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Leo New Moon on August 14--The Me in We

With Venus conjunct the sun and moon in Leo on August 14 along with Mars transiting into Leo we're going to experience a lot of face and navel-gazing (then shoe-gazing at the end of the month with the Pisces Full Moon). All this Leo energy asks us to shine our creative light on the world, practice generosity, and follow our hearts. The downside is with Uranus in Aries trining the moon/sun/Venus we had better place a lid on our egos or they'll get out of control.

However, we also experience that lovely sextile with Neptune and Pluto combining spirituality with discipline and two planets transit into Virgo (the servant) prior to the Leo New Moon with Mercury trining Pluto and Jupiter moving into Virgo. And in recent photographs of Pluto, we see that this planet is full of light and in fact, if you look closely, you'll see a Valentine's style heart etched into the bottom half of the glowing planet (but technically an asteroid or planetoid).

Also before Jupiter transits into Virgo (3 days before the Leo New Moon), the planet squares Saturn in the last degrees of Scorpio one last time. So here a similar theme comes up a third time which is about transformation through self-love and the generosity of sharing our gifts with others. And judging from the Neptune-Pluto sextile, I'm thinking that those gifts are spiritual or artistic in nature. But when I say artistic, I mean of the sublime type that leads to an out-of-the-body experience or the feeling of the body expanding into everything. I wouldn't be surprised if some of you hanging out music festivals during this time or watching an uplifting movie in a crowded theater, or hanging out at a spiritual retreat aren't going to experience your share of epiphanies. Get ready and attend this sort of event around the Leo New Moon.

Pluto, Wikipedia
With Venus involved, the epiphany could also come when making or viewing fine art such as painting, sculptures, or photography. It could come from growing or harvesting food. But there is an overall feeling of peace and diplomacy; of letting our guard down and loving our neighbors as ourselves, and it doesn't even require effort since this energy is a gift from the Universe. If you don't believe me, wait and see what transpires.

Since my early twenties, I have experienced epiphanies and what I call deeply profound spiritual experiences. In 2001 when I attended WOMAD USA, my life changed in one afternoon when I sat on the grass of Marymoore Park in Redmond, Washington and listened to a cacophony of world music acts performing on different stages and echoing across the lawn. My spirit expanded to encompass everyone around me and it was as if me as an individual disappeared or me became we/us. This event changed my life because it led me to explore the healing consciousness and power of music. I attended the event as a journalist and left it as a music researcher and promoter of Unity Consciousness.

Now, I'm expecting similar events to happen en mass across the globe on August 14 or thereabouts. the configuration is sun/moon/Venus in Leo trining Uranus in Aries. Mercury in Virgo trines Pluto and opposes Neptune, but Neptune sextiles Pluto. Then we have Jupiter moving into Virgo and Mars transiting into Leo with Saturn now direct at 28 degrees Scorpio. I can't think of a better way to say this is about developing self-love so that we can shine our gifts upon the world as a service to heal the world. And it only gets better on August 29 with the Pisces Full Moon because if any planet or sign teach us about Oneness and service through a spiritual practice, it's Pisces/Neptune.

In my New Spirit Journal moon forecast for August (look for it at the beginning of August), I focus on the glamour aspects of the Leo New Moon and Pisces Full Moon which is another interpretation which I won't go into here. We're all going to seem a bit sparkly and shiny in August, that is if the hot dry sun in the Northern Hemisphere doesn't completely dry us out. As I'm writing this the Sun is in Cancer so you would expect the Water Sign to bring rain, but it hasn't. The Sun in its own sign Leo will bring us more dryness and heat, most likely and the Leo New Moon isn't going to help matters, neither will Venus and Mars in Leo. However, let's hope that by the end of August, the Pisces Moon brings precipitation to places that badly need it.

Perhaps we can take Gregg Braden's advice and pray visually seeing the results of rain and then affirming that the earth is back in balance. If enough of us do this with conviction we could solve this drought problem in the western US and other places. But make sure you don't focus the rain in areas where there has been major flooding.

Chiron is retrograde at 20 degrees Pisces so those of you with your Chiron at 20 degrees Pisces are experiencing your Chiron Return. This means that childhood issues surface now so that you can make peace with them even though you can't fully heal the situation. It takes a change of attitude or perspective.

Meanwhile, Ceres is at 28 degrees Capricorn forming an exact sextile with Saturn in Scorpio. This mirrors the sextile between Neptune in Pisces in sextile with Pluto in Capricorn (and recalls themes from the 1960s when Neptune was in Scorpio). But now we look at the food and medical industries and how these industries serve the populace. Do we feel nurturing or nurtured? If the answer is no, then what changes can we bring to the market place to serve us better? While Ceres was in Aquarius it brought us innovations, and with Ceres now in Capricorn we build new structures. Ceres is retrograde so many of the solutions come from our inner voices. We come up with practical solutions more or less, but based on innovations and we take the slower, more cautions route while Ceres is in Capricorn. Then later when Ceres transits back into Aquarius, we experience sudden breakthroughs and quickening of solutions.

Now, that you have heads up on the Leo New Moon on August 14 (at 21 degrees), what are you planning on doing with it? Every new and full moon is special and carries with it energy that we harness with the power of intention. Always look up the themes of the moon before setting intention and one good intention for this moon is to develop self-love and confidence so that you can walk your true path and shine your light upon the world. If enough of us do this, just imagine the changes we bring to the planet. Will you join me in this mission?

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