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Zodiac Sign Desires--They Just Gotta Have it

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Each of the Zodiac signs have their desires from the hairstyle, waxing jobs and make up for the Libra woman to the need for risk-taking adventures of the Aries man (or woman), they all got an itch for something.  And the problem we have getting along with people of different astrological makeup revolves around not honoring the other person's desire and thinking that they should desire the same things we do.  And in fact, this could lead to arguments. Think of the Sagittarius man's need for freedom and travel (even if it's just mind travel) and the Cancerian woman's need for a secure home life and a partner enjoys the domestic scene.  Even if both people compromised, they would be selling their true desires short.

Aries have shorter attention spans than say a Taurus and they need to get on with the next item on their agenda while Taurus plods along soaking up every sensual detail of an experience.  You can see how this would land these two in heaps of frustration.  However, someone with strong Capricorn would get along better with Taurus even if they focus on more practical things rather than sensual experiences. The two could still learn from each other such as the Taurus could learn how to curb spending on gourmet food and finer things in life from practical Capricorn and the two could find sensual experiences in nature, hiking, cross country skiing or perhaps gardening.  Taurus sensual needs are met meeting Capricorn's economic bottom line.

So without me going into all 12 Zodiac signs and listing their needs, I do encourage you to read astrology books that delve into the desires and emotional needs of the Zodiac signs, not just to understand your friends, colleagues, family members and partner's needs, but to reveal your own hidden needs that were glossed over by the people in your life (who don't share your Sun Sign or dominant sign where your planets reside).  For instance, a person born with a stellium of planets in Capricorn is not going to enjoy hanging out with gamblers and risk-takers.  He or she is not going to parachute out of airplanes or race fast cars.  A person born with a stellium in Pisces will either grapple with addictions or have a successful career as a musician or dancer or filmmaker and probably won't enjoy parachuting from airplanes either and might spend more time than the average person lost in daydreams.

Often we want other people to be just like us so we can feel safe in the world.  When they don't, we manipulate and control them leading to all types of drama and melodrama.  We might feel attracted to a Leo's charisma, but in reality, we don't like feeling like second fiddle to them and we feel drained flattering them all day and feeling like they never get enough compliments, already.  While none of us comes with a direction label attached to our bodies, it's still a wise idea to look before we leap, especially when it comes to partnering with another.  True, every Zodiac sign teaches us a lesson, but some of these lessons prove brutal and painful causing us to swear off relationships period.

Virgos want to fix things and that includes you.  Leos want to shine brightly in the world and you're just going to feel like their stagehand or stage mother standing in the wings.  Cancers want to express and explore emotions from the depths of their soul and you might just feel like you're drowning around a Cancerian if you are a dominant fire or air sign. And Sun Signs do matter in this sense.  Capricorns are about time, space, and structure, ruled by Saturn.  They are slow to make decisions, they slowly climb their way to the top of the mountain to enjoy the panoramic view, but they are not as slow and stubborn as Taurus who just wants to drink in all the experiences of our 5 senses.  They want you to notice that shade of pink on that soft and fragrant flower.  Scorpio wants to experience life intensely and Aquarius enjoys shocking others by showing up to a dinner party wearing combat boots (you think I'm kidding, right?)

For those of you interested in compatible romantic signs check out those old classics by Linda Goodman and also Mark Husson's book on relationships by Zodiac signs. While our focus should not be just on the Sun Sign, for many people this is enough of a map.  But for more serious students of astrology, look at the North Node, Venus, Mars, and Moon signs as they appear in a synastry chart.  Even with friendships, we feel burned out around some Zodiac signs and refreshed around others.  Become conscious of your feelings in these connections and ask yourself, "Are my needs met in this relationship? What are my needs in this relationship? Am I realistic to think that this person can even meet my needs?"  Be honest with yourself.  Then ask the other person to state their needs.  I'm not saying you should end a friendship based on the responses to those questions, but you do need to reassess and become realistic.  By answering those questions, you will experience ah-hah moments and you might find yourself in a fit of giggles. Never give up your needs for anyone, but find a way to meet your needs on your own, if it comes to that.  This will leave you replenished and not needing something from others.  When you reach that point of self-fulfillment, you have no need to manipulate or control another person to experience life your way.

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