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Chiron in Pisces (3-2011 to 3-2019)--Shedding Light on the invisible One

The Invisible Woman artwork by Alan Davis
When I was a child, I was a fan of the television animation show, "The Fantastic Four" and I was especially interested in the superhero who could turn invisible. Oddly, while I did not feel like a superhero, I could make myself invisible. And later I learned that was a blessing and a curse that Chiron in Pisces bestowed on me and other children born in the 1960s (and children born since 2010). We were a subgeneration of "not seen and not heard" children.

Last time Chiron was in Pisces was March 26, 1960 until October 18, 1968. And Chiron dipped into Aquarius from August 19, 1960 until January 21, 1961. So, some 1960s-born folks have Chiron in Aquarius and any 1960s-born person born after October 18, 1968, has Chiron in Aries.

Around 50 years later, Chiron transited into Pisces from May to July of 2010. And then, transited long-term into Pisces on March 2011 where it stays until March 2019 (I don't have the exact day of the transit into Aries). So that means, people born during these dates has their Chiron in Pisces. And people who were born in the 1960s (or 50 years prior to the 1960s) are experiencing their Chiron Return. So, please keep these dates in mind while reading this article. If you don't have your Chiron in Pisces, you will know others who do, and you'll think about that person, "Oh, this totally makes sense!"

The following information is a blend of my own experiences and breakthroughs working with Chiron as well as, channeled information that comes from a spirit collective I named the Holy Ones. They assist me with my astrology posts and YouTube videos.

For most of my childhood, I grew up as a latch-key kid. My father was away in the Navy often and my mother took a job outside of the home after I turned 10. My younger sister was around 6-years-old. My parents also liked to socialize on the weekends, so often they hired hippie teens to babysit me and my siblings. The only time I remembered the family spending time together was during the holidays or on a summer vacation road trip. Sometimes we went camping.

At school, I also felt insignificant and invisible. I found early in life that the way to grab attention was through injury, illness, or causing some kind of drama--thus the victim psyche developed. Later, I would pretend to fit in so that I could grab attention. And I dated men who felt familiar because they ignored me and I never received validation from them---oh, but I tried everything in the book to acquire attention from these "bad choices" of men.

While those were personal choices on an individual level, I come from a subgeneration who also suffered from invisibility. Now, those of us born with more introverted signs (Capricorn, Virgo, Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio), the invisibility was a drag but also a godsend because we felt protected by the cloak of invisibility. We could do our own thing under the radar or perfect our talents before hitting the big stage.

However, those of us born with Fire Signs (Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries) suffered greatly because no one seemed to care what these people had to say. We would have to develop charms and some would use their charm to manipulate and control others. We would engage in off-stage drama or daredevil adventures and fetes to grab the attention of the public or even our significant others. We acted like victims. The Air Signs (Libra, Gemini, and Aquarius) put in the efforts to get perfect grades and to prove that they were geniuses. They used wit to get attention or defended themselves by pretending that they didn't care if you noticed them anyway.

The childhood wounding revolves around not feeling seen or heard. It revolves around feeling dismissed or unimportant by parents, teachers, or other authority figures. It revolves around other people talking for us or about us in front of us, while not allowing the Pisces Chiron individual to have a say in the matter. However, the invisibility served a purpose when the child grew up with emotionally-disturbed, co-dependent, or addicted parents. The invisibility protected the children from more harm by bullies and other wounded individuals.

Some Chiron in Pisces people suffered from addictions themselves or eating disorders--look how small and insignificant I can make myself. Some tried to escape their original wounds through escapist behavior or found that they inherited mental illness from their parents or grandparents. And this doubled the effect of feeling invisible and misunderstood. They might use mental illness as a badge to merge with others with similar experiences so that as a collective can grab the attention of others. But this is not healing for anyone.

Healing Chiron in Pisces issues requires returning to the original wound. And this is best done with a qualified therapist or coach who works with deep childhood wounding. Joining an AA or similar group is healing too because it brings in spirituality and a feeling of belonging to a tribe. Chiron in Pisces people tend to isolate themselves from others because as children they developed an attitude that they would abandon others before others would abandon them. Just the fear alone of abandonment which is present with this group, causes a Chiron in Pisces person to reject others before others can reject them. This leads to isolation which we know leads to mental instability and emotional issues.

The opposite scenario (and this does involve other transits in a Natal Chart), is that the person develops a grandiose version of themselves (read narcissism) to cope with the pain of not feeling like they are enough. Since they feel empty, they suck on other people's energies to fill themselves up. They search for soul mates to complete their other half or complete them in total. And if they don't get therapy, they ended up causing trauma to others, as well as, a deeper sense of abandonment for themselves.

All 12 Chirons (Chiron transits through the Zodiac Signs) all contain wounds. However, the wounding for Chiron in Pisces and Chiron in Cancer is the feeling that no one notices the person with these Chiron placements. However, with Chiron in Cancer, the person feels unseen by their mother or are dealing with a Medea type mother. Chiron in Pisces is often dealing with a mentally ill parent or delusional people or situations. Their childhood is nothing short of surreal and they tend to gravitate towards fantasies, movies, glamorous people, celebrities, musicians, sports idols, and escapist behaviors.

The good news for those Chiron in Pisces people who accept and forgive their wounding, develop spiritual gifts of empathy, compassion, kindness, and transcendence. They are gifted spiritual teachers or artists. They are natural-born healers and they heal by acknowledging others. They know what it feels like to blend into the wallpaper so when they heal themselves they become voices for children, animals, and the Earth. They speak for others who feel like they don't have a voice in the world. And some become famous spiritual teachers, also known as gurus. Just watch out for the charismatic ones who have not healed themselves and could become cult figures.

Remember also that invisibility has its place. If you are walking down a dark street and you want to protect yourself from harm, invisibility comes in handy. We learn to master the art of cloaking oneself. And when it's time to appear on stage under the spotlight, we know how to show up and give the performance of our lives.

(Yes, I do switch between the pronouns we and they).

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