Thursday, February 21, 2013

Neptunian Cinema

If you don't have a strong Pisces signature in your chart (Moon, Sun or Rising in Pisces), but you would like to feel something of what Pisceans feel, here is a movie list with Piscean themes.  You could also listen to music by Pisces composers such as Chopin, Ravel, or any number of Piscean musicians.  You could also watch movies by Luis Bunuel or Fellini (who had a Pisces Moon).

I'm including links to movie trailers.  Happy viewing.

Movies about alcoholism and redemption

1. When a Man Loves a Woman

2. 28 Days

Movies with Marine Themes

3. The Perfect Storm

4. Moby Dick (Part One, 1956)

5. Titanic

6. Whale Rider

7. Free Whilly

Religious Themes

8. The Last Temptation of Christ

9. Siddhartha (trailer isn't in English)

10. Jesus of Montreal

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