Thursday, August 7, 2014

Super Full Moon in Aquarius on August 10, 2014--Get Ready for Liberation

Wikipedia, "Make my day".
In a series of Super Moons, the Aquarius Full Moon that falls on August 10 closes a chapter in history that lasted thousands of years...

Since my plate is full at the moment, I'm unable to write a regular post about the Full Moon in Aquarius that falls on Sunday, August 10.  However, having watched Kelley Rosano's YouTube video on the Full Moon, I can tell you that it is a Super Moon (one of several this year), and as I mentioned earlier the Sun/Mercury in Leo, Moon in Aquarius and Saturn in Scorpio form a tight T-Cross in the fixed element.  So we could experience stubborn resistance around self/independence, the collective/humanity and responsibility/authority.  Rosano also mentioned Dark Moon Lilith (a point like the Nodes) that falls in Leo conjunct the Sun.  Lilith represents a Kali-like energy female in nature demanding liberation from all BS now.

Since Moons are about emotions and subconscious energies, in this case repressed energies, I'm leaving you with Kelley Rosano's video and some music videos to release feelings of oppression, especially for women who have put up with too much oppression over the centuries. Now, is the moment to finally break free.

Remember that when we oppress anyone, we repress ourselves and the collective. The only road to healing is to liberate everyone from oppression. This includes all creatures and the Earth too.

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Kelley Rosano Full Moon in Aquarius

Helen Reddy's famous liberation song

Ruthie Foster

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