Monday, August 7, 2017

Saturn Direct on August 25, 2017--Getting Back to Business

In August, we experience another planetary traffic jam with Uranus (8/3) and Mercury (8/12) going retrograde and Saturn going direct towards the end of the month. We also, experience eclipse season so this means many changes are underway. And anytime changes are forced upon us by sudden events those changes were brewing in our subconscious for some time, at least the past six months since the last eclipse season.

However, for this article, I am focusing on Saturn going direct. Saturn went RX on April 6 and for many people this placed obstacles in the path of changing careers or launching a business. More Capricorn types felt lost in a fog or unmotivated. They could suffer from health problems with bones, skin and other connective tissue. When Saturn is RX it is a good time to address those health issues and even come up with solutions, especially with skin and bone health. Many of you made dietary changes since April.

Instead of just talking about Saturn and its direct motion, I'm going to pull a chart for Seattle, Washington set for the moment Saturn changes directions, which is at 5:08 a.m. on August 25, 2017. I'm setting the chart for Seattle since this is considered a Capricorn city by some astrologers, and certainly with the number of entrepreneurs associated with the city as well as, big business, Seattle fits the Capricorn-Saturn bill. We could also say that the city has a Scorpio vibe with all its transformation.

As you can see from the chart, Saturn is locked into a Grand Fire Trine with Mars/North Node in Leo and Uranus in Aries (RX). Saturn would have slowed down midway through August and gone stationary. When that happens we have a car but no gas in the engine. Or we have a lot of power and steam in the form of passion but we don't have the materials or structures needed to move forward. We have revolutions with no leaders or we miss out on opportunities because the timing is not right.

But as Saturn picks up speed, we can finally move ahead. We must remember that Mercury in Virgo is retrograde so it's time to research, return to the drawing board and pay attention to details. It's not time yet to build any new structure, even if we feel rearing to go. I would wait until mid-September to launch any new projects or the first week of October. The world is going to seem chaotic anyway and we might feel that we can use some rest or to slow down until October.

As Saturn picks up speed it races to the end of Sagittarius this fall and around the Solstice, Saturn moves into Capricorn which feels like a huge bump in the road. We might start the holiday season in high spirits and enjoying a spending frenzy until Saturn  brings us a reality check when it travels into Capricorn. And it's going to bring a reality check in other areas too.

This December might feel rather grim to more Sagittarius times as the party will be over and it's time to get back to the business of cleaning up our lives. Capricorn is about getting sober and this will place a damper on all those breweries and wineries cropping up everywhere. By 2020, we might see the closing down of many breweries or businesses dealing with alcohol and definitely by 2025 when Neptune transits out of Pisces into Aries, the party will end and people will have wicked addictions to heal.

But let's get back to the Saturn going direct transit. Venus in the last degree of Cancer pulls into a wide Cardinal T-Cross with Uranus (RX) and Jupiter/Moon in Libra. This emphasizes our relationship to women and the Divine Feminine. We want to restore balance between male and female, but also in the justice system. On one hand, we have a hotheaded male energy that swaggers under the weight of its arrogance, but on the other hand, we have a softer and more charming energy that comes off as a genteel lady from the deep American South, "How are you boys all doing?"

We don't have a Grand Cardinal Square, but Pluto is still involved as it squares Jupiter/Moon. So, we have power games playing out with the old guard (patriarchs) and this new Divine Feminine energy which is really calling the shots in a covert way. I watched that movie, "Mona Lisa Smile" last night and there is a scene where this society mother tells her daughter (the budding journalist in the movie) to make it look like her husband came up with an idea to say a poem at the daughter's wedding. In other words, a woman is expected to use charm to sway male energy in her direction. This transit chart reminds me of that type of drama.

The overall energy I'm picking up for August is change through transformation. We all need to leave the victim mentality behind and rise from the proverbial ashes. This includes me. This includes all of us as we ascend into a new way of living. However, we are standing at a fork in the road. When direction leads to more of the same darkness and the other road leads to peace and fulfillment. But we must feel like we deserve peace in order to walk that road guilt-free.

The problem with Saturn energy is that we want to control the behavior of others and have them make the same decision to enjoy peace on the planet. And not everyone will choose that path. In fact, very few people will choose that drama-free path. Unfortunately, people think it will be boring and they want to act out their heroic roles instead of enjoying peace. This causes tension and that tension keeps us stuck. If you choose ascension, you can only choose it for yourself. And yes, this is a time line split which means that we can no longer walk both paths (fear and love). What will you choose?

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