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Capricorn Full Moon (July 8/9, 2017)--New Themes with Cardinal T-Cross

It wasn't so long ago that we feared the Uranus-Pluto Square especially when it formed a T-Cross with Mars, Jupiter, Venus, or another fast-moving planet. And on July 8 or 9, depending on where you are in the world, we experience another Cardinal T-Cross with the Capricorn Full Moon. While Uranus is not a player, except it forms a Fire Trine with Saturn and the North Node, the Moon conjuncts Pluto while opposing Mars conjunct Sun and squares Jupiter...

Cancer Sun 17 degrees
Capricorn Moon 17 degrees
Mars 21 degrees Cancer 
Pluto 17 degrees Capricorn (RX)
Jupiter 14 degrees Libra
Juno 9 degrees Capricorn (RX)

Now, if you're new to astrology, let me explain what this planetary traffic suggests. And if you're not new to astrology, I thank you for your patience, a luxury the time of this full moon. Let's first look at the Mars conjunct the Sun in Cancer. Cancer is a Cardinal Water Sign that rules evokes emotions and rules the stomach and breasts. The Zodiac Sign Cancer is considered maternal, nurturing, and intuitive on its positive side.

On its darker side, Cancer can act clingy and appear to have insatiable needs. Men born under this sign tend to suffer from emotional imbalances, lack of patience and tolerance with others different from their tribe/clan, old fashion, and often have addictive or codependent tendencies. In other words, this Water Sign is challenging for men unless they tap into their maternal side, heal their childhood wounds, and stop clinging to their mother already. It helps to tap into a spiritual practice.

You wonder why I'm picking on men or our male sides. I'm doing this because all of the planets entangled with the Cancer Sun and Capricorn Moon are considered male. Mars the most masculine of all the signs is joined to the Sun. And then the Sun/Mars oppose Pluto (an autocrat planet that rules men in powerful positions like big government or corporations) and Pluto joins the Capricorn Moon which has the energy of social climbers, ambitious, and driven people. It's a moon that represents finances along with the Taurus Moon. But the Capricorn Moon is associated more with status and position. Remember that Capricorn rules the Zodiac 10th House of Career/Public Image.

But wait, the soup gets even thicker. Jupiter which transits in Libra (relationships, partnership, legal system, diplomacy, and the arts) squares off with the Moon/Pluto and the Sun/Mars. Jupiter also expands what it touches. Fortunately, Jupiter is in flowing aspect with Venus in Gemini and Mercury in Leo. Pluto/Moon are in flowing aspect with Neptune, the planet of big dreams and expansive cosmic fields of love and light. And Juno, the asteroid that represents wives is joined to the Moon/Pluto. Chiron is in flowing aspect with the Sun/Mars and Pluto/Moon/Juno.

So, we're going to be looking at balance between the family/home/children and career/public image. Any partnership that can't find balance here might be heading to divorce court. This is not a death sentence to a marriage and is honest assessment with our desires and values. If a marriage ends this does not suggest a failure in a person's life. And there are no right or wrong answers revolving around family versus career. Some people run themselves ragged trying to have it all. And it's not that they don't love their spouses or children. But trying to juggle career and family isn't going to suffice or work any longer. We are going to look at our values without judging them too much.

Now, if this does not apply to you, then think of this as a time of judgement and weighing the scales in your life based on your new values. Do you want to pay a mortgage on a home or do you want to travel the world? Do you want a corporate job that sucks you dry and uses up your precious time on the planet or do you want to spend time with you family? We can no longer have it all and if you choose to work at a different job that pays less then you'll consider selling your home and those trappings you thought mattered but in the end really don't.

Ask yourself this question. If today were your last day on Earth, what would you do? Who would you spend it with? What type of unfinished business do you have left to do? This will get you in touch with your true values. So, you see a lot is coming up with this Capricorn Full Moon, and mainly this is because it's a Cardinal Sign that represents the zenith of an astrology chart. The home/mother, partnerships, and career/father are highlighted.

Now, let's talk about the Grand Fire Trine with Saturn, Uranus, and the North Node which is now in Leo. Fire lights us up. It gives us passion and enthusiasm with a lot of drive to get things done. We can achieve great things with this energy. However, we must step back and think about what it is we are passionate about. If we are working towards a long-term goal then it helps to conserve some of this Fire energy for the long road ahead. Think of running a marathon. You don't start off the first few miles with a sprint. You pace yourself or you don't complete the race which ends 26 miles later. You plan ahead.

Finally, Uranus is at 28 degrees which is towards the end of Aries. The planet goes retrograde on August 2 and by December it will be at 24 degrees Aries where it continues to trine Saturn until Saturn moves into Capricorn on December 20. I just learned today that Uranus will transit into Taurus briefly in 2018, but will transit into Taurus permanently in 2019. This reminds us that we need to get to work on creating a fair economy that is based on equality. That was one of Uranus in Aries jobs or intentions. Remember, when Uranus transited into Aries in 2011, we experienced the Occupy Movement and other revolutions, mainly focused on big government and the economy.

So this is my long post on the Capricorn Full Moon. Expect changes to occur because the Moon conjuncts Pluto, the Transformer and opposes fiery Mars in the nurturing sign Cancer. It's time to stand up and be counted. It's time to speak our truth and heal our partnerships. It's time to ask the question regarding whether we value career or family. We are finally going to reach the conclusion that you cannot have it all. We need to show up where we are most passionate. The road signs will appear and they are obvious.

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