why not when mundane astrologer Carl Boudreau predicts smooth sailing for June and possibly the next six months?

We are now past the shadow of the May 25 eclipse and even though we still deal with the Pluto-Uranus square, Mercury enters Cancer this Friday (May 31) and brings us some relief when the planet forms a Grand Water Trine with Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces.  And also on this day Mars moves from Taurus into Gemini, which brings some nervous restlessness and gets us more into our brains.  We have already visited these Gemini themes with the Lunar Eclipse, and stellium of planets in Gemini.  However, on Sunday, June 2, Venus enters nurturing Cancer and we give our attention to self-love and taking care of our bodies, plus eating healthier foods, that is if we don't give into the need for comfort foods in the form of sweets.  On June 4, we experience an exact Grand Water Trine with Saturn/Neptune/Mercury and then on June 7, Venus forms an exact trine with Saturn and Neptune.

Whatcom Falls Park, by Patricia Herlevi
We also experience Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto retrograde in June and Mercury goes retrograde on June 26 (days before my birthday).  When these retrograde outer planets combine with the Grand Water Trines we experience at the beginning of the month, we might not take advantage of the gifts the trine offers.  This is because we take these flowing energies for granted, but it would be a mistake not to plant seeds at this time, to do the leg work necessary to manifesting our souls' desires. When planets retrograde this represents a time to go inward so the seeds we plant now are of a spiritual and emotional (water signs).  In addition, at the end of June, Jupiter moves into Cancer forming a Grand Water Trine with Saturn and Neptune--I interpret this Trine as spiritual progress towards enlightenment, but we still need to do the work as in keeping a spiritual practice going ie meditation.

Chiron and Juno also retrograde in June and the Sun leaves Gemini and moves into Cancer on June 22nd (Pacific Standard Time) with the Sun eventually joining a Grand Water Trine.  The vision I have is a waterfall flowing with gifts, abundance, prosperity that will come to us if we remove blocks in the form of beliefs (delete the "I'm not a good enough" belief).  It's as if the outer planets withdraw their energies (except for Uranus who doesn't retrograde until the end of July) and the water sprites have come out to play.  In his mundane chart for the world, Carl Boudreau mentioned a kite configuration which to me signifies sailing above all that heavy energy we felt in recent months.

However, despite all this flowing energy (which we're going to love), Mars forms some hard aspects with Neptune (a square) on June 8th which lingers for a few days, perhaps we encounter the spiritual warrior type or have to defend our spirituality to the status quo in some way.  The Gemini Sun forms an inconjunct with the North Node on June 7th where we want to lighten up, but feel destiny calling us to heal a situation or perhaps the planet.  We might hear disturbing news at this time (make sure all the facts are straight) and we cannot choose to act on the secrets revealed at this time or push them under the rug so that we can feel uplifted.  We might choose trivia over a breaking news story about an important topic.  Meanwhile, the Pluto-Uranus square continues until June 2nd and separates by one degree until Mid-July with Pluto still going retrograde.

So the good news is that we have multiple trines in water to help us balance emotions or if we tend to detach ourselves, to go deeper into the emotional realm where I think great healing awaits.  This is a time when food and nutrition will be first and foremost in our minds.  We will discuss and act upon ways to protect the purity of our food, helping developing countries to provide food for their citizens and food security will make headlines as well as, end up as talk at our dinner tables.  For those people living in the northern hemisphere, summer will provide a time for group gatherings centered around food, urban farming, victory gardens (Cancerians love those), food history, and I think you get the picture.

Issues of motherhood and raising children surface now as will getting in touch with our own playful inner children.  We can heal wounds sustained from our childhood (please take advantage of this opportunity to heal those wounds and let them go).  We will also see headlines about marine life, beaches, holiday places and holiday makers.  We will wax nostalgic and most likely for the 1950s and 1960s or events that happened to the Cancer in Pluto Generation.  For those of us who live in the US (Cancer Sun) we will feel more patriotic than usual and hopeful.  Cites ruled by Cancer, including the one I live in are going to experience an up swell in economics, especially if this derives from agriculture, food production or local eateries.

We will also spend more time moon gazing and thinking about the Moon since this is the Cancerian planet.  We could study the Moon cycles or pay attention to mood changes when the Moon switches signs.  It's time to heal issues with our mothers and for young mothers to explore different child raising techniques even ones from the distant past.  While I don't want to grow dark on you, all that water can also come in the form of wet weather, floods, and water damage, depending on where we are in the world.  At least we could experience a wetter summer than usual or end up taking holidays on overcrowded beaches because everyone else came up with the same idea.

As a whole, we receive some leg room and breathing space to heal the traumas we experienced in previous months. However, don't hang on to this trauma because you don't want these joyful and relaxing energies to pass by you.  If you are someone directly affected by trauma then take this time to grieve and do seek true healing (and not a support group that rehashes trauma).  And if you're not someone directly affected by events you read in the news, stop watching the news, go to a beach or hang out near a body of water.  Meditate, relax, nourish yourself and spread some love around.

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