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Trick or Treat--Mercury's Communication Style through the Zodiac

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I have experienced a challenging week with the heavy planets beating me in the brow and kicking me in the butt. So this week's post falls on the lighter side.  Let's take a look at Mercury, the communication and technology planet and how the different sign placements cause us to fall into traps or trip ourselves.  As an added bonus, I'm including movies trailers that further describe the energies of each Mercury placement.  The title "Trick or Treat" revolves around the light and dark side of this dualistic planet with its dual rulers Virgo and Gemini.  So are you ready for some fun on a Friday?

Mercury in Aries speaks in hot or fiery tones.  Even when this Mercury placement falls on the shy side, you can still feel the heat underneath.  He might not be the most intelligent or articulate one in the room, but he will champion your cause as long as he can look chivalrous in the process.  On the darker side, this Mercury in Aries becomes overly defensive and is a real impatient hothead to contend with.  Remember Aries' planet Mars is a war god so this Mercury placement falls into the trap of using violent and destructive words that cause more harm than good.  On the lighter side, Mercury and Aries gives powerful speeches that stir passion up even the most apathetic crowd.

Recommended Movie: Erin Brockovich

Mercury in Taurus with the ruler Venus (which also rules the throat), this Mercury speaks in sensual words.  Perhaps she dabbles in poetry or sings for a living.  When I thought of this Mercury placement, The Sound of Music popped into my head with all those singing children romping about the meadows of the Austrian Alps.  On the darker side Mercury in Taurus can come off as lazy, in articulate, or stubborn refusing to hear another person's words, especially the words of Mercury in Aquarius which just seems too far out and detached of sensual experiences.  On the lighter side, Mercury in Taurus often possesses a soothing voice that is conducive to healing others through toning (sound healing using the voice) and bringing balance.

Recommended Movie: The Sound of Music

Mercury in Gemini since this marks the home sign for Mercury, this placement loves to talk and feels comfortable with the oral and written language.  These folks could talk all evening and with glib on a variety of topics, sometimes merging two topics at one time.  On the darker side, since Mercury in Gemini loves to hear himself talk, he might not hear what the others contribute to a conversation.  He might not be able to decide how he feels or what he thinks on a topic since both sides present a compelling argument.  On the lighter side, you could not find a more interesting conversation partner that this detached air sign.  And maybe you'll learn something new and fascinating in the process.

Recommended Movie: My Dinner with Andre

Mercury in Cancer could end in tears, if not an all-out sob fest. These folks grab your emotions with their well-articulated speeches.  They might not always have their facts straight since they too are swept up by emotions of the public or current events.  They are often found promoting causes revolving around nutrition, mothers, children or their country.  They might either be extremely patriotic or not at all depending on the rest of their charts.  On the darker side, Mercury in Cancer manipulates and controls others through self-righteousness and guilt.  They can also smother people with their emotional use of words.  On the lighter side, just like Mercury in Taurus, Mercury in Cancer brings comfort through soothing words.

Recommended Movie: Under a Tuscan Sun

Mercury in Leo speaks in a bold and commanding manner that sways an audience.  This Mercury speaks straight from the heart or the ego, depending on the person's evolution.  Motivational Speaker Marianne Williamson has her Mercury in Leo. You can almost hear her roar when she gets going.  These folks are definitely self-possessed and act like they own a place that they occupy even for just a moment.  The darker side of Mercury in Leo is when the ego steps out of the shadow and dominates others.  The lighter side comes out when Mercury in Leo speaks from the innocent place of a child, full of wonder, and believes in magic and possibilities.  These folks make excellent motivational speakers if they first motivate themselves and get off the couch and into the world.

Recommended Movie: The King and I (or the Lion King)

Mercury in Virgo...fuss, fuss, fuss...I don't have time for this as the White Rabbit scurries away with his pocket watch in hand.  Although this Mercury placement speaks more in analytical terms and uses practical everyday language or the stuff of computer geeks which only a select few comprehend. On the darker side, this Mercury placement nags, nitpicks and over analyses each situation when immediate action is required.  On the lighter side, this Mercury placement (when not suffering from nervous exhaustion) might just have the solution you need and they just want to help.

Recommended Movie: Amelie

Mercury in Libra conjures images of Jane Austen movies or novels. Here you have the discreet charm of the middle class, the protocol between the sexes, and a bit of subterfuge since Mercury in Libra can never face a problem head on, but instead find comfort in the gossip of friends. On the darker side these folks lean towards passive-aggressive subterfuge in the realm of communication.  They will only listen to you if you come across as positive, light and charming.  On the lighter side, they make good dinner hosts and bring the charm back into the mundane world.

Recommended Movie: Jane Austen's Emma

Mercury in Scorpio is just plain scary or on a good day, just spooky.  This Mercury placement speaks in cutting and biting words, often spicing up their communication with dark or vulgar words.  Or they might be incredibly psychic, see right through you with their x-ray eyes and not mince words when communicating with you.  Since this represents a fixed sign placement on the darker side, these folks are stubborn and won't listen to you if you're not on the same page as them.  On the lighter side, some times we need a dose of Scorpionic truth even if it stings.

Recommended Movie: Mommy Dearest

Mercury in Sagittarius...ha, ha, ha, ha, hah! This jolly Mercury placement loves to make fun of himself or other people.  He sees the humor, irony or satire in just about every situation imaginable and amuses others with his expansive wit.  On the darker side, Mercury in Sagittarius might tell too many off-color ethnic jokes or make grand generalizations about religious institutions or other nationalities.  On the lighter side, this guy will have you laughing in the aisles and feeling jolly in no time.

Recommended Movie: Woody Allen's Hannah and Her Sisters

Mercury in Capricorn commands that we get down to the business of the day and earn some money.  It's a long, lonely climb to the top and this Mercury placement often feels dejected and disappointed with others who don't share the same set of ethics.  This Mercury placement is often misunderstood and thought of as gloomy, however, in her own sober language, Mercury in Capricorn gives solid advice and would make an excellent mentor for a young entrepreneur with nerves of steel. On the darker side, Mercury in Capricorn sees the glass as half empty.  On the lighter side, this Mercury placement is the most practical of the 12 and set for success.  A personal trainer would do well with Mercury in Capricorn because she is not afraid of hard work and the slow climb to the top of the mountain.

Recommended Movie: It's a Wonderful Life

Mercury in Aquarius, think Martin Luther King, Jr. or any humanitarian clinging to a far-off and sometimes far-out vision.  When this person speaks, electrical sparks if not lightening bolts are felt in a room.  This placement speaks for the collective and not the individual's ego.  On the darker side, this Mercury placement comes across as too detached and might not concern himself with an individual's plight unless this individual represents the collective.  On the lighter side, a visionary needs to detach from emotions and sentiments to bring change to the planet.

Recommended Movie: Norma Rae

Mercury in Pisces recalls the murky depths of a foggy lake. This placement conjures movies of the Surrealists such as Luis Bunuel.  We have entered dream territory where people speak in riddles or in slippery words which leaves us feeling lost on Neptune.  On the darker side these folks double-speak and avoid committing to an idea, concept or they might pretend to agree with you.  On the lighter side, a big dream comes in handy now and again.  The world needs music makers and poets and we need to believe in moon beams, rainbows and castles in clouds or not.

Recommended Movie: Luis Bunuel's Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie

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