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Final post for 2013--Energies of Neptune, Uranus and Pluto

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Well, here we are at the tail end of 2013, a year of Grand Water Trines, Kites, water sign stelliums and powerful eclipses. I'm focusing on the positive.  But I have to say that the outer planets were up to their old trickery.  Most astrologers would tell you that it's virtually impossible to make predictions for Pluto, Uranus and Neptune transits and in the case of Pluto, I think some of us suffer from quivering knees, especially if we have little Scorpio in our natal charts, no planets in our 8th house and are afraid of dark things or things that go bump in the night, like bats hiding in closets.

The problem with Pluto is he represents the underworld and the subconscious mind, as well as, the hidden collective unconscious that drives are most primal urges.  We tell ourselves that we live in a civilized world and we can have none of that Pluto business and for centuries we got away with it.  Then Pluto, bombs, and psychology came along, the cat was out of the bag.  We find ourselves as lost as Persephone as she gripped the earth with her hands and nails while Pluto dragged her to the deep core of the planet.

So as astrologers, the only thing we can predict with a Pluto transits is that the client with the transit is going to experience something he or she finds horrific, even if others around him or her don't see it that way.  Pluto lifts the rug to reveal the mold, insects, dust and crumbs underneath.  Pluto discovers bats in the attic and rats the size of cats in the basement.  It's hard to live in a civilized world and play with Pluto on the side, though some folks try.  Where Uranus shocks us by not following the usual protocol, Pluto shocks us with the most vulgar, disturbing and shadow aspects of ourselves that cause us to cringe.  Pluto strips us bare and we know the type of event coming our way, by the house and sign where Pluto transits.  And even then, we still don't know how the events will play out which more or less depends on the maturity level of the client and how easily he or she can let go of attachments and make room for the new.

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Uranus transits are unpredictable even when we know the house and sign of the transit.  A weather reporter can predict thunder showers and electrical storms, but he can't predict the damage it might cause or where the damage will take place.  We can't predict where the lightening will strike and which trees or houses will suffer from the strike.  We also can't predict how groups of people will act out when dealing with oppression, but we know at some point, they will strike too.

In a chart, Uranus throws astrologers into a tailspin as they try to pin down events related to the transit.  But astrologers can only guess and some times if they know and understand Uranus energy, they can guess correctly.  For instance, a client could have Uranus transiting through their 7th house and fear the worst, that their marriage will break up during the seven years of the transit.  But instead the marriage arrives at a new level, the couple sells all their belongings and hits the road in a mobile home or moves to a foreign country to work with the oppressed.  Uranus transiting through the 10th house could predict a loss of a career, but it could also predict that the loss of career leads to a whole new lifestyle as it did for many people in 2008 and 2009.

Neptune, Wikipedia
Finally, we get to slippery and nebulous Neptune.  Will the client with the Neptune transit turn to drugs, alcohol or delusional thinking during a stressful Neptune transits or find his or her spiritual path?  We know that Neptune transits bring us foggy thinking where we could use clarity and dissolves structure which leads to paranoia in some cases or escapism.  To an Aries type, Neptune feels like the enemy with its wishy washy thinking and its desire to sit in deep meditation for hours.

We know that Neptune bodes well for the arts, especially with photography, dance, choreography, film making and music.  But Neptune is still hard to pin down since the planet is represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions.  Neptune loves ambiguity, invisibility, confusion, haziness, brain fog and feelings of spaciousness (or spaciness).  A Neptune transit in a chart, depending on which house it's in and which planets it aspects, doesn't feel like the rug was pulled out from under us, but more like the rug was never really there in the first place, only in our imagination.  We start second guessing our motives the motives of others leading to paranoia (think Hitchcock movies).  Did we really hear what we thought we heard? Can we trust others? Are we so easily deceived?

So consider these three planets as we venture into 2014.  Neptune remains in Pisces, Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn, but by the end of 2014, Saturn will move into Sagittarius and Jupiter changes signs (moves into Leo) the summer of 2014.  The thought that keeps popping up into my mind is that Saturn will rule 2014, but my natal Saturn won't be much help to me since Neptune conjuncts the planet for the next 12 months.  Perhaps, I will feel like I'm swimming in two directions.  What's new?

Since I said I would stay positive, the upside of Neptune is that the planet reminds me of an enchanted dragonfly, luminescent and sounds like a choir of angels on good days.  With Neptune, we merge with all that is and become One with the Universe. We join the cosmic dance and meet our Maker.  With Uranus we finally get out of ruts, change our life course suddenly and experience adventure through the planet's spontaneous and surprising energies.  With Pluto, we gain personal power and develop deep strength and courage.  We transition from initiate to shaman and rule our domain.  Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus and the outer planets come bearing gifts.  Sorry, that I forgot to mention this.

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