Saturday, June 10, 2017

Whole Astrology--The Neptune Experience Continues

I find that the longer I work with astrology, the more entrenched and fascinated I become with the planet Neptune. I feel a channeled message coming on so here we go.

Think of a song. When we hear a recording of a song it has no boundaries other than it begins at a certain point in time and ends at a certain point in time. The recording presents an event that happened in another time and realm. The musicians show up at a recording studio, after several takes and piecing together of tracks, a recording is born. Then the recording is shipped to different places and listened to various people simutaneously around the globe, hopefully. That song acts as a universal force that causes all the listeners to merge into a single experience.

That's one example of Neptune energies. Neptune rules the intangible and Neptune energy has no solid structure, it is more of an experience outside of time. Neptune is nebulous at its best and finest. This planet allows us to dive into sound and vision. And yes, those sounds and visions come about because of technology which Uranus and Mercury rule and structure ruled by Saturn. We either value the movies, songs, or experiences or we don't place any value on them (Venus). However, I believe that Neptune (along with Jupiter) provide the inspiration for artistic expression which are tied to our emotions. And yet, Neptune rules foggy emotions. We ask ourselves while enduring a Neptune transit, "What is it I feel?" And we also ask, "Where do I place my faith?"

Here's another example of Neptune. You're in a movie theater watching a projection with actors, a story, and yet what's really happening? The actors are not in the same room with you except for the projection of light and images on a screen. The story was written long before the actors showed up and brought glamour to the plot. Various hands and minds collaborated on the story you watch on the screen. Don't forget all those illusion-makers of special effects, make up, costumes (even regular clothing is considered costumes in a theatrical production), photography, lighting, sound, and the musical soundtrack. It's all make believe even if it seems real and we lose time as we immerse ourselves in the cinematic experience.  That's all Neptune!

Now, if we bring in the Saturn component we end up with producers who watch the clock and also the bank account. They pay attention to budgets and deal with the real actors and not the characters on the screen. Time and budgets are a reality for movie makers (Saturn) just as are visions and imagination which fall under Neptune. And of course the use of technology is ruled by Uranus, especially digital technology. Without the collaboration of planetary energies we would not be in a theater watching a movie or at home listening to a recording.

And yet, I'm writing this post on Neptune. So, let's look at a final scenario which is this romantic idealism of the soul mate or twin flame. Neptune drops us in this idealistic fog and leaves us desiring something intangible that we wish to make tangible. Our nightly dreams and our creative visualization fall under Neptune's glossy gaze. Neptune also rules insanity, obsession (along with Pluto), addiction, and co-dependency. Neptune wants us to ascend, transcend, and merge with others into a place of Oneness. But in reality, this is not possible since we all have egos. And to give up one's ego, one YouTube psychologist suggested that we would end up as schizophrenics. No wonder Neptune rules mental health!

Neptune energy represents the opposite of concrete reality. Neptune provides the dreams while the other planets provide the harsh facts. Saturn provides a step-by-step process while Mars gives us drive and Venus gives us the abilities to cooperate peacefully with other people and creations. So, in my nebulous description of Neptune energies, I hope you take away something from this post. I hope you explore Neptune further. Most of us won't master Neptune's energy in this lifetime. Most of us will never get past Mars or Jupiter, but this doesn't mean we can't get acquainted with Neptune. It's a whole other world.

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