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The Future is Wacky--July's Aquarius Full Moon

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Aquarius as a sign asks us to detach from the world--to live in the world but not be of it and to stand apart from the maddening crowd. Aquarius individuals (Sun, Moon, or Ascendant) often times watch and avoid trends from afar. It's not that they're anti-trend, but that they fit in elsewhere, in the distant future, but for them the future is now. We will explore these concepts during the Aquarius Full Moon on July 31st.

Individuals with a lot of Air in their charts or with their Sun, Moon, or Ascendant in an Air Sign will breathe a sigh of relief and feel that they have room to roam during this full moon. Fire Signs will detach somewhat from their passion and Leos will create less drama during this moon. Water Signs will find the world feels cold to them and unfeeling, but they too experience a respite from the overwrought emotions of the Capricorn Full Moon that occurred on July 1st. Earth Signs will get down to work despite falling into traps of relying too much on analytical thought or swimming in a loop of "what if" scenarios. Virgos and Cancers will tend with annoying worries that they can remedy with positive affirmations. Replace your thoughts and transform your reality.

Water Signs won't fret too much since the chart for this full moon contains a Grand Water Trine with Saturn in Scorpio, Chiron in Pisces, and Mars in Cancer. We're all going to get down to the business of healing ourselves by releasing unworkable thoughts, beliefs, and patterns in our subconscious. Since both Chiron and Saturn are retrograde, this suggests that we will travel far back in our lives to unearth these beliefs and I recommend using self-help tools such as positive affirmations, and energy releasing techniques. There are plenty of self-help books, online videos and workshops that are free or inexpensive which act as launching off points.

The good news with Saturn in the last degrees of Scorpio is that now is the time to dig deeply within ourselves and face the music. The first reason for this is that Saturn's energies which are now focused through the gaze of Scorpio are in concentrated form. This means if we apply the discipline we can deeply heal our mind-body-spirit. And Venus has moved to 0 degrees Virgo so we're going to look at our daily routine, eating habits, exercise habits and health in general now, that is until Venus retrogrades back into Leo on August 1st (it's at 0 degrees Virgo from July 19-31). While I love the Venus conjunct Jupiter in Leo, this combination has caused us to act lazy and indulge in unhealthy foods with the motto that we're worth it. However, eating junk food and overdoing it on desserts, even fine desserts, does come with consequences which we can hardly lump into the concept of self-love or self-nurturing.

The second thing I want to say about Saturn in Scorpio is that we only have a short window to work with this energy because Saturn moves into Sagittarius on September 18 and moves into direct motion in Scorpio on August 2nd so we lose the concentrated energy around the Aquarius Full Moon (two days prior to Saturn turning direct). We're also going to experience a square between Jupiter in Leo and Saturn around the Aquarius Full Moon and of course, the Aquarius Moon pulls into a fixed T-Square (short lived) with Jupiter and Saturn on August 1 so we're going to see some tug-of-war energy between the individual and the group and we will question how we fit into groups and any psychological challenges with the individual needs verses group needs.

In other words, we ask the question, "How well do we play in the sandbox?" Are we acting like megalomaniacs or are we so involved with a cause that we don't notice the forest through the trees? Those of you with Saturn, Jupiter, or the moon in your natal 11th House or transiting through your 11th House are going to feel this energy directly.

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Another planet to look out for is Ceres which is also transiting in Aquarius. Remember how I mentioned earlier issues and themes revolving around food, agriculture, food security, and eating disorders? Well, when the Aquarius Full Moon conjuncts Ceres it will be as someone shouting through a bullhorn in regard to the future of food, not to mention some strange scientific experiments revolving around food and human health. How is humanity as a whole going to address these issues? Are we going to bury our heads in the compost or are we going to put our innovative minds and compassionate hearts together and work with current technologies and even ancient farming practices? Ceres is retrograde so its acting in a concentrated Aquarius energy. This energy is further emphasized with Mars in Cancer (ruler of the moon) squaring Uranus in Aries (ruler of Mars). Our focus therefore will be on mothers, children, nourishment, food safety and new technologies and science which for the most part come under scrutiny, even leading to heated debates.

Some of you might ask why I keep harping about food and self-love in my astrology posts and videos. My response is that without food and nourishment we would perish. And it's not just about feeding ourselves and our families healthy food because with all this Aquarius energy focused on food and agriculture now we must ask ourselves why people are still going hungry on the planet or why people living in food deserts suffer from malnutrition even when they're 100s of pounds overweight? Until humanity figures out a way to feed the world food that actually nourishes us and makes us physically strong, we don't have much else to work with. First and foremost we must take care of our basic physical needs (food, water, shelter and air).

Other than the food themes, the Aquarius Full Moon will also unveil new technologies in medicine, science, and social media. We will experience sudden breakthroughs in all areas of our lives, but mainly in areas ruled by Aquarius and Leo with Scorpio playing in the background. This could be an exciting time for some of you as you break through barriers of your subconscious mind that kept you stuck for years if not decades. There is a genius waiting to be born in each of us. We all have a specific gift that if we unleash could transform the world. The Aquarius Full Moon doesn't focus on the individual, but the collective, and how our individual talents and skills benefit the Greater Good (especially when combined with Ceres in Aquarius and Venus in Virgo). But first let's heal those shadows lurking in our subconscious minds and ensure that we all have healthy food on our tables and in our bodies.

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