Thursday, February 21, 2013

Pisces Implosion Continues

Photo by Patricia Herlevi
Two days before Mercury goes retrograde in Pisces (what fun!), three personal planets, Sun, Mercury, and Mars transit through Pisces along with Neptune (ruled by Pisces).  Venus will join the fishy party on February 27 and meanwhile, Saturn in watery Scorpio went retrograde on February 17. In addition the Sun, conjunct Chiron in Pisces forms a T-Cross with the Full Moon in Virgo at 7 degrees on Monday, February 25 and a square to Jupiter in Gemini.  At least Virgo is grounding, but also able to cause restless energy and nerve problems.  This could feel like a breaking point for many mutable Sun Signs.

All the Pisces energy leaves us feeling ungrounded and many of you might feel like you're swimming in molasses. You feel an urge to get a project off the ground, but end up watching movies or listening to music instead.  Don't beat yourself up. This isn't the time to launch new projects and even if you're a triple Aries, your usual spunk is hiding underneath your pillow or couch.

No, worries, your ambitions will return in late March and early April when we experience a stellium in Aries, but for now, watch those movies, meditate, go for walks, and get in touch with your soul.  With Mercury going retrograde and Saturn already heading into introspective territory, this is a time to reassess, and even to return to old friendships, heal old wounds, and to revisit projects that failed and to learn how you can do it better next time.  Racing around with a to-do list in hand will only lead to frustration now.  Communication glitches and brain fog are common experiences now.  You walk into a room and forget why you're in the room.  You might even forget your name or phone number now, write a bad check, or lose your keys.  Do your best to pay attention to details and go slow now to save yourself endless frustration.  This is also advice for me since I enjoy running around crossing errands off of to-do lists.

Photo by Patricia Herlevi
As I mentioned in a previous post, we can expect Pisces theme events now and here are several I found in news headlines (and I don't even read the news).  First, Pope Benedict resigned because of a Vatican scandal,

A stranded Carnival line cruise ship makes the headlines

An on-going study linking alcohol consumption to cancer makes news headlines again

Overfishing and marine life makes headlines

I saw another article linking anti-anxiety drugs to behaviors in fish (pharmaceutical companies and marine life)

And of course the Grammy Awards involving music took place during the Pisces implosion

In my life, I had to deal with the odor of burned fish in my apartment due to a poorly ventilated building and bad plumbing.  This situation is a bit surreal too.  I have experienced pain in my feet (Pisces), brain fog at times, and just a lot of foolish mistakes caused by space out.  I have experienced more compassion than usual, and felt drawn to baby animals more than usual.  I've also found myself watching movies about redemption, alcoholics in recovery and enjoying music more than usual.  My dreams are vivid and informative and my psychic awareness seems sharper than normal.

Feel free to share your Pisces implosion experiences.  Or if you're in the Bellingham, Washington area and would like a reading for transits or your natal chart, contact me at wholemusicexp at or through  

Here are some Pisces videos on YouTube:

Jacques Cousteau's Undersea Adventures

Poseidon's Adventure

The ever sexy 70's series The Love Boat

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