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Virgo Post--Mister & Missus Fix It (or not)

Even though I was planning on keeping the Virgo survey open until September 5, life circumstances cause me to write this Virgo post while I have a place to stay (until I rent a permanent home). Yes, I'm doing that tour thing of my home town again. Let's get to the 10 respondents for the Virgo survey and Virgo in general because this is another sign who receives a bad rap, but most of that comes through misunderstanding of the Virgo mind, body, and soul.

First, Virgo is the Zodiac Sign that completes the summer (or winter) season, depending on where you reside in the world. This is usually seen as a harvest sign, but that would occur in the Northern Hemisphere since I doubt countries in the Southern Hemisphere are harvesting grains at the end of their winter season. While Mercury is the ruling planet for Virgo currently and in classic astrology some astrologers are making the argument that Ceres is the modern ruler for Virgo.

So let's take a look at that because it actually changes how we see the Virgo energies. Ceres, also known as Demeter in ancient Greek culture (what we now call mythology), was the mother of Persephone, the maiden abducted by Pluto/Hades and taken to the Underworld. When Demeter or Ceres lost her daughter, she plunged the world into death or a perpetual winter where nothing could grow. Therefore we see Ceres as an agricultural planet, but also a planet reflecting on fierce motherhood. I like to think of Ceres too as how we nourish ourselves, our digestive system, and the way we assimilate food, energy, and love.

Vestal Virgins, Wikipedia
I also equate the asteroid Vesta with Virgo, referring to the Vestal Virgins. Virgo also represents the nun or the monk as well as, saints and holy people who walk the sacred path and sometimes gaze jaundice-like at society. Virgo also represents the wise hermit living on the edge of a village and only consulted for serious matters. When I see a lot of Virgo energy in a chart, I'm usually dealing with a sober-minded person who resides in the analytical side of the brain and prefers practical rather than spiritual solutions. However, the polar opposite of Virgo is Pisces which is about spirit. So the challenge for Virgo is to bridge the gap between practical and spiritual solutions/practices. Virgo has the ability to become a visionary and see the bigger picture, especially through meditation or spiritual devotion.

So let's look at the results of the Virgo survey (which is closed now). Nine of the ten respondents are women so I thank the lone man who responded too. One respondent is under 20, 3 are ages 21 to 35, 2 are 36 to 50 years of age and 4 are over 50 years. Five respondents consider themselves fixers, one did not, and four were unsure, but they could ask their friends and colleagues. Four respondents were born from 1962 to 1970 when Uranus and Pluto were in Virgo shaping a sub-generation who came to the planet to usher in changes through innovative solutions found in the deep subconscious (Pluto in Virgo and Neptune in Scorpio).

Since sex is something that comes up with Virgos (either they engage in a lot of sex or are practice celibacy), three of the respondents had their first sexual relationship in their early to mid-teens, six had their first encounter in their late teens or college and one is a late bloomer. As far as finding the perfect mate, 5 are still looking, 2 say that the perfect mate does not exist, and 3 prefer to be alone. Virgos are known for being choosy about mates. When asked if they consider themselves perfectionists, 7 responded yes and 3 no, but you must remember not all the respondents have their Sun in Virgo. Only 5 of the respondents have a Virgo Sun, 2 have a Virgo Moon and 3 have a Virgo Ascendant. And out of the Virgo Sun 1 has Mercury in Leo and 4 in Libra. Two respondents said that they didn't know where the sign of their Mercury but I'm guessing they have a Virgo Moon or AC and not a Virgo Sun.

St. Raphael, Wikipedia
The responses for the career surprised me because I expected to find the Virgo Sun folks working in the medical profession, social services, high tech or communications mainly, with a few working in the arts (because of the Pisces polarity). However, only 2 respondents work in fine and performing arts, 0 in social services and high tech, 1 in the medical field and 2 in communications. Five respondents checked the box for career not listed in the survey questions so that leaves me wondering what fields they work in.

