Saturday, September 12, 2015

Virgo Solar Eclipse--Initiation Begins (Get ready)

I'm not a fan of eclipses because many times, I have experienced upheaval during eclipses. Lunar people (Cancer Sun, Moon, or Ascendant) as well as, Solar people (Leo Sun, Moon, or Ascendant) experience the direct impact of an eclipse especially when it lands within a 5 degree orb of their natal Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or other personal planets.

Watch Astrologer Patricia's video on YouTube highlighting the Virgo Solar Eclipse.

However, think of all those other eclipses as training for the big initiation coming up on September 12. Just like an aspiring shaman undergoes training with an elder or master shaman before going through an initiation, so shall we. If you have done your spiritual work, looked deeply at yourself in the mirror, and cleared out the cobwebs in your soul that trigger ego responses, then you'll be leading the pack. People are going to look at you as a lifeline and all that stuff you have been telling them for years about spiritual evolution is going to finally hit home, at least I hope so.

Like with all eclipses, patience is required as is laying low. If people want to start a fight with you, duck out or dodge the bullets so to speak. Don't engage in other people's ego issues; don't climb on the high horse and judge them either. In fact, remember how it was for you at the start of your spiritual journey. Remember how you kicked and screamed your way into it. We all did. The weaker side of Virgo causes us to wear the hat of a critic and we actually think that we help others by criticizing them. Wrong! Instead, praise people for what they're doing right because no one wants to be punched when they're already on the ground writhing from pain and this eclipse provides a painful passage. Have compassion for your brothers and sisters and just love them where they are to the best of your abilities. Besides, when we point the finger at others, we are actually pointing it at ourselves.
Photo by Patricia Herlevi
The Virgo Solar Eclipse has two t-crosses which I find amazing. When I saw that I nearly fell out of my wood chair. All my poor planets in Mutable Signs said, oh-oh, we're in trouble now. The Mutable T-cross is strange because it pulls Saturn (out of sign) into a wide t-cross with Jupiter and moon/sun in Virgo, and Neptune in Pisces. This is a clumsy t-cross but I think it will work as one. I used the coordinates for Bellingham, Washington so we have the sun/moon/Jupiter in the Fourth House representing the home and mother, Saturn on the cusps of the 6th house (we're going to get down to work), and Neptune in the 10th House which represents career and the public.

Originally I focused on what aspect of Bellingham that my guides told me wouldn't go over well and that I wasn't showing patience with a healing process occurring. So I turned the computer back on and decided to rewrite this paragraph. The Mutable T-Cross in Bellingham's chart is gazing at the home, the work environment and career, but this is a t-cross so there is tension between these three areas which is going to play out differently for different people. Could it be that more people decide to work from home so they can create an environment that is conducive for the type of service they wish to give the world? Could it be that we focus on stay-at-home mothers who create home based businesses? Could it be that the buy local campaign comes under scrutiny again as it does not provide enough high wage jobs?

Look at the houses affected by the eclipse in your birth chart and these are the areas where you evade facing problems and necessary changes instead of coming up with Virgo-inspired solutions. Virgo is the least hedonistic signs in the Zodiac, and in fact, it's not hedonistic at all. This is  sober sign that focuses on fixing problems and analyzing data. It's a sign that wants to get to the point and make changes now, not way off in the future. Saturn in Sagittarius is joining Jupiter in Virgo in a way since Saturn is also a party-pooper or how some people will describe Saturn. It's authority stepping in and telling everyone to clean up their act and get to work. Then finally, we have Neptune in Pisces and this is where we want to escape either into the Higher Mind or through drugs, alcohol, or other addictions. But these addictions can also include too much television, too many movies, music overload, or for performing artists, overwork while trying to get it right (Virgo).

Photo by Patricia Herlevi
We also have a Cardinal T-Cross in this Virgo Solar Eclipse chart which involves Mercury in Libra opposing Uranus in Mars and squaring Pluto in Capricorn. This occurs in angular houses in the Bellingham chart which means it's incredibly powerful. Uranus is on the cusps of the 11th House which suggests group or activist activity dealing with partnerships, could even be business partnerships such as big business (Pluto) with Mercury in Libra communicating justice and balance. Are these partnerships really win-win or is that just PR talking? I imagine city government especially in the way of a city attorney is involved with this Cardinal T-Cross. With a general election on the way (November), we can expect heavy campaigning this September and not everyone playing fair. But these are just potentialities since Uranus brings the unexpected which I can't or won't predict.

The good news is that this Cardinal T-Cross brings us intellectual or mind power with Mercury and Uranus opposing each other. The Cardinal T-Cross represents the mind/ego while the Mutable T-Cross reflects more on our heart center. Both t-crosses possess strong masculine energy with the exception of the Virgo Moon getting crushed by the other planets. But let's not think our way out of problems because the answers still reside in our hearts. And the conclusion of this Solar Eclipse is 6 months away when we experience a Virgo Lunar Eclipse (which I haven't looked up yet).

So then, the initiation we face is to leave behind the known and the knowable such as creating economies out of commodities and embracing heart consciousness and healing for all. Getting wealthy off practices and products that eventually harm people doesn't serve anyone in the long run. Money and profit are illusions, but souls are eternal. If we have problems that are so bad that we must find relief in intoxication, then it's time to look at the real wounds and seek appropriate healing outlets. When we heal ourselves, we heal others. Healing ripples out and awakens consciousness. The greatest bliss of all is plugging into the cosmos without any help from chemicals. Try meditation instead and you'll blow your mind in a good way. True, meditation doesn't boost economies, but this Virgo Solar Eclipse isn't about business or economies, it's about healing love en mass.

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