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Shaking, Shifting, Life-Changing October

Patricia Herlevi
September flew by quickly and so did summer in my part of the world.  Now, as the wind and rain are upon us, I turn my thoughts to October 2013 transits and boy are these whoppers!  In October we will experience a Lunar Eclipse in Aries (26 degrees) which means the Libra Sun is also at 26 degrees, Mercury retrograde in Scorpio, a loose continuing conjunction with transiting Saturn and the North Node in Scorpio and an exact square between Pluto and Uranus.  And before you push the panic button, please understand that all this shaking up is going to usher in a new era.

We could see the collapse of large financial institutions the last week of October with Mercury RX conjuncting transiting Saturn in Scorpio along with the Uranus/Pluto Square at 9 degrees.  If you don't already do your banking with locally-owned banks or credit unions (which will be fine) it's time to switch over from the large corporate bank.

Also don't invest in Wall Street and instead invest in your local community, especially local companies.  We're looking at some large shakedowns at the end of October and beginning of November, especially in the US, around the General Election.  This information comes from my Spirit Guides who conveyed this prediction to me this morning (October 10, 2013).  They are adamant about this and even had me look at my planet guide for exact dates.  Mercury/Saturn are at 13 degrees Scorpio on October 30 and in orb from October 24 through November 5.

Remember that Saturn constricts and here we have Saturn in Scorpio, ruler of financial institutions, governments, etc and Mercury in RX in this sign uncovering and discovering flaws in the system.  Pluto also rules financial institutions and is in Capricorn (big business) Squaring Uranus in Aries (the will of the people) at exact 9 degrees.  Big government is in a weak position financially speaking and unable to bailout any big bank collapses.   Also North Node is in Scorpio and so we are moving towards a greater destiny of transformation.

See Carl Boudreau's forecast for October on YouTube:

I agree with Carl B., but I have a different method of reaching my conclusion.  Carl combines a Full Moon and a New Moon Chart in a composite and he uses 0 degrees Greenwich Time. I just use the transits as they appear in my emphemeris and consult with my Spirit Guide Saint Thomas of Aquinas, the Free Will Astrology saint.  I will also include the first week of November in this post since the US holds its General Election on November 5, two days after the Solar Eclipse and a few days after Mercury RX joined transiting Saturn in Scorpio (October 30-31) when many political secrets would reveal themselves.

During the first two weeks of October, we will experience a Mercury-Chiron Trine (9-12), which will be a time of unblocking any energy in the form of thoughts and beliefs that blocks are ability to heal our childhood wounds.  However, remember that trines only create the flow and it is up to each of us to engage in that flow to bear fruit from it.  Mercury in Scorpio also trines Neptune in Pisces (1-5) so we can share our deepest dreams with others as we heal those childhood wounds that are blocking our potential to manifest our dreams.  In the realm of other asteroids, Vesta and Ceres in Virgo will oppose Chiron in Pisces which I also believe repeats the theme of healing our childhood wounds, plus nurturing ourselves so we can harvest our talents and dreams.  And once we do this we can serve the world in the way we are meant to serve the world.

Photo by Patricia Herlevi
Also at the beginning of October Pallas in Leo squares Saturn.  I believe this is about dealing with internal battles that we manifest in the outer world.  This could make us overly defensive and unable to grasp the sage wisdom that is all around us.  With Pallas in Leo we must get out of our egos and into our hearts where we create peace, compassion and express true wisdom.  Saturn in Scorpio though tells us that we will need to do some deep plumbing of our subconscious to find the structures that are blocking us which come in the form of beliefs, most often belonging to our parents and other authority figures--possibly the father.

And speaking of Scorpio, we will feel heavy Scorpionic energy in October with the North Node, Saturn, Mercury and in the last week of the month, the Sun in this transformational sign.  Remember Scorpio is often represented by the Phoenix rising from the ashes and I believe that when November rolls around we will feel like that phoenix and the more adept spiritualists will soar like eagles.  Since we have Jupiter in Cancer, another water sign and Neptune in Pisces, we must bring faith and forgiveness to the table.  The problem with Scorpio, at least in its lowest form, forgiveness does not come easily or readily.

Photo by Patricia Herlevi
Yet, if you find yourself unable to forgive a person or situation, consider that we are all connected and you choose what energy you want to bring into your space.  When you fail to forgive another (not the same as accepting their behavior towards you), you keep that person's or situation's energy stuck to your aura and it sucks you dry.  So if you value your life force energy, then by all means, practice forgiveness and if this is a challenge for you, seek professional help with this endeavor.  This October can either be truly liberating or we could feel deeper in chains if we refuse to cast off our burdens.  It really is up to us to make that choice.

