Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Scorpio Star Sign--Phoenix Rising out of Darkness into the Light

The Star Sign Scorpio (October 22 - November 21), has garnered a dark reputation over time. Yet, Scorpio exists in four stages including the Scorpion/Snake, Eagle, Dove, and Phoenix. 

The Phoenix represents reincarnation or rebirth. No other sign fits a shamanistic description like Scorpio does. This is a sign (ruled by Pluto and Mars), who dives into dark places to bring back the light. It is only in the amnesia of this mission that the Scorpion uses its stinger also known as revenge.

This Eighth sign of the Zodiac Wheel (which begins with Mars-Ruled Aries), takes us on a primal journey. Scorpions are instinctual as much as they are intuitive. But they see behind the masks people wear much like the Owl Totem Animal. This is a sign that sheds old skin and in its healthiest mental state does not fear death, knowing that life will return. Scorpios also focus on regeneration, reproduction, procreation, and their ancestral lineage. This sign and its opposite sign, Taurus, gravitate towards deep psychology--within themselves and with others. They are the least superficial of the 12 Zodiac Signs, yet, this does not imply that Scorpio lacks a sense of humor as many comedians were born under a Scorpio Sun Sign (Meg Ryan and Goldie Hawn).

Scorpio also has a reputation for its passion and sexuality. And true enough, the Sign of Scorpio rules the sexual organs and since Scorpio is co-ruled by Mars and Pluto, Scorpions exude passion. This passion can come in the form of revenge or artistic expression. It can also show up as spiritual consciousness and many Scorpios have an interest in shamanism. However, Scorpio is not light and social like Libra unless the Scorpio person has a Libra or Sagittarius Moon, Mercury, or Ascendant. In fact, I've known Scorpios with clusters of planets in Libra and Sagittarius and while these Scorpios are still secretive (Water Signs tend to be mysterious and secretive), they are generous and compassionate beyond a fault

Since Scorpio is a Water Sign (even though it's represented by a creature of the desert--the scorpion), emotions run deep. However, unlike Pisces which is mutable and Cancer which is Cardinal, Scorpio is a Fixed Sign so Scorpion people can come across as opinionated and stubborn (as are all Fixed Signs). Many Scorpions use their Water Sign sensitivities to heal others, but first, they must heal themselves through the act of forgiveness (most challenging for this Sun Sign). And since Scorpio is so sensitive (even though you would never expect this from Scorpions with an icy exterior), they carry their hurts and slights like burdens throughout their lives--often not able to forgive perpetrators (both intentional and unintentional).

However, it is only through the journey of forgiveness and letting go that Scorpions reclaim their Divine Power. Many Scorpions were molested, raped, or violated or the women experienced abortions or perhaps, prostitution of one kind or another. Some Scorpions experienced domestic violence and none of this was experienced to cause the Scorpion person to become a martyr or victim. They experienced the darkness to learn forgiveness and to reclaim their power.

Another reputation Scorpio people have garnered is that they are Don Juans and players. While this might be true for Scorpios on the lower end of their evolution, many Scorpions are loyal and committed partners. It's more likely that Libra, Sagittarius, and Gemini people will engage in extramarital affairs than a Scorpion person. We tend to stereotype and generalize when it comes to Star Signs and then some people get confused and try to act out the stereotypes. This is not acting authentic and can cause Zodiac Signs to acquire more stereotypes. Humans are more complex than these stereotypes.

I have known many Scorpions--both spooky and detached ones and compassionate healers. I've known drama-makers and shamanic types. And I was pleasantly surprised to learn that one of my favorite actresses, Meg Ryan has a Scorpio Sun Sign. If you want to get involved with Scorpio people then you had better not burn out from the passion for these folks burn with passion and their love goes deep. However, you might also use discernment in revealing your deepest secrets, at least until you know if you can trust that particular Scorpion.

So what are good careers for Scorpio? Music, alternative healing, shamanism, medicine, psychology, activism, channel-mediums, surgeons (Mars), astrology, and forgiveness coaches. They also have successful careers in fine and performing arts. They would also excel at jobs that involve demolition, death, rebirth, and hospice work. They have their feet in both the world of the living of the dead. Remember that Scorpio rules Day of the Dead, All Soul's Day, and Halloween, not to mention pagan holidays.

Famous Scorpio people include Julia Roberts, Meg Ryan, Goldie Hawn, Anne Hathaway, Hilary Clinton, Bill Gates, Leonardo Di Caprio, Grace Kelly, Helene Grimaud, and Al Gore, to name a few. I would add the character, Harry Potter.

Late fall transits for Scorpios: Mars spent six months in Scorpio the first half of the year. Venus transited in Scorpio from September 24 until October 17.  Mercury transits in Scorpio from October 25 until November 12 with the Scorpio New Moon (a Black Moon) landing on October 30, bringing transformation to everyone, but especially those with dominant Scorpio in their charts. In 2019, Uranus moves into Taurus (opposite Scorpio) and in October 2017, Jupiter moves into Scorpio.

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