Saturday, February 2, 2013

Poseidon's Astrological Adventure (Month of Fishes)

As you probably know already, I have a thing for Neptune and during the months of February and March, we will experience a large dose of Piscean/Neptunian energy.  The personal planet Mars moves into Pisces on February 3, followed by Mercury on February 6 when the planets will join transiting Neptune.  The Moon travels into Pisces on February 11, the Sun on February 19, and Venus moved into Pisces on February 27.  Mercury goes retrograde on February 23 and then goes direct on March 16 (which will add to this Neptune fog of confusion).  On February 27 we will experience a Poseidon's adventure with four personal planets along with Neptune in Pisces.

Venus will conjunct Neptune with a one degree orb and Mars and Mercury conjunct with a wider orb of three degrees, but since Mars is involved, I think we will feel the significance.  However, as fishy as February appears, the personal planets continue to travel through Pisces in March, with Mercury still retrograde and on top of all that confusion, transiting Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter form a familiar yod which we first felt in December and January.  Mercury goes direct on March 16 conjuncting Neptune.  On March 11, we really feel Poseidon's energy with Moon, Sun, Venus, Mars, Mercury and Neptune in Pisces!

For people who don't bode well with the water element (and there's a lot of it in February and March, especially when you add the North Node and Saturn in Scorpio), relief comes on March 13 when Mars moves into its own sign Aries (conjuncting with Uranus on March 23), the Sun moves into Aries on March 21 while ushering in the equinox and two days later, Venus moved into Aries, giving us an Artemis archetype of the female warrior.  I also want to mention that Saturn in its water sign of Scorpio goes retrograde on March 2nd, leaving us less grounded than ever.  Pluto in Capricorn (the only planet in an earth sign at that point) helps us anchor ourselves.  While Uranus and eventually Mars keep the fires burning and Jupiter in Gemini offers some analytical thought as we contemplate our watery grave.

With so much Piscean energy occurring in February, but mainly March, expect foggy and yes, rainy weather, especially in cities and countries ruled by Pisces.  Expect headlines about foot and shoe fetishes, foot diseases, diabetes and foot problems, reflexology, podiatry and shopping sprees for footwear. In fact, anyone working with shoes (repair, sales, manufacturing), podiatry or reflexology will see a boost in business during February, but especially March.

Maurice Ravel, French Impressionist Musician,
Also trending, celebrities dealing with addiction problems, the war on drugs, detox clinics, mental illness, prisons and hospitals.  Expect stories about cruise ships, marine life, whales, fish, fish industry, over fishing (especially in March), fish recipes, fish symbolism, Christianity, Christ, spirituality in general, models, filmmakers and musicians.  Box office sales will boom especially in March as people escape to the movies. You can also see movie addiction.  Filmmakers such as the late Luis Bunuel could grab a headline or two.  And French Impressionist paintings and music could hit the spot.  Anyone working with liquid or with water could grab headlines or we could even see contagions spread by water or in water, such as an epidemic or hear about water wars, even though rain gushes out of the sky in many places.

Might be a good time to revisit Jacques Cousteau's water adventures or listen to recordings of dolphins or whales.  In fact, dolphins and whales will appear everywhere during this time.  You won't be able to avoid the symbolism or the actual mammals.  We will also hear about sharks and strange under water creatures as well as, revisit Atlantis in some way, even through an archaeological finding.  The new age market will do quite well now as people do a lot of soul searching.

On the personal level, find the house that has Pisces on the cusps and watch any natal planets in Pisces as they will experience all the personal planets coming through as well as, Neptune if the person was born in the first third of Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio, Taurus, Capricorn or Virgo. If you're in the Bellingham area and would like a reading for these transits, visit and schedule an appointment.

Happy Sailing!

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