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Shifting Realities--Choosing from a Quantum Physics Menu

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For anyone who wonders what quantum physics has to do with planet transits, I bet that it's all connected--multiple dimensions and outer planet transits.  The planets merely shift our reality so that we partake in a vast menu of choices.  Instead of what type of tea would you like to order, we ask, which dimension would you like to visit?

Last night I experienced the downloads of downloads! I don't usually leap out of a comfortable bed when these downloads begin to tease my brain.  I feel groggy, exhausted from the previous day with a dream still lingering on the edge of my mind.  However, had I not awakened, grabbed a pen and a notebook, the messages you're about to read would have either disappeared into the cosmos or shown up in someone else' consciousness with the hope that they would share the message.


An astrologer once said to me that if I felt like I had dropped down a proverbial rabbit hole, I'm on the right track. This happened in 2001 roughly and I'm still traveling through the strange land down the hole.  When we surrender a little more each day to quantum realities, we live in different worlds than we did 20, even 5 years ago.  I get that many of you are still clinging to the old way of being and doing in the world and you're running up against fortress walls or broken bridges that would escort you to the past.  Here's the big message: You can't go back so lighten your load and trudge forward.

So what's happening here? Why do I feel like I'm choosing from a menu of realities that reads like: Hell on Earth, Heaven on Earth or a transition lounge? And what's all this business about choosing a frequency like tuning into a radio station that creates your reality? And trust me the reason so many people argue these days is because they are not experiencing the same reality and might not even be operating in the same dimension! Love and fear can no longer co-exist-another big message coming up.  Choose one or the other, but choose.

Why are some people walking around anxious/depressed and tripping on drama? While others manifest soulmates and dream homes in Maui? And what's all this business about shifting realities, quantum physics, multiple dimensions and the quest of Pluto in Capricorn?  Why do so-called "Awake and aware" people discuss these topics sitting comfortably in a living room or a spiritual bookshop when others are decimated by war and other violence?  Allow me to explain and explore what I've learned thus far (since 2001).

Welcome to the Smorgasbord

Think of this period of time as an all-you-can-live menu. The Universe exists as multiple dimensions, parallel realities, parallel lives and all time as no time.  We can compare the Universe to a radio dial and each dimension represents a frequency connected to a radio station.  And we have both low and high frequencies, the higher frequencies bringing you closer to love/peace/harmony and the lower frequencies dropping you into suffering/misery/persecution etc  Now we tune into these frequencies as individuals and as collectives which is why thousands of people can suffer from the same war or catastrophe while others living in intentional communities connected to the earth in positive ways usher in a time of peace, at least their corner in the world.

We choose individually and collectively whether we will experience an apocalypse or the return to Eden.  God does not make that choice for us because we have free will.  If we choose to return to Eden or the equivalent then we must raise our frequency.  I have written about this in posts on Whole Astrology, Bonjour Bellingham (Intuitive Coaching 101) and Whole Music Experience.  Like I said earlier, none of this information is new to me, but the download I'm typing now explains the information so that everyone can understand it.

When we choose one dimension we actually disappear from the others.  I had read in the past of Indigenous cultures opting to disappear from the Earth.  Now, they weren't talking mass suicide, but they were talking about raising their frequencies to rise to a Fifth World or Fifth or Higher Dimension.  They would appear as spirits or spirit guides to those folks still residing in the Third and Fourth dimensions.  We are all indigenous and some of us are Star Children, if not all of us.  I like what I heard from the book The Afterlife of Billy Fingers that we are stardust. (I heard this on an interview that Cari Murphy did with the author of the book).

Now, you're free to choose a life punctuated with melodrama, victim-thinking, and punctuated with low-vibe words also known as, profanity.  You're free to engage in low-vibe activities such as smoking (any plant substance), partaking in recreational drugs, drinking alcohol, indulging in processed foods and gossiping about your neighbors, colleagues, friends and co-workers.  But if you do any of those activities don't expect to return to Eden any time soon.  First, you have some healing to do.

On the other hand, someone who chooses a life of synchronicity and manifestation using the Universal Laws experiences heaven on Earth.  And they are not out of touch with reality.  They've just created a healthier version of reality free of victims, violence and all those ugly images most people take for granted thinking they're trapped in it.  The only trap is the mind and by clearing the mind through intense release of beliefs, patterns, etc, anyone can enter the gates of Eden.

