Sunday, August 17, 2014

Astrology, Planets & Law of Attraction

Last night before falling asleep I experienced an epiphany about each of the planets' roles in the Law of Attraction or manifestation process.   For instance, Jupiter expands upon our thoughts (negative or positive), Pluto transforms old situations into new experiences and Venus helps us to create sensory vision boards.

I will start with the fastest moving planets and end with Pluto.  The personal planets (Moon, Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars) bring quick manifestations, even instant manifestations when we use their energies and transits correctly.  However, these manifestations are short lived unless we ground them with Saturn or one of the outer planets.  With Neptune especially, we manifest for the Highest and Best so that the invisible doesn't return to haunt us later.

With the Moon, we pay attention to dreams, intuitive hunches and follow synchronicity threads.  The Moon helps us to center ourselves and visualize the outcome we desire by engaging our imagination.  When working with Moon energy for Law of Attraction we focus mainly on emotions/feelings.  If our emotions fall on the dark side we seek healing or clearing before plunging into the deep end of our imagination. The Moon offers healing of our subconscious beliefs and patterns too, but this takes effort and discipline.

photos by Patricia Herlevi
Since the Moon travels through the entire Zodiac every 28 days, we can also work with the energies of each of the signs (some are better than others for manifestation) and phases of the Moon.  I find the waxing Taurus Moon (Moon is exalted in Taurus) perfect for manifesting concrete and solid realities, such as homes, new jobs, and waxing Libra works well for manifesting partnerships and so on.  Waning Moons work best when eliminating something from our life such as weight with weight loss.

The Sun helps us with manifesting new identities or creating prosperity, abundance, wealth and joy in our lives. The Sun represents our heart center and heart desires are the best ones to manifest because they align with our soul paths. With the Sun, as with Venus watch out for arrogance, narcissism and destructive materialism.  You might manifest the sports car or the luxury home but feel miserable without a spiritual center to come home to.  Best time to use the Sun energy for manifestation is when it's in the sign of Leo, the ruler of the Sun.

With Mercury, we manifest through the power and hidden power of words.  Mercury also tricks us and attaches double-meaning or double speak which brings obtuse manifestations.  So we get the house, but the house has mold or a leaky roof.  However, if we use the key phrase "I Am that I Am" with positive words following and we practice mindfulness, we manifest through affirmations, mantras, and everyday language.  If we don't like what we create, then watch the words slipping from our tongue.

Practice honesty and integrity while using words wisely.  Never underestimate the power of words and their magnetic attraction.  Working with a combination of Moon and Mercury (words with emotions) while communicating clearly, manifests more quickly.  Stay away from drama and victim thinking.  If you stay positive, you're well on your way to creating a desirable life.

Venus works best with manifesting material desires such as a new home, a garden, travel to exotic places when combined with Jupiter, a retreat in the woods, or culinary delights.  Venus manifest beauty, elegance, refinement, friendships, diplomacy (peace), a yoga or exercise practice, new clothing, and sensual pleasures.  When combined with the Moon, Venus represents the Divine Feminine and so bodes well for spiritual manifestations too.

The downside of Venus is greed, manipulation (when combined with Pluto or Saturn), and an obsession with material wealth to the point of excluding real love and spiritual substance.  Though I won't sit here and judge since this Venus experience brings with it lessons that can eventually lead to a higher purpose. Just be careful what you wish for because with Venus in the right sign for manifestation (mainly Taurus), will act like a Genie in a bottle.  Abracadabra!

Mars brings drive, will and motivation, but align your will with God's will for best results.  Watch out for impulsive wishes and think things through.  Create vision boards of your true desires because Mars has powerful magnetic abilities.  Don't play games unless you're not afraid to lose.  Mars in Aries manifests cars, sexually attractive partners, careers in leadership or athleticism and the usual Mars stuff.  Mars also attracts courage and confidence to help us solve problems and move ahead with our personal game plans.  Use Mars energy wisely because it has unwanted side effects involving the outer world and other people who bring challenges and obstacles.

Jupiter expands what it touches, especially when the planet is in Sagittarius or Pisces (co-rulers).  So if your thoughts are mostly negative then guess what shows up in your life?  The good news is that Jupiter tends to fall on the positive rose-colored glasses side of life.  Jupiter boosts our enthusiasm and gives us a boost of faith just when we require it.  However, pull in some Saturn energy so that we bring discipline and responsibility to the Law of Attraction process.

Depending on how we mindfully use Saturn's energy, we either feel trapped and depressed because nothing goes our way or we use discipline to manifest our desires.  Saturn requires a step-by-step structured process.  Think of programs like The Artist's Way or Sonia Choquette's Creating Your Heart's Desire which involves process.  Saturn loves structure.

However, don't wallow in pessimism or doubt when working with Saturn transits or energy because with Saturn patience and staying positive are rewarded.  Watch out for cynicism, worry and doubts (3 predators of Law of Attraction manifestations).  Best to start with the personal planets and work your way up to Saturn since this planet works best for the super disciplined and highly advanced spiritualist only.

Personally, I wouldn't work with Uranus for manifestations because this planet (similar to Mercury) is a trickster.  When Uranus is involved with a major transit in the chart, be careful what you wish for because you'll get the unexpected experience.  True, you can learn from those surprises, but you'll also break free from limitations.

Combine Neptune with the Moon while working with dreams, imagination, vision boards, vision videos, dance, singing, playing music with mantras etc...Neptune helps us to get in touch with our spirits/souls where our true wishes reside.  However, don't fall into the trap of only dreaming and not taking inspired action or escaping into imagination and staying there.  Creating vision boards is one thing, but taking practical steps is another.   Ultimately to succeed you imagine then take the next step.  Action is always required at some point, even if that action represents a required healing or clearing.  And when the going gets tough, don't escape into your usual addiction or sink into depression.

We don't invite Pluto as part of the manifestation process.  Pluto just shows up and transforms old unworkable experiences into new realities or experiences.  We can't run and hide from a major Pluto transit nor is this a good idea.  Watch for Pluto transits to the Sun, Moon and AC or MC for major life changes.  Having experienced a Pluto-Moon, Pluto-Sun and Pluto-AC and Pluto-MC transits, my best advice is let go of what no longer serves you, rest in the void, then when it's time, take action to move forward.

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