Thursday, August 4, 2016

Virgo Solar Eclipse for September 1, 2016--Launching Rockets of Change & Transformation

It's not every month we launch with a Solar Eclipse focused on the Virgo-Pisces polarity. And it seems to me that with the so many reminders of the Saturn-Neptune Square, the Uranus-Pluto Square and the season of Mutable transits, that we are approaching a climactic point--a do or die proposition. Will humanity shift consciousness or are we heading down with the ship?

Perhaps that sounds overly dramatic. If the Mars in Scorpio transit and Saturn-Neptune Square pulling in Virgo planets into a T-Cross doesn't wake us up, what will? And the writing is on the wall. The media and political situations in the world provide us with so much fright that we forget about love, kindness, compassion, and forgiveness (Neptune in Pisces). We fear the other more so now than in previous decades and powerful transit passages. And what a way to end the season as we approach the fall/spring Equinox.

So let's break down the powerful transits in the Solar Eclipse chart.

First let's look at the Stellium (planet cluster) with the sun, moon, North Node, Jupiter and Mercury because that's a lot of planets in Virgo, including our two communication planets, Jupiter and Mercury. Jupiter rules the 9th House of long-distance travel, the higher mind or higher education, academics, professors, religion and cultures. It's the house of global or long-distance travel and long-distance communication. It also rules xenophobia and idealism.

Mercury rules the 3rd house of short-distance communication, short-distance travel, education K - 12, learning and thinking styles. Mercury is retrograde during this Solar Eclipse which adds more confusion to the thick stew of chaos.

The North Node represents fate and it's where we are heading and it's in Virgo. Virgo rules service, daily routine, our health, disseminating information and disseminating food (small intestine), scrutinizing, fixing, and the higher good, along with Pisces.

So the moon and the sun are now flavored by the North Node, Jupiter, and Mercury. That means the moon carries Jupiter and Mercury energy. We want to communicate and we want to expand beyond idealism only we can't because this Stellium is locked into a T-Square with Saturn/Mars (apex) in Sagittarius (not exactly helping us heal our fear of the other) and Neptune in Pisces (wants to take the higher road, forgive and move on). The outlet is Gemini which is the ruler of Mercury which is retrograde. And usually the things that Gemini rules such as the media has only added fuel to the fire. So what can Gemini energy bring us in this situation?

Perhaps dealing with next door neighbors holds more weight now than dealing with bordering or far-off countries. Perhaps practicing mindfulness is more important than practicing any major religion. Gemini handles the details. I also wonder where Donald Trump fits into all of this since his sun is ruled by Gemini. Well, really, I don't want to go there. Oddly, if Bernie Sanders was still in the race that Virgo Stellium would have boosted his power. Can you play the wild card, Bernie?

Next we have that troublesome Mars joining Saturn in Sagittarius. On one hand, Mars brings energy to Saturn which could combine maturing and caution with action. But on the other hand, this could also represent a police state mentality since Mars rules police and Saturn rules the state or authority. It's hard to know what this Virgo Solar Eclipse will set off and our response to it. I'm hoping this is about us bring elders together with youth in a campaign to bring peace and healing to the planet. Some of you are shaking your heads saying, "That's never going to happen." Well, but it could. The Millennials are poised to bring healing to the world and this eclipse could launch that.

Although the Uranus Pluto Square is wide it's still active because when Venus transit to around 23 degrees Libra this planet will enact the Uranus-Pluto Square. So look for more grassroots coming up against authority. This could also take place in families as children one-up their parents or grandparents. But Pluto also acts as a benefactor since this planet trines the Virgo Stellium and sextiles Neptune in Pisces. Pluto asks us to transform and shift energy. And we're getting that message throughout this reading. By the time we experience the Pisces Lunar Eclipse on September 16, Venus represents the Divine Feminine rising like the sun on the horizon. It's the figure of Venus or Aphrodite rising out of the sea and the gods looking on. Oh, we're going to notice.

So what this chart reveals to me is the Divine Feminine testing the waters. But she won't test the waters long before she releases some Kali-like energy. You want to play hardball guys? You want to support the patriarchs and the old way of doing business? We could see this playing out as women as victims or that survivor mentality. Or we could just see the shift happening with most of us walking away from the old story because we find it unjust and unsupportable.

I also find the Uranus trine with Mars/Saturn troublesome. Uranus of course wants to bring revolution and a trine to Mars and Saturn would normally be the ideal path to accomplish this goal. But Saturn is uncomfortable in Sagittarius and Mars isn't the best bedfellow for Saturn. Again, this could represent youth aligning with authority kind of like what we saw with the Millennials in the US supporting Bernie Sanders for US President. But Uranus brings surprises and we might not enjoy the surprises even if they help awaken our consciousness. Oh, what a mess! Yet, I think the planets know exactly what they're doing.

I'm not doing a breakdown of signs this month but I will say that the Mutable Signs experience the brunt of this grand change. Be strong. Lean on the Fixed Signs for support and don't let the heat from the Cardinals burn you. Take a deep breath. We will get to the other side. Align with love and then picture Heaven on Earth.

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