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Pisces Lunar Eclipse (September 16, 2016)--Mysterious Forces at Play

Pisces represents the endpoint in the Zodiac. It's the part of the initiation where we either win or lose; fail or succeed. And depending on the results, we enter another hoop of the wheel. Some of us enter a time of spiritual wisdom while some of us get stuck in resentment because we have yet to learn the lesson of compassion.

Forgiveness is not and has never been about letting others off the hook. Forgiveness shows us that humans are frail in some regards and egos are strong. When we refuse to practice forgiveness we actually hang onto baggage that weighs us down. It doesn't just weigh down the individual who refused to let go of the baggage, it weighs heavy on the planet. Revenge and vengeful thoughts come from wounded egos. It is the ego's way of seeking validation and it leaves a person feeling helpless, powerless and hopeless. Bitter people are not attractive in any way, shape, or form. Forgiveness brings light into a situation and healing begins for all concerned. This is the lesson of the Pisces Lunar Eclipse that falls on September 16, 2016.

When individuals, communities, nations, and ethnic groups begin the process of forgiveness, we allow more light and love to enter through the cracks. By healing our hearts we create pure magnetic fields. According to Gregg Braden who is versed in both science and metaphysics, the heart has a magnetic field 10 times or is it 100 times stronger than the brain. And the brain has a powerful magnetic field in itself. Our feelings matter to the entire planet. We are all connected, which is another lesson of Pisces. When we fail to forgive others, we also fail to forgive ourselves. Do onto others as you wish them to do to you falls under Pisces' gaze. Turning the other cheek is also Piscean in nature.

This is not to say that we condone violence or evil to happen in the world. But it is to say that perhaps evil is wounds in disguise.  I rallied against narcissists in recent years until I learned the painful process or events that leads a person to adopt that personality disorder. Empaths tend to attract narcissists because they have yet to learn that co-dependence serves no one. It's a song and dance that we can offer to God or the angels for healing. That too is Piscean. So let's look at the actual Pisces Lunar Eclipse chart. Narcissists are wounded and if we call ourselves healers, then let's hold a healing space while also setting appropriate boundaries.

First thing we notice is a lot of red lines which represent multiple T-Crosses. Then we notice a Triple Conjunction that involves the Pisces Full Moon, Neptune and Chiron (wounds and forgiveness) opposing another Conjunction with the Sun and North Node in Virgo. This includes The Sun, Mercury (ruled by Virgo and Gemini) and Jupiter at one degree Libra (out of sign conjunction). Mars and Saturn act as the apexes. Again, we're seeing clashes of idealism or delusions with religion or spiritual practices. We are putting our spiritual practices to the test to see if they hold water or air. We might even feel like we're suffocating under these transits.

If that's not enough to deal with, Venus in Libra pulls Pluto and Uranus into a Cardinal T-Cross. So not only are we fighting about ideologies, we're adding fire to revolutions. Venus brings in the social justice key and asks us to come up with peaceful solutions. However, Pluto wants to control everything in our environment in a Plutocrat fashion. Uranus is madder than Hades and isn't going to take injustice any longer. This reminds me of the two approaches to Civil Rights or race rights as portrayed by Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X. Violence is not the answer, neither is revenge. Forgiveness is the answer, but we're so emotional that we can't see through the chaos. And yet, forgiveness brings the answers we seek (Neptune, Chiron and Moon in Pisces).

Pluto acts as the apex for the Cardinal T-Cross. Pluto in this case represents transformation. But in order to transform and shift consciousness on the planet, we must find balance. Venus is saying give peace a chance and Uranus is sounding a battle cry. And are we mature enough in our humanity to take the higher road. Can we "Imagine" as John Lennon sang a better world?

The apexes for the multiple Mutable T-Crosses are Mars and Saturn both in Sagittarius. We might need to bring in the big lawyers, deal with international relationships and take a more expansive view. Mars brings us drive to move forward while Saturn asks us to take a more cautious approach. Fundamentalism rears its ugly head but then we need to search within to see how we add fuel to this fire.

Are we provoking fear in others that would cause them to explode? I have seen a lot of hatred flying around today from wounded people from diverse groups and situations. It's self-righteous anger by people who don't feel heard or validated. No surprise since narcissism runs amok this day and age. And again, narcissists are deeply wounded people who seek validation outside themselves because they have a thin sense of self or they hate themselves.

So there you have it, my interpretation of the Pisces Lunar Eclipse. Some of you aren't going to agree with it and that's fine. But I will say it's time to get out of denial and reclaim our Divine inheritance which doesn't have anything to do with thinking small or not joining the bigger picture which is Unity Consciousness. Only our small wounded egos prevent us from joining that party.

Other important Transits:

Mercury RX
Saturn Neptune Square 

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