However, having said that, Virgo Suns especially do well in any career that involves coming up with solutions to problems. They also make excellent healers, practical intuitives, yoga teachers, astrologers (they pay attention to details), and teachers, though they are better at one-on-one teaching rather than teaching an entire class or large audience, unless they have a lot of Leo and Libra energies in their natal charts. You will find Virgos working in high tech because they are solution-oriented and work well with technology, even though some say they despise high tech or are too stupid to learn software (not true). Virgos also make good engineers and architects because they are detail and solution oriented. They see what others miss.

Virgos aren't so good at sales or marketing, but they are excellent writers and editors. Any job in publishing that involves taking care of details works well for Virgo. And if they don't want to work on the publishing or editorial end of the industry, they are excellent authors too, especially authors of non-fiction such as self-help books.

Now, let's get to the shadow side of Virgo which is the perfectionism and overcritical thinking. They sometimes have a challenging time making decisions because they get too caught up in the details, and when that happens I advise my dear Virgo friends to hop on over to the Pisces polarity so they can see the bigger picture. Meditation is your friend, Virgo. Yes, Virgos nitpick, and yes, they criticize their loved ones. But one astrologer whose books I read many years ago said that Virgos criticize others because they are overly critical of themselves. So we get a projection happening. And it's true that your Virgo friends and colleagues are dying to give you a makeover, if not your physical body then your entire life. They really do mean well, even if it's annoying at times.

Is it a myth that Virgos are hypochondriacs? No. Virgos do tend to dredge up illnesses and health conditions from either too much stress in their lives or from the delusional side of the Pisces polarity. Many Virgos, despite their Earth Sign status are empathic so they pick up on other people's illnesses or imagine that they have illnesses that they read about or learn about in the medical and healing professions. I'm guessing many Virgos suffer from allergies, especially food allergies and intolerance. Virgo rules the small intestine and so digestion and assimilation come up leading the Virgo Sun, especially to watch his or her diet. Gluten-intolerance and lactose-intolerance are most likely issues Virgo Sun and Virgo Moon face. However, with the Virgo Moon, it's more of an emotional issue and can be healed through affirmations and doing manifestation work.

Virgos will be in the spotlight for some time because this sign is Mutable and because Jupiter and the North Node will be in Virgo and Chiron and Neptune remain in the polar opposite sign, Pisces and then Saturn will be transiting in Sagittarius until December 2017. Also the Pluto in Virgo folks play a larger role now bringing innovative solutions to the planet. If you fall into this sub-generation, please refer to the tabs for 1960s born folks. I want you to get that information and use it in your lives.

In closing, Virgos have many attributes which go unacknowledged because they're not as shiny as the Leos that precede them or as charming as the Libras who follow them on the Zodiac Wheel. Virgos are the go-to fix-it person, they work hard, pay attention to details, bring us practical solutions and sometimes inspired practical solutions. They have integrity and expect you to have integrity too and they believe in the purity of intent. Once they heal themselves, they have powerful healing abilities and they are excellent body workers, especially massage therapists. Virgos roll up their sleeves, get to work and don't clamber for attention the way other signs do. They give without expecting anything in return and even when they annoy the heck out of us, they mean well.

Although Virgos don't make a grab for the spotlight, many celebrities have Virgo as their Sun Sign including: Chrissy Hynde (Pretenders), Elvis Costello, Michael Jackson, Greta Garbo, and Richard Gere, to name a handful.

As far as relationships, Virgos remember that you need space. You require a room in your home that you use as your sanctuary. You're not the type to leap into a relationship without weighing the pros and cons, but you also don't jump into a relationship because of what you might get from it. You expect the other person to walk his or her talk and if they don't, you lose interest in them. And most of all, you prefer work to romance. Work, after all, pays the bills and puts food on the table. And when it comes to food, you're always present at the harvest.

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  1. Thanks interesting info. in this post, glad to read material encouraging us 60s born folk to, with the Uranus-Pluto conjunction in Virgo. We all have our own missions to up the energy of Mother Earth and fellow beings here at this time. Look forward to more posts from this site. Namaste.