Monday, September 9, 2013

Pluto-Uranus Square--Messages from the Deep End

Any of us experiencing direct Pluto/Uranus transits at the moment and for the past three years have experienced our share of breakthroughs and even disturbing metaphors.  Last night, after watching two movies, meditating and everything else I did within a 24 hour period, I saw the metaphor of toxins pumped out from a stomach with what happens when Pluto pumps out our subconscious.  If what the experts like Bruce Lipton are saying hold true--that most of our mental and emotional programming happens during our first five years of life and that we have no awareness of most of the programming in our brains, then a Pluto transit truly comes as a blessing!

To the outer world a Pluto transit looks like divorce, loss of a home or a job or a family member.  A Pluto transit could look like someone getting cancer or another life-threatening disease while they are at the peak of their career or in the prime of their life.  The Pluto transit is so powerful that it stops us in our tracks.  And this doesn't just happen with Pluto is in Capricorn.  And the Pluto-Uranus Square we keep hearing about now is not the first we have experienced in history even if it feels life-threatening to us.  People with mutable signs will tell you what happened to them when Pluto was in Sagittarius and Uranus was in Pisces! I even have stories to tell you with 6 of my planets in mutable signs!  As far as I know, we did not experience a Uranus/Pluto Square during that time, but we did experience Pluto and Uranus' transiting squares, oppositions and conjunctions with planets in Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces, and Virgo. And now with Neptune and Chiron transiting in Pisces, we are revisiting those hot spots again, but through a healing and dissolving lens.

However, the energy we now face with the Pluto-Uranus Square is Cardinal and the Cardinal signs rule the angular (and to some people) the most important houses in our charts (1st, 4th, 7th and 10th) so we are forced to look at relationships, partnerships, parents, home, career and employment, not to mention our core identity.  Those are the themes of the angular houses.  And when you look at losses experienced in those areas (sometimes in one fell swoop), we are forced to take a deep journey into our subconscious to purge negative patterns and beliefs--some that don't even belong to us!  And until we purge those beliefs (we have a 20 year cycle to do that, but most intense around the time of an exact orb), we will remain stuck in our lives.

So if you find yourself repeating a pattern with relationships, career, home, family or health, take the dive down under, and I'm not talking Australia.  Pluto rules the underworld in our case, the subconscious mind, but not only that, Pluto can dredge up patterns from previous life times too.  It is no accident that you keep running into the same issues, same problems or same people dressed in different clothing.  Pluto brings this as a gift because until you shed light on this darkness, you cannot reach your full spiritual potential.  This should not cause a person with these transits to develop smugness to the rest of the world, but we still need to recognize the gifts Pluto (and Uranus) bestow upon us by clearing the deck and allowing us to start afresh.

I've mentioned previously that I have my Sun in Cancer at 8 degrees and my Mercury is at 11 degrees Cancer.  My AC is around 6 degrees Capricorn so I have felt this Pluto/Uranus square first hand, even for several years now since my North Node is in Cancer at 2 degrees (barely out of Gemini).  And my South Node falls into the 12th House which represents the deep subconscious and those things that are hidden from us.  So I want to tell you about a pattern that I unearthed within the past 24 hours that my Spirit Guides tell me is in most humans.

I have struggled with a lack of trust in other people (seeing them as incompetent and therefore attracting the incompetence in others or incompetent people) and I carried the belief system, "I have to do this alone and I had better do this (whatever the project or task) if I want it done right."  The other beliefs to look for is, "I am alone" or "I have to isolate myself from others."

This caused me to micromanage every area of my life! So I'm walking around with tight and tense muscles (for my entire life), I felt like I was carrying the weight of the world on my shoulder and I kept hearing my mother's voice from my childhood, "Can't you do anything right?"  And it's true I have experienced my share of failure and disappointment.  I did experience success only to find myself sabotaging success to rid myself of anxiety of something horrible about to happen.  I would quit or get fired from a job because of this anxiety that would cause me to do something compulsive that landed me in trouble. But I never knew what was going on until I unearthed this programming which revolves around trust and competency.  This also reflects the relationship you have with God, Angels, etc if you find yourself micromanaging the spiritual world through over praying or demanding that your manifestations show up in a specific way.

I won't go any deeper into this pattern and how it affects me because it's rather personal.  However, if you find that you keep repeating the same scenarios and if you find that you can't trust anyone, not yourself, not God, not your boss, friends, spouse, etc...then you are running this pattern in your subconscious and it's tied into a belief you either came to the planet with or adopted from your caretakers (parents, teachers).  The first step is to identify the belief and the second step is to release/remove the belief from your subconscious. You can work with an intuitive life coach such as Sonia Choquette or use Emotional Freedom Technique or other modalities for releasing emotions and beliefs.

You cannot cover up these subconscious beliefs with positive affirmations or Law of Attraction exercises.  You must first remove this belief or other damaging beliefs before manifesting anything or you will just manifest the same cycle of success-disappointment-failure.  Fortunately, you won't have to dig too deep if you experience Pluto and Uranus transits.  The outer planet Neptune also brings up beliefs and programming in the subconscious and dissolves the patterns, but you need to bring conscious awareness to the process.  Neptune can just as well lead you into brain fog or addiction as a form of escape.  When working with Neptune energy you must bring full consciousness to the process even if it automatically happens in the background.  And don't self-medicate or use mind-altering drugs when working with Neptune otherwise you fall into a trap or you end up like the minotaurs lost in the labyrinth.

The outer planets bring us a clear message that this is a time of transformation of the tallest order.  The entire planet is transforming starting with every cell.  The best way to handle the stress caused by all these changes is to develop conscious awareness and the planets are actually helping us to do that.  However, what happens is that people fight the process.  They hang onto relationships, jobs, careers, or lifestyles that don't serve them and had never actually served them.  We can no longer fool ourselves or live in denial.  And as you develop conscious awareness you lift your frequency or vibration.  As you do this, you have more dimensional options meaning you don't have to hang around in third dimensional reality any longer.  If you truly want inner peace and peace in the world, purge yourself of this old programming.  It doesn't serve you and in fact, it can and will destroy you if you don't remove it.

I recommend checking out books on the outer planets. First learn about Saturn, then Uranus, Neptune and then Pluto.  I also recommend visiting an astrologer with a focus on the outer planets because these planets are the great awakeners.  You master the energy of these planets and you reach enlightenment.  Some people scoff at me when I tell them that I practice astrology, but these people don't understand yet the power connected to the outer planets.  And maybe this is a good thing or a blessing in disguise because any time because there are those entities who would abuse such power.  Take the high road.

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