Saint Thomas believes that transits can only control our life circumstances if we ignore the transits.  We have free will and even when we are forced with difficult choices, which we will experience in October, we still have choices and we don't need to refer to them as the lesser of two evils. Our choices are always between Love and fear. It is up to us to fathom the difference between the two, but I will give you a hint.  Love fills your heart with joy and fear darkens your presence and whips up your adrenaline. For thrill-seekers I suppose this adds excitement to their lives, however, fear never leads to anything truly fulfilling and the end of that road is loneliness and despair.

On October 8, we will feel Venus leave Scorpio and enter expansive Sagittarius.  After healing our wounds of your feminine side now we adopt a new life philosophy or even a new spiritual practice that takes us to the next level.  We will feel lighter and more expansive, as well as, hopeful in the area of our charts that Venus rules or occupies.  On the 16th, Mars enters Virgo, after spending time in fireball Leo.  Now, Mars will become fussy and agitated as it tries to perfect and find ways to use its energy to serve the planet, or since this is Mars, itself in some way. Keep those ego judgments at bay!  Mars will oppose Neptune on October 19 and 20 so we will know if there is enough steam behind our dreams to manifest them.  And we might need to deal with anger caused by paranoia and delusions.  Some people will deal with outraged or angry drug addicts or alcoholics and if that is the case, get out of that situation ASAP and get help.  Don't enable destructive behavior in anyone and take care of yourself first.

photo by Patricia Herlevi
While Mars opposes Neptune, we will also experience a Lunar Eclipse with Aries at 26 degrees on the 18th and also on this day, Pluto and Uranus form another exact square and this time Pluto is moving direct so the impact will be stronger than the last square we experienced a few months ago.  In addition, on the 21st, Mercury in Scorpio at 18 degrees goes retrograde, which in this case is going to cause each of us to do some heavy house cleaning in our subconscious.  We won't even have a choice in the matter since the Full Moon will conjunct Uranus at an earlier point and then move its way into the Lunar Eclipse. Eclipses as you know shake things up and with the Full Moon reveal our inner workings to the light.  Uranus and Pluto's square backs us into corners and forces us to deal with the stuff we had repressed, sometimes for years.

 If you are in denial about some area of your life you will need to face that stuff now.  And possibly it is not as bad as you think.  This square ends on November 17 so it's on-going and disruptive.  Not just on a personal level, but on a global level.  We will get some relief from Chiron in Pisces, but this asteroid or whatever you want to call him, is retrograde so whatever solutions we come up with will come from within.

The week of Halloween and All Soul's Day etc will bring interesting events our way.  How these events will turn up depends on which Scorpio themes are activated.  On a mundane level, I feel that there will be some shake ups with the upcoming General Election in the US (November 5).  Mercury RX will conjunct transiting Saturn on October 30-31 and we will need to watch for double-speak and politicians and other leaders blurting out secrets that they had repressed earlier.  In fact, it will be a week of confessions on every level.  Surprise, surprise, your wife was having an affair, but she can explain. Surprise, surprise, that CEO of a large corporation is caught red-handed or perhaps the surprise is more pleasant like a long-awaited pregnancy or a deep psychological breakthrough.  The week will be eventful no matter which angle we approach it and people will be confessing.  Where' the Pope when you need him, though he might do some of the confessing himself!

The other scenario that could happen is uncovering of sex scandals involving gurus or the revealing of a strange death cult (from the past), or a breakthrough with understanding the death and rebirth process such as with near-death experiences.  This would be a great time to delve into metaphysical topics, but stay away from the darker energies.  You could train in shamanism at this time or visit a shaman to get a clearing and removal of stuck entities.  This could also be a good time to contact dead relations or ancestors through a psychic medium--but make sure he or she doesn't pull the wool over your eyes.  We might wear masks during this week, but those masks won't hide our inner workings.  Even if we don't confess our inner most secrets and sufferings, they will seep out through Freudian slips or us talking in our sleep.  This could be a week of deep cleansing that ultimately liberates us.

The US General Election takes place two days after a Solar Eclipse and you guessed in in Scorpio at 11 degrees on November 3rd.  Again, the Scorpio themes are prominent here and some of those themes are economics, politics, other people's assets or money, including government money, deep psychology, sex, death, and taxes, to name a few themes.  Play around with that and see what comes up.  On the day of the eclipse, Mercury retrograde is at a 8 degrees within orb of the Moon/Sun in Scorpio and Saturn is at 13 degrees so here we are dealing with how authority, political authority in this case communicates to the public.  However, it is entirely possible with the Pluto/Uranus square happening that the politicians and governments of the world will be called to the carpet and have to answer to us, the everyday people for a change.  This is the great shift I predict, and Carl Boudreau and I'm sure other astrologers are predicting something similar. Politicians and world leaders must stop playing with our lives as if we are pieces on a Monopoly game board.

Hold on to your hats as the winds of change blow through.

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