Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Capricorn Full Moon on December 28 - 29, 2016--Ending the Year with a Blast

If you haven't gotten used to Capricorn energy yet (powerful since early 2008), then now's your chance to learn Capricorn lessons. What does Capricorn represent? Persistence, determination, bone strength, and climbing the mountain slowly are some Capricorn themes. 

Keep in mind that Cancer, Aries, and Libra take the brunt of these lessons. However, it's time for Water Sign people to clear any victim attitudes and find their proverbial feet.

Capricorns are strong people. They might lack confidence because life humbles them through painful experiences, especially during childhood, but they are strong nonetheless. They weather storms and delays brought on by Saturn. And by next December, Saturn moves into Capricorn giving us 12 months to become comfortable with Capricorn energies. And in 2019, Jupiter also moves into Capricorn. This means that Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter will all be in Capricorn while Uranus also prepares to transit into the Earth Sign, Taurus. But I'm going to save this for another post.

In 2015 and 2016, we moved away from Cardinal energies as Uranus pulled away from Pluto. And most of the action took place with Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo, Neptune and Chiron in Pisces and Saturn in Sagittarius. But now, Uranus who has been retrograde for several months has moved within orb of Pluto and Jupiter has moved into another Cardinal Sign, Libra. This means that our focus once again is on changes brought by Cardinal energies. And this will continue through the first half of 2017.

During the Capricorn New Moon, Mercury joins the moon and sun in a tight orb and forms a Stellium with Pluto. This Stellium acts as the apex for a Cardinal T-Cross that brings in an exact opposition between Jupiter and Uranus (20 degrees). And Ceres is at 22 degrees Aries so this planet conjuncts Uranus (on-going). So, if you want a story to help you visualize the energies playing out with this Capricorn New Moon and the Cardinal T-Cross, think of Standing Rock.

The Standing Rock situation was more of a peaceful and prayerful gathering of Native Peoples and non-native supporters who weathered the abuse of the Patriarchs. And in the end, the peaceful demonstration brought a cautious victory in that President Obama voted against the pipeline that was going to be built under the Missouri River.

Now, part of this happened since Uranus, The Awakener is in the Fire Sign Aries which in this case represents the individual's (on the grass root level) rights. And Jupiter in Libra brings in double justice because Sagittarius and Libra represent the legal system. Libra restores balance and harmony through diplomatic action and mediation. Aries sound the battle cry, but in this case, the battle cry was through peaceful non-actions. And Uranus woke the American and international people up to the plight of the Native American people and the Earth. They signed petitions and raised money to travel to the Standing Rock Reservation. Some people collected warm coats and blankets as well as, food to take to the protestors and Native people. And all of these actions shifted energy on the planet.

I'm giving only one example of the power of this Cardinal energy as it plays out in our lives. And the truth is that we all have bullies in our lives. Those bullies come in the form of addictions, co-dependent relationships, corporations making a quick dime through corrupt actions, Wall Street, big banks, and anyone else threatening the well-being of another. And it's time to take peaceful actions, though this does not necessarily have to do with turning the other cheek. However, the example from martial arts where you stand out of the way so that the person attacking ends up sending their toxic energy back to themselves.

Pluto in Capricorn acts as the apex for the T-Cross. And during the course of the Capricorn New Moon, the moon catches up to Pluto, then Uranus and Jupiter. Pluto brings transformation but first it tests our strength and wisdom. Many people fear Pluto's energy and this is a mistake. It's like a shamanic initiate quaking from fear instead of facing it and embracing personal power. Shamans braved the fire to complete a journey of alchemy. And we are asked to perform this alchemy in our personal lives in what form it shows up.

Since Jupiter is in Libra, many of us call upon the legal system for help. But we must fight fair and intend for a harmonious victory. Uranus in Aries wants to fight, but Aries is a chivalrous sign so even Aries want to fight fair. Take thoughtful actions and wear the other person's shoes which might even change your perception. We are dealing with narcissists in larger numbers and this is a painful process that brings suffering. But at the same time, we must remember that narcissists are wounded people who we have worshiped for too long. We have shown the spotlight on them, allowed them to take center stage, and we vote them into political office or buy from their corporations. This creates co-dependent relationships and suffering.

When we stop worshipping inventors of technology as gods and when we stop voting in narcissists into high-level government, then we will see the era of the bully end. That is the message that this Capricorn New Moon brings to us. It's not about serving those at the top we call the elite, but bringing greater peace and prosperity to the masses. We live in revolutionary times, but all we have to do is shift our focus away from ego-centric people and behaviors while we serve the planet through our hearts. Perhaps, this is a tall order, but Pluto brings us the power to do this. Uranus awakens us and Jupiter brings justice now.

Let's look at harmonious aspects in this chart that support our evolution. First, Venus is in Aquarius and the planet forms flowing aspects with Jupiter in the form of a trine and with Uranus/Ceres in the form of a sextile. And Venus forms a sextile with Saturn in Sagittarius. This triples the effect of the Jupiter-Uranus opposition. Saturn in Sagittarius brings in the legal system. Venus in Aquarius bolsters the grass roots movements on the planet. And we value humanity and innovations to solve many of the crisis that the planet faces. We want justice in all areas, including agriculture and food (Ceres) as well as, women's rights. Sagittarius for me also represents Indigenous people such as the Plain Indians in the US or other tribes that rely on a horse-centered culture.

Saturn also trines Uranus firing up our enthusiasm for justice and human rights. When Jupiter in Libra gets involved, we are changing laws and building a new structure, though this is not a quick process. Any time Saturn is involved, we can expect a slow and steady climb. But we still have Saturn, Venus, Jupiter, and Uranus supporting our endeavors. The Cardinal T-Cross brings us tension that initiates change and transformation. Don't fear this transformation because the Earth requires these changes. And yes, we experience Earth disruptions now in the form of volcanoes and earthquakes. And yet, we intend those events to happen through collective consciousness because we realize the changes are necessary for our evolution.

Mars joins Neptune and Chiron in a Triple Conjunction that has us looking to the Divine for answers. And the answers to our problems are metaphysical and hidden behind a cosmic veil. Prayer, especially affirmative prayer and meditation hold the keys to our alchemy. Pisces bring delusions but it also brings healing through spiritual channels. These energies ask us to heal our addictions and mental illnesses. We glean new solutions that are separate from the Patriarchal way of doing business. It is time to empower all people instead of tossing handouts at others expecting them to disappear like the morning mist under the sun's rays. The key is empowerment for all beings and let's end the age of the victim.

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