Monday, September 14, 2015

Aries Lunar Eclipse--Follow the Red Lines

Am I the only one who gazes at the Aries Lunar Eclipse (also a Super Moon), chart for September 27 seeing double? No, I don't require a new pair of glasses, this chart includes double t-crosses with multiple planets joining the crosses. It's so surreal, I find myself detaching and fortunately, both the Mutable and the Cardinal t-crosses have wider orbs.

First, some people experience  Lunar Eclipses as plugging into cosmic electricity. With Uranus and the Moon in Aries opposing Sun, North Node and Mercury; squaring Pluto we're going to bust out of any situation that no longer serves us. Aries and Uranus represent the individual and the way we express our uniqueness. The warrior (Aries) moon either brings out rash or bold energy. If we find ourselves in a uncomfortable situation, we can draw on the Aries moon to embolden us to speak our truth.We won't be acting like the Cowardly Lion, but more like an action hero.

The Sun, North Node, and Mercury in Libra will try to keep the peace, but hopefully not in a way that turns us into doormats. This is not a time to practice passive-aggressive behavior. Mercury is retrograde so people, especially partners could rehash old problems instead of seeking a final solution (such as leaving an unworkable relationship). Some couples are going to tap dance over old pains and grievances, which I don't recommend. What is the fate that brought you together with your partner? Have you completed lessons from that partnership so you can move on now? Remember that full moons, especially ones involved with a Lunar Eclipse, are about completion.

But then again, with the North Node in Libra, restoring balance in partnerships or at least learning how to create this balance in future partnerships is where we are all heading. The North Node is where we are heading, but Mercury RX reflects on the past causing us to revisit people and scenarios so that we can heal them now. People who have a hard time speaking up for themselves will be tested now with situations that appear out of the blew knocking them off balance. But any event in the outer world first began in your subconscious because your soul wants to experience growth and evolution.

Pluto asks us to let go of old structure, old ways of thinking and even traditions that no longer serve us so that we reclaim our power. Pluto is in a weak stationary position having just gone direct two days prior to the Lunar Eclipse and Mercury in Libra gains momentum after going retrograde on the 18th. This will be a confusing month, especially from the 15th onward. We want to leap into action, but that's not a good idea with Mercury RX, Pluto stationary, and the Lunar Eclipse. As with all eclipses, it's best to respond to events that come up and not react to them. Responding means we come from a place of heart centered wisdom, whereas, reacting places us in the role of the victim. I'm thinking that the Uranus-Pluto square is about moving past victim mentality and grabbing the ram by the horns. Become the spiritual warrior and do only what is yours to do while allowing others to learn their own lessons. Otherwise you get entangled karmically with others.

The Mutable T-Cross features a tight orb between Mars in Virgo and Saturn in Sagittarius and also pulls in Jupiter in Virgo which opposes Neptune. So the t-cross has Jupiter/Mars squaring Saturn in Sagittarius, and opposing Neptune. Saturn is the only planet with concentrated energy. Jupiter and Neptune possess expansive energy and Neptune is a higher octave of Jupiter, both planets figure into spirituality in one way or the other, but Neptune's spirituality has no structure whereas, Jupiter represents religions and dogma. Mars doesn't enjoy transits in Virgo and is only at one degree sort of testing the proverbial toes. Yet, Mars is touchy and critical, even scathing in Virgo so we'll have to watch our tongue during this Lunar Eclipse or cause severe damage to another. We all feel emotions much stronger during a Lunar Eclipse as if we wear our emotions on our skin.

On the other hand, with everything that's going on, this t-cross (I wish Mars wasn't in it), could act as a great benefactor. We could see many stories about philanthropy now or perhaps Pope Francis ends up in the news taking on another humanitarian cause that touches our hearts in such a way, that we return to a spiritual practice of one kind or another. Perhaps we hear a story about the 14th Dalai Lama and decide to practice random acts of kindness which leads to a feeling of Oneness. Not everyone will experience this Lunar Eclipse as traumatic, but many unfortunately will. And those of us placed in a more peaceful place can lift the others up, even with just a kind word. Compassion comes to mind with Jupiter and Neptune playing into the Mutable T-Cross.

The strongest energy I'm sensing when gazing at this chart is that it's time for us to take our masks off and become authentic. This won't happen overnight, but it could too. Let's stop quoting other people, having knee-jerk reactions to life circumstances, and speak our truth. Now, for those of you who have suffered abuse of any kind or feel abandoned by life, this will act as an initiation for you. And like with any initiation, find a teacher or healer you can trust to provide you with the tools that you'll require. And since I'm posting this Lunar Eclipse over a month prior to the event, start working with a teacher now.

If you know a big event is on the way, you make preparations and this Lunar Eclipse is an enormous cosmic event that promises to shake up the planet. I don't know how it will play out because it represents a great unknowable with Uranus and Mars involved. But I do know it's going to test our maturity level and show us what we're made of. We're not the boxer entering the ring even if that image comes to mind, but we are the monk entering the mountain monastery in search of balance, and personal power. There's a saying in the spiritual community, "There's only one of us here." What we experience on the individual level is experienced by the greater whole and any lesson we learns now is a feather in everyone's cap. Only the ego wants to claim our victories as our own, but as each of us shifts our individual consciousness, we clear the path for everyone walking on the path behind us. This is how we heal humanity and the planet.

Flowing Aspects (which I didn't cover in this long post)

Neptune sextile Pluto
Venus trine Uranus (Leo and Aries)
Jupiter trine Pluto (directly affects people born in the 1960s)
Saturn sextile Sun 
Moon trine Saturn (Aries & Sagittarius)

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