Now, if someone aligns their thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and emotions with war of any kind and devastation of any kind, then rest assured they will experience even more of this darkness almost like mice breeding in the basement.  When we tell someone to face reality, the question is which reality? Why does it seem that the planet is getting both hotter and colder? Which is it? Why does it seem like human populations are exploding and declining at the same time? Why is it that one scientific experiment proves a theory while another experiment cancels it out? Do you ever wonder about these contradictions? 

While it seems to some of us that more and more people are choosing love others have chosen to climb into the proverbial basket to hell. Well which is it as we throw our arms up in frustration. Remember those multiple choice tests that we took in high school and college with the option of "all of the above"?  Well, we are experiencing an all of the above moment.  All of the above explains multiple dimensions, parallel lives and an unending universe that folds upon itself.

Crows are reality shifters.  Photo by Patricia Herlevi
A New Way of Checking Out

Not long ago when we referred to "checking out" we referred to suicide as a means to escape this chaotic planet.  But now, checking out refers to checking out of this or that dimension as we ascend to a higher dimension and a new reality.  Some people live in a reality of disappointment and they say things like, "Yeah 2012 came and went and where are those Mayans?" or "Why does the world appear exactly the same as pre-2012?"

For folks who practice low-vibe lifestyles life on the planet seems catastrophic.  How could it not? Yet, others of higher minds see the world as a wonderland ripe for potential of instant manifestation and that includes living in a peaceful place. For these folks everyday feels like a trip to Disney Land even during darker moments because these folks know that they have the power to shift reality through cleansing and clearing old beliefs and patterns.  As these folks rise out of bed each day they ask their guides to lead them to manifesting their dreams or to enchant them or open their hearts even further while pouring in gratitude, love and abundance.  And sure change doesn't happen overnight, but with practice anyone can live this way.

Meanwhile in other countries people flee for their lives as if they caught up in some low-vibration vortex or corrupted morphongenetic field.  And we don't heal these situations by attending rallies and holding up signs or even signing petitions.  We heal these fields through mindful and intentional prayer and meditation done better in groups than alone.  Gregg Braden has proven the effectiveness of quantum prayer in his DVDs, some of which you can find on YouTube.  Whether or not you believe in the possibility of a total Earth healing or not is entirely up to you.  But why not believe in world peace? Why not intend it? What do you get from a violent world? Is there a payoff for you like cheap goods or oil? This is where the rubber hits the road and we take responsibility for the energies we release upon the world.

We choose our realities by the words we speak, the foods we eat, the music we listen to and how each of us treats our body with either respect or disrespect.  And when we treat ourselves with disrespect we treat others the same way.  I have witnessed that people who seem to suffer the most, at least where I live, punctuate their sentences with low-vibrational words, treat their bodies like garbage cans, and often listen to self-defeating music, which under no circumstance will ever raise a person's vibration.  A descent occurs taking these people into deeper suffering.  However, when groups practicing mindfulness and healing intentions gather, we send out healing energies in waves to the people still playing in the sandbox of 3rd Dimensional reality.

I've even noticed people bringing these low-vibes to YouTube videos meant to raise frequencies by punctuating their comments with mean and profane words.  Putting someone down on YouTube or any social media because they think differently, will not lead to manifesting dreams, but people who do this manifest nightmares on a daily basis.  If hell exists, it is self-imposed.  Sure we can claim ignorance, but information about shifting and awakening is everywhere.  You can listen to Reiki and energy-raising videos on YouTube, join a spiritual group or pick up self-help books at a local library. And none of this will cost you anything except your time.  Instead of spending time with negative people who find only fault with the world, hang out with intentional healers while taking the time to heal yourself.  Only then will you rise to a new world or a parallel Earth plane.  And yes, this is possible and that's what the Mayans left for us.

For more information about quantum physics, shifting realities, sound vibrations etc, please visit Whole Music Experience or Bonjour Bellingham (Intuitive Coaching 101).  As I find new ways to connect quantum physics with astrology, I will include those post here and on the other blogs.

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